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Samsung KU6250 Review

The K6250 is one of the only 1080p TVs Samsung is producing for the year. It keeps the costs down and provides a unique look with a curved screen with silver frame and stand.

Sony XBR-X930D Review

Sony is only producing a few models for the year but this is a good one. How does the Sony X930C compare with an LG 4K OLED TV? We love OLED technology, so for a 4K UHD signal we give the edge to the LG OLED. But we believe Sony has the best processing and outer panel of the 4K TVs, so for 1080p and lower signals we believe this TV outperforms the LG 4K OLED.

Samsung KU7000 Review

The light flow through created by the Samsung LED backlights has been a major positive for the last couple of years and continues with this UHD offering. It's one of the TVs best characteristics. Some complain that it can cause screen uniformity issues. To tone down the LED backlight from causing some uneven screen uniformity issues turn the backlight setting (found in the picture settings menu) down...

Samsung KU6300 Review

Color saturation and contrast do fade when viewing from off center though much more subtly than I expected. In fact, the untrained eye will likely not see much difference in contrast saturation until around 15 degrees off center. Early models of the 4K TVs from Samsung did not look this good from the side and were more in line with standard HD LED TVs.

Vizio D-Series Review

Although the price is much less, the D-series 4K TVs from Vizio for 2016/2017 look suspiciously similar to the M-series from 2015 in specifications, design, and functionality. It has the same processing engine, and very similar color and contrast performance. The M-series did have 32 zones of local dimming to the D-series 16...

LG OLED-55B6p and C6p Review

There are few differences between the LG B6, C6, and E6 models. The E6 and C6 have 3D capability. All have 40W Harmon Kardon speakers but the B6 and C6 have 4 channel audio. B6 is the thinnest TV at 1.9” depth while the C6 is curved and the E6 is 2.2”. Other than that, they are pretty much the same – even in price. Only Sony and Samsung's very best, top of the line 4K full local dimming models can come close to matching these new OLED TVs.

LG OLED55E6P Review

Video processing and conversion is one of the drawbacks to picture quality, really the only drawback. There are motion artifacts present depending on the signal source and strength (if streaming). This is the one clear advantage to LED/LCD TVs in my mind; the best ones do smooth out images better than OLED TVs. It must be more difficult for the OLED technology to process images more similar to plasma TVs in this regard.

TCL-US5800 Review

I can’t honestly say that the picture quality on the 4K UHD version of the TCL Roku TV looks appreciably better than the 1080p version. With good 1080p and 4K sources there is a bit more clarity and cleaner images edges. Picture quality including blacks, contrast, and color is not the standout feature of these TCLs...

Sony XBR-850D Review

One of the best performances we've seen in this area for a mid-priced 4K TV although this is still a weakness of all LED-backlit LCD TVs.Color saturation and contrast begin degrading at around 15 degrees, they do not degrade noticeably until around 20 degrees off center...

LG UH7700 Review

There is no more important component of a 4K UHD TV than the video engine – particularly the ability to upscale/upconvert resolution to the native resolution of the panel. LG's UH7700 does a very nice job in this regard, and with much improvement over last year's models. Processing artifacts are cleaned up nicely...

4K Shootout Comparison 2015/2016

We compare three of the best value 4K TV alternatives for the year with a thorough 15 point comparison. We've compiled a list of what we think are the most important differentiating factors in testing the quality of these 2015/2016 4K UHD TVs and performed the shootout based on our findings through some very thorough investigation.

Samsung UN55JS8500 4K SUHD TV

With a picture quality score of 92/100, this is a very impressive 4K TV option with Samsung's new Tizen OS Smart TV system. Whether you really believe in 4K UHD or not, the best picture quality features are now only found on 4K TVs.

Samsung UN60JS7000 New Fall 2015/2016 Model TV

The SUHD JS7000 has more vibrant colors, light flow-through and perhaps slightly more artifacts and uniformity issues and lower contrast than the top UHD TVs such as the JU7100. It's a similar type of picture except side angle viewing is much better due to the IPS panel.

Sony XBR-65X850C 4K 65" TV

The X850C is one of our highest rated TVs for 2015. The wide-gamut color technology has been fantastic for Sony for a couple years. It produces much more realism and true-to-life color renditions than most of Sony's competitors.

Sony XBR-49X830C 4K TV 49"

The X830C is very similar to the X850C that received our highest rating. the new 4K Processor X1 is the most important feature to improve HD signals. Despite the lack of the Triluminous technology, colors on the X830C are very realistic and have plenty of punch.

