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Sony Bravia LCD/LED, 4K UHD, and OLED TV Models and Reviews 2018

By , Robert Wiley, and Phil Conner

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Through the gloss screen finish with excellent anti-reflective qualities the A1E produces an awesome OLED TV picture quality that is unrivaled by 4K LED TVs at the moment. Though the OLED panel is manufactured by LG, Sony's processing chip sets and design are all Sony, and therefore make the A1E a bit different from their competitor.

Sony XBR55A1E, XBR65A1E, XBR77A1E

Sony XBR-X800E 4K LED TV

The XBR-800 Series is back with some compelling features and value offering for the year. The TRILUMINOUS Display produces smooth and vibrant colors and Motionflow™ XR technology produces lifelike motion while 4K X-Reality PRO provides detail and clarity. Also includes Android™ TV with Google Home compatibility.

Sony XBR-49X800E, Sony XBR-43X800E

Sony XBR-X850E 4K LED TV

The XBR-X850E Series are back with some compelling features and value offering for the year. The X850, equipped with the powerful new 4K HDR Processor X1, takes even non-HDR content to near HDR quality. The TRILUMINOUS Display produces smooth and vibrant colors and Motionflow™ XR technology produces lifelike motion while 4K X-Reality PRO provides detail and clarity. Also includes Android™ TV with Google Home compatibility.

Sony XBR-55X850E, Sony XBR-65X850E, Sony XBR-75X850E

Sony XBR-X900E 4K LED TV

The last new feature I'll mention here is the X-tended Dynamic Range Pro 5X, which is a contrast enhancement booster mechanism, and not one of my favorite features, due the fact that it usually makes little difference to the viewer and can add flicker to the picture.

Sony XBR-49X900E, Sony XBR-55X900E, Sony XBR-65X900E, Sony XBR-75X900E

Sony XBR-X930E 4K LED TV

New features in this years Sony flagship LED-LCD TV model has a slim backlight drive, which is a full array backlight feature that's new and improved. As we have noted in the past, the best LED-LCD TVs have excellent full array backlighting as a separating feature.

Sony XBR-55X930E, Sony XBR-65X900E, Sony XBR-75X900E

Sony XBR-X800D 4K LED TV

I'm glad that Sony has kept the X800 series similar to last years X830C with only a few upgrade touches. We loved this TV last year for its exceptional picture/price combination along with good solid features. The same applies this year with the X800D.

Sony XBR-43X800D, Sony XBR-49X800D

Sony XBR-X930D 4K LED TV

The X930D and X940D series are back for 2016/2017 and will again be one of the best value high end feature TVs on the market. Sony's X1 processor, HDR capability, ultra slim design with Slim backlight drive, and zonal grid video processing are highlights.

Sony XBR-65X930D, Sony XBR-55X930D, Sony XBR-75X940D

Sony X850D 4K LED TV

Thankfully Sony is back with a replacement for the X850C series. This exceptional model for price and value adds the somewhat confusing benefits of HDR capability. It's available in 4 sizes for 2016/2017. 55”, 65”, 75”, and 85”.

Sony XBR-55X850D, Sony XBR-65X850D, Sony XBR-75X850D, Sony XBR-85X850D

2015 Sony LCD & LED Televisions

Sony X930C 4K LED TV  

The X930C has all of the features of the X900C, but also implements the side mounted speakers for an extra bump to the sound quality. Excellent upscaling, Truluminous display, Android TV make this a solid choice.

Sony XBR-75X940C, Sony XBR-65X930C

Sony X900C 4K LED TV  

The X900C is nearly the top of the line when it comes to Sony 4K LED TVs for 2015. Excellent upscaling, Truluminous display, Android TV, and a super thin design make this a solid choice. The only thing it is missing are the side mounted speakers from the X930C.

Sony XBR-75X910C, Sony XBR-65X900C, Sony XBR-55X900C

Sony X850C 4K LED TV  

The X850C is much improved over the X850B from last year. The picture is noticeably cleaner and clearer with up-scaled and converted HD programming. This is due to the new 4K Processor X1. The Android powered smart TV platform adds a lot of value as well.

