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Our Top Recommended LCD TVs

LCD TV Recommended Dealers

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Recommended Resellers
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To the right is a list of authorized online Internet Dealers which sell LCD TVs and LED backlit LCD TVs. These online retailers normally have excellent selection as well as solid after purchase service – offering you a great combination of attributes when purchasing an expensive flat panel TV. We recommend these retailers based on their service track record, authorized status, prices, and stock inventory.

LCD and LED LCD Televisions are usually large and require a certain amount of care when handling. These retailers have lots of history with thousands of types of TV units shipped, so they know how to safely handle the product during shipping. Due to this, they also know how to get the product to you faster through their shipping network. These dealers also have more inventory and will not tell a customer they have the product in stock when they do not or attempt bait-and-switch techniques by advertising an extemely low price on a product that is out of stock or hasn;t been released. All online order systems are secure and with the exception of Amazon, they all have an easily accessible toll free number to call to speak to a customer representative.

A few other helpful tips when buying a television from an Internet Retailer that you are not sure is authorized.

Check them Out

First you might consider going to the web site of the manufacturer and checking to see if they have a listing of all the authorized Internet dealers. That way, you can see if the company in question is authorized.


Make sure you can access the policies on the dealer web site with regard to returns and every other aspect of the transaction. Read them. What is covered, what is not? If you decide to order from them, print out a copy of the policies as they can change without notice.

Tech Support

Through the toll-free provided, ask the company representative you speak with some specific questions about the product before ordering. Make sure they can give you some post-purchase technical assistance and guide you in the purchase of accessories such as mounts, cables, etc.

Advice and Price

Look for knowledgeable, unbiased advice on which products may best suit your needs.

Generally, you are looking for a well established, specialized dealer who will give you a good price AND good service and support. The better the e-tailer knows its products, the smoother the ordering process will be. It is possible to buy an LCD TV online, and save a lot of money in the process! You will definitely find the best prices online, and there is also good customer service to be found from online dealers. Using these steps, you should be able to avoid a bad online ordering experience.


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