Sharp LC55UB30U 4K TV 55" TV

The UB30U line from Sharp presents very good value in a future proofed and reliable package. Prices are a compelling part of these new Sharp TVs. The 55" model retails for under $900.

Samsung UN60JU7100 4K TV 60"

Another of our top rated models (value and overall 92/100) for the year, the JU7100 has an impressive assortment of features, an attractive frame, and great light flow through. Colors are also accurate. Also see the 65" option, 78", 55" version, all the way down to a 40" size.

LG 49LF6300 1080p TV

This is one of the best rated 1080p TVs, both from a value and quality perspective for the year. It is available in 5 sizes including the 55" and 65" versions.

TCL FS3850 1080P Roku TV

For a great price, bright colorful picture with peak whites, and excellent Smart Roku TV function, look no further than the TCL FS3850 available in 55", 40", and 50" sizes.

TCL FS3800 1080P Roku TV

This TV is similar to the FS3850; both are well-priced and are great options for a second or third room or vacation rental TV due to their complete Smart TV options. Alternately, try the TCL 32FS3700 if you need something slightly smaller.

Sharp LC-65LE654U 1080p LED TV

The LED backlighting in this little Sharp TV are impressive and black levels are well saturated. The picture is better than almost anything in its price range though with competition only from Vizio as a reliable alternative.

Sharp LC-43LB371U 1080p LED TV

The LED backlighting in this little Sharp TV are impressive and black levels are well saturated. Once calibrated, color rendition was good, though not of the best caliber when we tested with our standard Fifth Element BluRay disk. Light flow through was also a very strong element of this TV.

Sony KDL-40R510C 1080p LED TV

The TV calibrated near D6500K even though there is only a 2 point white balance control setting on this TV. The Custom setting is set fairly close to D6500 from the start so you really only need some minor tweaks to get there.

Vizio E50-C1 1080p LED TV

It's a clear winner when it comes to picture quality and screen space for the price. Darker scenes end up looking a bit flat and blacks can look as if there is a haze over them, but the uniformity is good. Colors also seem a tad bit washed out and leave a little more to be desired.

Vizio M60-C3 4K LED TV

The Vizio M60-C3 is a value oriented 60 inch 4K LED TV that we were eagerly awaiting. The M-series has 32 active zones of full array backlighting compared to the 64 on the P-series 4K Vizio. The Clear Action Rate is also reduced to 360 on this model from 960 on the P-series. But we believe there have been a few nice technological improvements

LG 50LF6100 1080p LED TV

Color and contrast come out strong when viewing from front and center. Black levels are actually a bit better than on the IPS panel LF6300 model above. Colors accuracy is bright and natural after calibration with plenty of light flow-through.

LG 55LF6300 Smart LED TV

Color reproduction on the LF6300 is very accurate benefiting from a 10 point white balance controls and accurate calibration. Colors are bright without looking unnatural consistent with the LB6300 from last year. It also sports a 120Hz refresh rate that helps with motion blur and judder.

Samsung UN48J5500 Smart LED TV

On the positive side, I think the J5500 has good color rendition after calibration. There are also lots of picture setting options to choose from. We recommend the movie setting to start. Upgraded picture quality features on the J5500 include a wide color enhancer which purportedly presents the eye with a wider color gamut.

Samsung UN55J6300 Smart LED TV

The Samsung UN55J6300 is the top of the line 1080p LED TV in the 2015 lineup at this point. Compared to the J6200 series it has the Micro Dimming Pro - a feature normally reserved for much higher priced TVs.

Vizio P602ui-B3 4K LED TV

The TV is packed with all sorts of picture quality features like full array local dimming with 64 zones, Ultra HD upscaling, and a 960 Clear Action Rate for fast motion processing. Top it off with updated Smart TV features and you have a worthy 4K contender.

LG 55LB5900 120Hz Budget LED TV

The 55LB5900 has a nice bright, vibrant display and still does a nice job of keeping the cost down. There is some darker shadowing around the corners of the panel if you use it at an extremely high contrast setting. The biggest upgrade to the picture and TV is the 120Hz refresh rate which is normally reserved for higher priced models.

Samsung UN46EH5000 Budget LED TV

This is a basic unit that covers most of the big areas of import. Price/Value is the main focus of this model and at $460 for a 46" 1080p LED TV that is quite an offer. However, the basic 60hz processing speed does apply even though Samsung applies their CMR (clear motion rate) technology to enhance processing speed (using LED edge it manipulation) to CMR 120.