Sony XBR-75X850C, Sony XBR-65X850C, Sony XBR-55X850C

Sony X830C 4K LED TV  

The X830C is very similar to the X850C, but take away the Triluminous display. Contrast and color on the 830C are softer, less refined, and clear than the top of the line, but the price difference is a great tradeoff.

Sony XBR-49X830C, Sony XBR-43X830C

Sony W850C 1080p LED TV  

The W850C is is Sony's value offering in a 1080p HD LED screen for 2015. Picture quality is strong, but this series does not include the Triluminous Display nor Dynamic Range enhancements for a widened color gamut.

Sony KDL-75W850C, Sony KDL-65W850C,

Sony W800C 1080p LED TV  

The W800C is is Sony's value offering in a 1080p HD LED screen for 2015. Picture quality is strong and features include Android TV, dynamic contrast, X Reality Pro, and Google Cast ready.

Sony KDL-55W800C, Sony KDL-50W800C,

Sony R510C 1080p LED TV  

The budget level R510C series offers plenty of punch when it comes to picture quality for the price, but it is lacking when it comes to features. Basic wifi connection, a pleasing design, and decent sound quality make this a good choice for the price concerned shopper.

Sony KDL-48R510C, Sony KDL-40R510C

2014 Sony LCD & LED Televisions

Sony X950B 4K LED TV  

The X950B series is the top of the line for Sony's 4K LED TVs in 2014. These TVs feature the new X-tended Dynamic Range PRO feature to produce 3x brighter whites and deeper blacks than the standard HD TVs in the lineup. These are Active 3D and smart TV enabled.

Sony XBR-85X950B, Sony XBR-65X950B

Sony X900B 4K LED TV  

The X900B series takes the form of the X900 series from 2013. The side mounted speakers produce excellent sound, which is a welcome addition in a sea of TVs that don't deliver a full range. The smaller sizes support active 3D while the 79 inch uses passive.

Sony XBR-79X900B, Sony XBR-65X900B, Sony XBR-55X900B,

Sony X850B 4K LED TV  

The X850B series loses the side speakers and X-tended Dynamic Range picture quality features. The picture processing engine is still one of the best along with HDMI 2.0 support for 4K Content. The 70 inch size support active 3D while the rest of the sizes utilize passive 3D technology.

Sony XBR-70X850B, Sony XBR-65X850B, Sony XBR-55X850B, Sony XBR-49X850B

Sony W950B LED TV  

The W950B series is top of the line for Sony when it comes to edge-lit LED TVs in 2014. These TVs feature the new X-tended Dynamic Range feature to produce brighter whites and deeper blacks. These are 3D and smart TV enabled.

Sony KDL-65W950B, Sony KDL-55W950B

Sony W850B LED TV  

The W850B series features larger screen sizes than the W950B series, but loses the X-tended Dynamic Range. These are active 3D and smart TV enabled and feature the Wedge shape design.

Sony KDL-70W850B, Sony KDL-60W850B

Sony W800B LED TV  

The W800B series loses some of the picture quality features and goes with active 3D instead of passive technology. These models also feature a slim design with a wide stand. Wifi and Sony Smart TV features are built right in.

Sony KDL-55W800B, Sony KDL-50W800B

Sony W630B LED TV  

The W630B series is only available in the 60 inch size. This model features the same picture quality features like the X-Reality PRO picture processing and Motionflow XR 240 along with smart TV platform. There is no 3D playback here.

Sony KDL-60W630B

Sony W600B LED TV  

The W600B series still features bright full HD picture with X-Reality PRO processing and Motionflow XR 240. This series is available in 40 and 48 inch sizes.

Sony KDL-48W600B, Sony KDL-40W600B

Sony XEL-1 Review
The display contained around 15 of the OLED displays with differing computer generated high definition images. I was impressed with the color depth and black level for a screen with only 3-millimeter depth. As well, the picture is very bright which is a big plus to complement the stated 30w peak brightness power consumption. Read More...

