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Panasonic LCD and LED TV Models 2019

By , Robert Wiley, and Phil Conner

= Highest Price and Most Features

Formerly Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd, Panasonic was founded in Japan in 1918 and went on to become Japan's largest electronics producer. In 1961 Panasonic produced its first television and entered the flat panel market in 1999. Though they normally stick to plasma for larger and high tier models, Panasonic still produces lines of LCDs available in smaller sizes and they also entered the LED backlit LCD market this year.

Panasonic LCD

2014 Panasonic LCD & LED Televisions

Panasonic AX800U 4K LED TV  

The AX800U series is the flagship 4K Panasonic LED TV model for 2014. These THX 4K certified screens have the Dual Core Hexa Processing Engine for the best picture, upscaling, and accurate color. Panasonic's Smart TV platform is also fully featured on these sets.
TC-65AX800U, TC-58AX800U

Panasonic AS680U LED TV  

The AS680U is a slight variation of the AS650U series. A few extra picture quality features like a native 240Hz refresh rate really make this one stand out. The minimalistic design is attractive as well. The AS680U is available in a 55 inch size.

Panasonic AS650U LED TV  

The AS650U loses a few of the picture quality features of the AS680U series, but has a better selection of sizes available. The sleek design and Life+ Screen smart TV, and 3D playback features are highlights of this series.
TC-60AS650U, TC-55AS650U, TC-50AS650U

Panasonic AS640U LED TV /w Soundbar  

The AS640U is similar to the AS530U series below it in terms of picture quality and design. The AS640U is packaged with a sound bar for superior out of the box sound performance. This is perfect for those who don't already have a home theater system in place.

Panasonic AS530U LED TV  

The AS530U series is the value focused model that still features the Panasonic's Life+ Screen options. All of the picture quality features have been stripped to keep the price down, but backlight blinking for fast motion remains.
TC-60AS530U, TC-55AS530U, TC-50AS530U, TC-39AS530U

2013 Panasonic LCD & LED Televisions

Panasonic Viera WT60 Series  

The WT60 series does not comptete in the size category with Sharp and Samsung who make 65 inch and larger LEDs. Panasonic put all the effort into making this series feature rich. And that it is. The long list of features is enough to make anyone have a second thought about putting a WT60 in their living room.
TC-L55WT60, TC-L47WT60

Panasonic Viera DT60 Series  

Second from the top, the DT60 series is available in 55 and 60 inch sizes. Panasonic did not push past the 55 inch mark last year so it's nice to see larger sizes this year. The DT60 loses a lot of the picture quality features of the WT60 above it, but keeps most of the Viera Connect features.
TC-L60DT60, TC-L55DT60

Panasonic Viera ET60 Series  

The ET60 series is the last of the lineup to feature 3D playback. It is the 2013/14 value model from Panasonic if 3D functionality is at the top of the list. The Touch Pad Controller and two pairs of 3D glasses are left out on this one. The design is toned down as well.
TC-L55ET60, TC-L50ET60

Panasonic Viera E60 Series  

The E60 series is goes without 3D features but keeps the Viera Connect smart TV platform. Therefore it a smart TV with value written all over it. All the models above it have 3D and all the models below it don't have Viera Connect. It is a middle of the road model with enough features to make it an attractive choice.
TC-L65E60, TC-L58E60, TC-L50E60, TC-L42E60

Panasonic Viera EM60 Series  

The EM60 series only offers two sizes. A 50 inch and a 39 inch. It is the solution for those not interested in either 3D or smart features. The lack of features makes it a budget model with a great picture. The design is basically the same as the E60 series above it.
TC-L50EM60, TC-L39EM60

Panasonic Viera XM6 Series  

The XM6 only comes in the 32 inch size. It is an entry level set with a 60Hz 720p display. This makes it perfect for a second room, guest room, or dorm room.

Panasonic Viera B6 Series  

The B6 series has three sizes. The 39 and 50 inch models offer 1080p resoultion and an IPS LED panel for enhanced side viewing angles. The 32 inch drops the IPS panel and has a 720p display. These are bottom line budget models with a few nice features in the larger sizes.
TC-L50B6, TC-L39B6, TC-L32B6

2012 Panasonic LCD & LED Televisions

Panasonic Viera WT50 Series  

The WT50 series is Panasonic's flagship line of LED back lit LCD televisions for 2012. Panasonic is expanding their LED TV lines for 2012 and making large sized and feature rich LED televisions. The WT50 has active 3D, Viera Connect online features and a brand new look for 2012.
TC-L55WT50, TC-L47WT50