Sony XBR-65X950B 4K LED TV

The X-Reality 4K engine, the best in the market in our opinion at formatting and converting all types of content and resolutions to the 4K native panel. This engine gives Sony an advantage over Samsung and LG in the performance category. Side viewing angles are not much of a problem on this LED, which is normally a huge issue along with uneven backlighting by the X950B manages these problems with ease.


The new licensees of the JVC brand (AmTran, Taiwan) have produced a compelling price sensitive model in the Emerald series LED TVs. This aggressively priced TV features some nice basics that will appeal to those needing a budget priced TV.

Samsung UN55H6203 1080p Value LED TV

Samsung is offering it for very low prices for a 1080p Smart TV. You'll get all the best in Samsung's Internet TV options with much better organization and layout than previous years. There are some drawbacks such as a very basic table top stand that looks somewhat dated, and only 2 HDMI inputs.

Sony KDL-55W950B 1080p LED TV

The KDL-55W950B is the best of the best LED from Sony in 2014 without going into 4K territory. The difference between this one and the W850B below is the TRILUMINOUS display and the X-tended Dynamic Range for a boost in contrast. The TRILUMINOUS display is more important as color reproduction really benefits and look fantastic.

LG 55EA8800 1080p OLED TV

LG deems this the Gallery OLED. The name comes from the frame around the screen that doubles as a speaker. This one lacks the 4K resolution and the curved screen, but we don't really see those things as a fault. A 55-inch 1080p OLED screen is capable of producing beautiful images, especially with the right source material. Pricing for this elegant TV starts at around $5,500.

Sony XBR-55X900B 4K 120Hz LED TV

The standout features of the 55X900B are 1) the X-tended Dynamic Range feature which allows for more active zone control of the LED backlighting and 2) the Side Mounted speakers eliminate the need for a surround sound system. The side mounted speaks look a bit retro but the TV otherwise is so striking that overall it's a unique and great look.

Vizio M422i-B1 1080p 120Hz Smart LED TV

The Vizio M422i-B1 is really geared up for the value TV shopper. At only $529.99, this TV turns out to be a very strong bargain in terms of screen space, picture quality, and smart TV features. The 2014 rendition of the M series has focused on upgrading picture quality and smart TV features. It is important to note that Vizio has ditched 3D playback in all M series models this year.

Samsung UN55HU9000 4K 120Hz Smart LED TV

The Ultra Clear Panel does a lot to improve the picture quality on the 65HU9000. The most noticable improvement is the reduction of reflection and absorbsion of ambient lighting. These Ultra Clear Panels take care of that problem without creating a soft and shallow picture like we see on many matte screens.

Samsung UN50HU8550 4K 120Hz Smart LED TV

This is actual hardware local dimming instead of software dimming seen on lower tier Samsung LEDs this year. It makes much more of a positive impact on picture quailty. We felt the image with this feature on was better than off, which is a rare case with features like this.

Sony KDL-70W850B 1080p 120Hz 3D LED TV

14 different picture modes offer an astounding amount of picture quality choices to optimize the screen for whatever content you are watching. Once calibrations are made the picture quality on the W850B is very good from both HD and standard definition sources, though not as strong as those top units with a clear coat screen or top 4K TVs.

Sony KDL-50W800B 1080p 120Hz Active 3D LED TV

The 50W800B does a very nice job of converting and processing lower end signals to the native 1080p resolution. This is a strength of Sony in general and this TV in particular. Since there is still plenty of lower end signals coming in (think streaming content), you still need a TV that will up-convert well and not overlook this important area.

Sony KDL-40W600B 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV

Colors rendition on these new Sony TVs is exceptional and not over-saturated. The fact that the TVs calibrate easily to D6500K speaks to their color accuracy. The backlight is extremely powerful and can overpower color in the W600B so keep it moderated.

LG 60LB7100 1080p WebOS IPS LED TV

Dual View is the 3D feature that allows two different images to play simultaneously on the screen. Special passive 3D glasses allow viewers to choose which image they want to see. This is great for split screen multiplayer gaming or letting the kids watch cartoons while the game is on.

LG 47LB5800 1080p 60Hz Smart LED TV

As a step down from the LB6100 the refresh rate has been down graded, a few picture settings and sound settings have been left out, and the available sizes in the series are different. The speaker set up and number of inputs are the same. This one is designed for those looking for a value TV to cover lite Smart TV usage without all picture quality upgrades that drive the price up.

LG 55LB7200 1080p WebOS IPS LED TV

LG has really switched things up this year when it comes to their Smart TV platform. Needed improvement in Smart TV functionality has arrived with the new 2014 LG TVs. The new WebOS operating system for Smart TV function is very fast in load time and selection.