2013 Sony LCD & LED Televisions

Sony XBR-X900A 4K LED TV  

Sony 4K TV with 4 times the resolution of a normal 1080p TV, great speaker system, passive 3D, and the 4K X-Reality PRO picture engine for up-conversion.

Sony XBR-84X900A, Sony XBR-65X900A, Sony XBR-55X900A

Sony XBR-X850A 4K LED TV  

Sony scales things down a bit with the X850A 4K LED TV series. The loss of the large side speakers is the biggest difference here. They have active 3D, Triluminous displays, and the 4K X-Reality PRO picture engine for up-conversion.

Sony XBR-65X850A, Sony XBR-55X850A

Sony S990A Curved LED TV  

Sony touts this one as the first curved LED TV, and it's true. The only other curved TVs out there right now are OLEDs. The curviture is designed to create a much more immersive experience for the home theater. The screen is 65 inches.

Sony KDL-65S990A

Sony Bravia HX950 Series  

The HX950 has the OptiContrast panel front face which does a nice job of absorbing inbound light from ambient sources. It's also a much clearer finish than the semi-matte screen finishes found on the HX750 and all of the mid-tier Samsung models. This gives you more picture depth and better off-center viewing angles.
Sony XBR65HX950, Sony XBR55HX950

Sony Bravia W900 Series  

The W900 series from Sony's 2013/2014 lineup has a lot of the same features of the HX850 series from the previous year. You find all of the top tier features here with added smartphone and tablet connection options.Sony has added near field communication capabilities as one of the sharing methods.
Sony KDL55W900A

Sony Bravia W850A Series  

The W850A series from Sony's 2013/2014 lineup is basically the same as the W900A above it, but the Motionflow feature has been toned down in exchange for a larger screen size. It is only available in the 65 inch size. You find all of the top tier features here with added smartphone and tablet connection options.
Sony KDL-65W850A

Sony Bravia W802 Series  

The W802 series is the 2nd tier model from Sony's 2013 and early 2014 lineup. It is a replacement for last years HX750 model and the feature set shows it. It has passive 3D playback, a 120Hz panel with Motionflow XR 240 for fast action, and the Sony Entertainment Network smart TV platform.
Sony KDL55W802A, Sony KDL47W802A

Sony Bravia W650 Series  

The W650 series is an interesting entry in Sony's 2013/14 lineup. The only size available is a 32 inch model. You may wonder why it's placed so high on the list. That's because it is loaded with features. Sony recognized a need for a good 32 inch LED/LCD and filled the gap.
Sony KDL32W650A

Sony Bravia R550 Series  

The R550 series offers some of the largest LED edge-lit TVs from Sony, only second to their 84 inch 4K TV. The R550 has a leg up on the R520 series by including passive 3D on the set. It's the main difference and helps shoppers decide which to go with.
Sony KDL70R550A, Sony KDL60R550A, Sony KDL50R550A

Sony Bravia R520 Series  

The R520 series is a slight step down from the R550 series. The passive 3D may not be present but the wide range of smart TV features and picture quality features are still here. The lack of 3D brings down the price a bit and makes these 60 and 70 inch TVs more of a value option in the large size arena.
Sony KDL70R520A, Sony KDL60R520A

Sony Bravia R450 Series  

The R450 series offers 40 and 50 inch sizes. This is a budget model that offers a 1080p resolution and direct LED backlighting.
Sony KDL50R450A, Sony KDL40R450A

Sony Bravia R400 Series  

The R400 series is the bottom of the Sony lineup for 2013 and early 2014. This 32 inch model is as basic as it gets. It's got a 720p resolution display with direct LED backlighting. It is a strong competitor for the small budget class of TVs.
Sony KDL32R400A

2012 Sony LCD & LED Televisions

Sony Bravia HX850 Series  

The HX850 series has dynamic edge lit local dimming technology which allows a super high state frame rate hz rate conversion of 960 Motionflow on the HX850. Translated, this means great processing during fast action fast motion sequences. 3D viewing is hard to beat the design is the monolithic stand design that was popular on the previous highest-end models from Sony. Check out the full reviews of the models below.
Sony KDL55HX850, Sony KDL46HX850