Panasonic Viera DT50 Series  

The DT50 series is the second from the top of the line in Panasonic LED TVs for 2012. Available in 55" and 47" sizes the DT50 has the IPS panel, active 3D, 1920 back light scanning and Viera Connect online features. It lacks some of the social networking features of the WT50 and has a different look.
TC-L55DT50, TC-L47DT50

Panasonic Viera ET5 Series  

The ET5 series LED back lit LCD TVs are the first ever passive 3D televisions from Panasonic. The ET5 comes in the 3 sizes ranging from 55" down to 42" and includes acces to Panasonic's Viera Connect online features for access to streaming video, apps and online music.
TC-L55ET5, TC-L47ET5, TC-L42ET5

Panasonic Viera E50 Series  

The E50 series of LED TVs are the top of the line for non-3D LCD/LED televisions from Panasonic for 2012. It is a 120Hz, 1080p panel with Panasonic's 360 Back Light Scanning for improved performance with fast motion scenes and reduced judder when viewing film content.
TC-L55E50, TC-L47E50, TC-L42E50

Panasonic E5 Series  

The E5 series is a mid-tier line of LED back lit LCD televisions from Panasonic for 2012. It is another line that shows Panasonic's commitment to larger and more feature rich LED TVs going forward. The TC-L47E5 has a 60Hz 1080p panel that uses Panasonic's 180 Back Lack Scanning for increased motion smoothing and it has access to Viera Cast, Panasonic's Smart TV online feature.
TC-L47E5, TC-L42E5, TC-L37E5, TC-L32E5

Panasonic U5 Series  

The TC-L42U5 is a 42" CCFL (fluorescent) back lit LCD television that is aimed at putting a 1080p LCD panel at a low price point. The U5 series is only available in the 42" size and it features a 60Hz, 1080p panel. It does not have 3D or any online features so it comes in at a budget price.

Panasonic X5 Series  

The X5 series from Panasonic are a line of small LED TVs that are perfect as bed room or dorm room televisions. The TC-L32X5 is a 720p, 60Hz LCD panel with LED back lighting.
TC-L32X5, TC-L24X5

Panasonic C5 Series  

The TC-L32C5 is a 32" CCFL (fluorescent) back lit LCD television that is aimed at putting a 720p LCD panel at a low price point. The U5 series is only available in the 32" size and it features a 60Hz, 720p panel. It does not have 3D or any online features so it comes in at a budget price.

2011 / Early 2012 Panasonic LCD and LED Televisions

Panasonic Viera X30, U30 Series  

The 2011 X30 and U30 series represent the top of the line in Panasonic LCD TVs. The X30 is 32" and has internet connectivity and an ipod dock the U30 eschews these but comes in FUll HD 1080p 42" size.
TC-L42U30, TC-L32X30

Panasonic Viera U3 Series  

The 2011 U3 line are 2 sizes of 1080p CCFL backlit LCD televisions, they feature the same 1080p panel used in the LED backlit versions.
TC-L37U3, TC-L32U3

Panasonic Viera C3 Series  

The C3 series represent a budget line of 720p LCD TVs, they use a lower resolution version of the IPS panel found in the LED sets.
TC-L32C3, TC-L24C3

2010 Panasonic LCD & LED Televisions

Panasonic Viera D2 LED TV Series  

Panasonic is entering the LED TV market in 2010 with the D2 line of LED edge lit LCD televisions. LED backlighting allows for a wider color gamut, improved black levels, wider viewing angles and more even backlighting than traditional CFL back lit LCDs.
TC-L42D2, TC-L37D2

Panasonic Viera U25 Series  

While they had traditionally only made TV's larger than 37" in plasma for 2010 Panasonic is releasing several 42" LCD televisions. The 1080p TC-L42U25 features Panasonic's 120 Hz Motion Picture Pro 4 to deal with motion blur and judder.

Panasonic Viera U22 Series  

The U22 series from Panasonic is a series of 1080p 60Hz LCD televisions ranging from 32" to 42". The U22 series of LCDs can double as a PC monitor thanks to the dedicated PC input and it can play back music or video from your iPhone or iPod with the included Universal iPod Dock.
TC-L42U22, TC-L37U22, TC-L32U22

Panasonic Viera X2 Series  

The 2010 X2 series of LCDs from Panasonic represents a budget line of 3 TVs with a 720p/60Hz panel and traditional CFL backlighting. The X2 series of LCDs can double as a PC monitor thanks to the dedicated PC input.
TC-L37X2, TC-L32X2, TC-L22X2

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