LG 60LB6300 1080p IPS LED TV

The IPS panel makes big improvments to the side angle viewing quality. We started to see contrast drop off at around the 45 degree off-center mark. Last year's LG's saw the same amount of degradation at around 25 degrees.

LG 50LB6100 1080p LED TV

Decent picture quality and a bare bones Smart TV experience remain. As a step down from the LB6300 series, the 50LB6100 has lost the IPS panel and the fully featured WebOS smart TV package. You'll find some of the biggest streaming content providers on the Smart TV portion of things, but not all the extras and the Magic Remote like the LB6300.

Samsung UN46H7150 1080p Smart LED TV

Active 3D viewing quality on the UN46H7150 provides an excellent performance like the F7100 predecessor. Samsung's active 3D glasses are the lightest and most comfortable in the active-3D marketplace and now have a new rounded design.

Samsung UN55H8000 Curved 1080p LED TV

This is actual hardware local dimming instead of software dimming seen on lower tier Samsung LEDs this year. It makes much more of a positive impact on picture quailty. We felt the image with this feature on was better than off.

Sharp LC-70UQ17 3D LED TV

A bright and colorful picture is the highlight of the picture of the Sharp 70UQ17 series of LED TVs. The new Quattron+ color technology adds more subpixels to the display for a higher level of detail. Built-in upscaling works to provide a higher level of sharpness that a traditional 1080p screen can achieve.

Sharp LC-60SQ15 Quattron+ LED TV

The new Quattron+ color technology adds more subpixels to the display for a higher level of detail. Built-in upscaling works to provide a higher level of sharpness that a traditional 1080p screen can achieve. This model sports active 3D playback.

Sharp LC-70EQ10 Smart LED TV

The bright edge LED lighting helps to balance out the downsides of the matte screen by providing more rich colors and a good deal of contrast. All of that said, from relatively close to front and center we felt the picture displayed was very good with lots of light flow-through to help with depth perception.

Samsung UN60H6400 Smart LED TV

The bright edge LED lighting helps to balance out the downsides of the matte screen by providing more rich colors and a good deal of contrast. All of that said, from relatively close to front and center we felt the picture displayed was very good with lots of light flow-through to help with depth perception.

Samsung UN40H5500 Smart LED TV

The UN40H5500 LED TV is a direct replacement of the F5500 series from last year. The biggest improvements are under the hood. Mainly, the quad core processor driving the smart TV features. This is a big jump in computing power.

Samsung UN55H6350 Smart LED TV

A full 10-point white balance adjustment option that makes getting colors accurate easy with the right settings. The 55H6350 is loaded with tons of extra picture adjustment options, most of which aren't terribly useful and are better off left unused.

Vizio E480i-B2 Smart LED TV

The Vizio E480i-B2 is loaded with picture features that really boost the picture quality. The full-array LED backlighting achieves much better peak whites and deeper blacks than seen on previous versions of the E series.

Samsung UN65F9000 4K UHD 3D LED TV

Colors can really pop on the 65F9000 although so much of the picture quality depends upon the resolution the content was filmed in. Displaying true 4K content on the screen looks absolutely amazing. HD looks great especially in broadcast and the colors pop accordingly...

Samsung UN46FH6030 1080p 3D LED TV

The UN46FH6030 is the most value oriented active 3D LED TV in Samsung's lineup this year. It's got a full array backlight rather than the edge lighting seen in almost all of the other LED TVs Samsung has in store for 2013...

Toshiba 39L4300U 1080p LED TV

The backlighting creates a bright picture and the 1080p screen does an excellent job showing it. Toshiba's new Cloud TV feature really opens up a lot of potential for the TV as well. The closest comparison from last year's line up is going to be the L5200U...

Sony KDL-40R450A 1080p LED TV

This 40 inch value offering from Sony falls near the bottom of it's lineup totem pole for 2013 and thus strives to offer a great price. The KDL-40R450A has lots to offer the value shopper however as Sony makes reliable small inexpensive TVs...

LG 50GA6400 1080p Google LED TV

It has the standard Smart TV feature set that is included in most of LG's TVs and Google TV as well. Those two things alone mean it is a feature packed television. Google TV means it will play a little nicer with the internet, as well has having a wider choice of apps (Google Play app store)...

LG 55LN5700 1080p Smart LED TV

The 55LN5700 is really similar to the LA6200 series from LG in most respects except that it does not have 3D compatibility. This is the primary difference that and that it will cost less as a result. The Magic Remote from LG which we like a lot is an optional accessory with the 55LN5700...