Sony Bravia HX750 Series  

The 2012 Sony HX750 series is also dynamic edge lit but the primary difference between it and the HX850 series is that the Motionflow XR Hz rate equivalent is 480 rather than 960 on the HX850. The design of the TV is very nice - carrying the monolithic design onward. You get full web browsing, built in Wifi and a plethora of features with this new 2012 Sony. A cool little touchpad/QWERTY remote control comes with it to assist with the Internet/Smart TV functions.
Sony KDL55HX750, Sony KDL46HX750

Sony Bravia EX640 Series  

The EX640 series is a large step down from the top two offerings so far for 2012. We do appreciate the processing that this model contains and it still maintains a fast 240Hz frame rate conversion. 24p true Cinema processing is another plus. This is an edge lit LED without being dynamic - meaning no localized dimming opportunities. The EX640 series does not offer 3D.
Sony KDL55EX640, Sony KDL46EX640, Sony KDL40EX640

Sony BX450 Series  

The 2012 BX450 replaces the BX420 from last year and an smaller size value offering from Son. The series has a fluorescent back lit, 1080p, 60Hz LCD panel. One way to save money on when constructing an LCD television is to forego LED back or edge lighting and use traditional flourescent lighting. That's what the BX450 contains for these smaller size TVs where you dont necessarily have to have the newest picture quality features.
Sony KDL46BX450, Sony KDL40BX450

Sony BX330 Series  

The 2012 BX330 replaces the BX320 from last year with a fluorescent back lit, 720p, 60Hz LCD panel. It is only available in the 32" size at this time. Rather than light the LCD panel with LED back lighting or edge lighting the BX series uses CCFL fluorescent back lighting. Sony's excellent functionality is a winner in these smaller LCD TVs.
Sony KDL32BX330

2011 Sony LCD & LED Televisions

Sony Bravia EX720 Series  

The new EX720 series is a replacement for the EX710 series with a new 1080p, LED edge lit panel and expanded internet features, it is available in 4 sizes from 55" down to 32".
Sony KDL55EX720, Sony KDL46EX720, Sony KDL40EX720, Sony KDL32EX720

Sony Bravia EX620 Series  

2011's replacement for the EX600 series is the EX620, we liked all the EX series TVs we reviewed last year and the EX620 continues on the quality EX line.
Sony KDL55EX620, Sony KDL46EX620, Sony KDL40EX620

Sony Bravia EX520 Series  

The most affordable line of EX series televisions announced at CES 2011 is the entry-level EX520, containing many features of the higher line EX series the EX520 offers Sony quality at lower prices.
Sony KDL46EX520, Sony KDL40EX520, Sony KDL32EX520

Sony Bravia BX420 Series  

The BX lines represent Sony's tradionally backlit LCD TVs, the 1080p BX420 is the highest end line of these and are available in 3 sizes all at affordable prices.
Sony KDL46BX420, Sony KDL40BX420, Sony KDL32BX420

Sony Bravia BX320 Series  

The 2011 BX320 line from Sony represents 2 small, budget priced 720p CCFL backlit LCD televisions. These aren't going to knock your sock off but it's nice to get Sony quality in a small TV at a good price.
Sony KDL32BX320, Sony KDL22BX320

Sony Bravia XBR HX929 Series  

This is the top of the line in 3D LED/LCD televisions from Sony. They feature the new "Monolithic" design look which is very unique among today's televisions. The glass goes all the way to the edge. Check out this 1080p, 240Hz, top tier TV.
Sony XBR65HX929, Sony XBR55HX929, Sony XBR46HX929

Sony Bravia HX729 Series  

The HX729 is a mid tier 3D LED TV from Sony, it contains most of the features of the higher end models but doesn't feature the trendy "Monolithic" design.
Sony KDL55HX729, Sony KDL46HX729

Sony LCD and LED 2012 TV Models

Sony KDL46EX740, Sony KDL55EX740, Sony KDL46EX730, Sony KDL40EX640, Sony KDL46EX640, Sony KDL55EX640, Sony KDL46EX540, Sony KDL55EX540, Sony KDL46BX450, Sony KDL40BX450, Sony KDL32BX330

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