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2010 TV Fact Sheet

January 2010

Nielsen, the company that computes ratings for television and radio shows amongst other things, recently released it's 2010 Media Fact Sheet and we wanted to pass along some of the TV related numbers we found interesting.

    Percentage of TV households that own
  • Nearly 115 million US homes have at least 1 TV

  • 103.6 million homes are Cable or Satellite TV ready
  • 51.9 million homes are on some form of Cable TV
  • 32.7 million homes are on some form of Satellite TV
  • 47.4 million homes are HD capable
  • VCR owners are down 10% since 2007 (75.8 million homes)
  • DVD player owners are up 1% in the same period (101 million homes)
  • DVR ownership is up 12% since 2007 (36.7 million homes)
  • The average American watches 31.5 hours of TV a week
  • The average DVR users watches almost 8 hours of time shifted content per month (up 22.5% from '08)
  • 54% of US households own a video game console
  • 41% of US households own a console of the latest generation
  • 45% of gamers that play at least 1 hour a week are female


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