Sony KDL-60R550A 1080p 3D LED TV

Colors rendition on these new Sony TVs is exceptional and not over-saturated. The fact that the TVs calibrate easily to D6500K speaks to their color accuracy. The backlight is extremely powerful and can overpower color in the R550A so keep it moderated...

Sony KDL-47W802A 1080p Smart LED TV

This second tier model has a great processing engine called the X-reality Pro which is a step up from the X-Reality engine from last years KDL-47HX750. Sony's color performance on this TV is very accurate and realistic with good saturation levels...

Samsung UN32F5500 1080p Smart LED TV

We saw dark and inky blacks on the UN32F5500 that continue to show an improvement over previous models year after year. Nice detail in dark scenes is where it really counts and the F5500 does an excellent job. The black levels on this TV really contribute to the above par picture quality...

LG 47LN5400 1080p LED TV

The LN5400 series features direct lit LED backlighing. This type of backlighting still produces the same bright and colorful images as the edge-lit variety. The biggest difference is the depth of the cabinet. It can't be as thin as the edge-lit types...

Vizio M601d Passive 3D Smart LED TV

The M601d uses Vizio's Theater 3D. This is the passive 3D method for displaying 3D content. We have noticed better 3D picture quality on passive 3D TVs from LG, Vizio and Sony than the active variety. Plus it's less complicated, you get 4 pairs of glasses free, and extra pairs are cheap...

Sony XBR-65X900A Passive 3D 4K UHD LED TV

Sony has a lot of practice with 4K technology from it's projectors and cameras which are already in use and the XBR-65X900A does not disappoint in the quality department. This is the first readily available 4K UHD TV on the market and can be found readily in stock at retailers such as Magnolia (Best Buy) and

Samsung UN65F7100 Active 3D Smart LED TV

3D Viewing Quality is by the active variety on the 65F7100 and follows the excellent performance in this are of the ES7100 predecessor. Samsung's active 3D glasses are the lightest and most comfortable in the active-3D marketplace and now have a new rounded design...

LG 55LA6200 120Hz Passive 3D Smart LED TV

The big difference between this model and the upper tier series from LG is that this model does not have that razor thin bezel design or the new Magic floating stand that the upper tier Cinema Screen design models have. Other than that it does not come standard with the wonderful Magic Remote which we always enjoy...

Samsung UN65F6400 120Hz Active 3D Smart LED TV

From the best viewing position, I see excellent black levels on this LED TV. The black letter box bars on the Days of Thunder Blu-ray are deep inky black. Other dark areas of the screen show just as strong performance without too much loss of detail...

Samsung UN60F6300 120Hz Smart LED TV

Samsung's Smart Hub returns again this year for the UN60F6300 and the interface is user friendly and the remote has buttons on it for quick access to some of the more popular features. Streaming video is available from major premium providers like Netflix, Amazon Video-On-Demand, Hulu, VuDu, HBO Go, You Tube...

Panasonic TC-L55ET60 120Hz Passive 3D LED TV

Black levels and contrast were not as strong as some we have seen, but not bad by any means. If we were to compare the picture quality to one of Panasonic's plasmas, it would be closest to the S60. LG's LA7400 is a good LED TV comparison to the ET60...

Sharp LC-70LE650U 120Hz Smart LED TV

Sharp's built in Wifi comes in handy in the LC-70LE650U to connect to the Smart TV Internet options for 2013. There is a dual core processor to allow you to watch TV, while toggling among Smart TV options. The processor also speeds the Smart TV functions somewhat....

Samsung UN55F7500 240Hz Active 3D LED TV

Colors can really pop on the 55F7500 for an LED TV, though they can get hazy if the backlight is set too high. From up-converted content color and light flow is much better than other TVs on the market - one of the reasons this is a premium model. Overall color is very well balanced and saturated...

LG 55LA6900 120Hz Passive 3D LED TV

We tested this LG's passive 3D vs. Panasonic and Samsung active 3D and I have to say that I think it's better - which would make it the best 3D viewing in the market. This is a TV that you really do want to watch 3D on, the picture is so superior to the 2D picture...

Samsung UN46F8000 240Hz Active 3D LED TV

The strongest in the market LED edge backlight and black levels really give this Samsung an edge in picture quality over every other LED TV in the market. The 46F8000 has best in class color and contrast that create superior images....

LG 55LA7400 Cinema 3D 240Hz LED TV

Picture quality on the LA7400 is very strong with great dark shadow detail, which is not overshadowed by good black performance. Colors are natural looking and not oversaturated, while picture depth is also very good....
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