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TCL LCD TV Models and Reviews 2017

By , Robert Wiley, and Phil Conner

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Though not as well known in North America yet, TCL (The Creative Life) is a huge company in China and the third largest TV manufacturer in the world. The company has its own $4B panel manufacturing plant in China and a research center in Silicon Valley, CA.

tcl LCD

2017 TCL LED & LCD TV Models

Click on any TCL TV individual model numbers below to see the full review, pricing, and availability.

TCL US5800 4K Roku TV  
TCL ventures into 4K UHD territory with the 5800 series in larger sizes 55” and 65”. The prices remain exceptional as is the Roku Smart TV offering for 2016/2017.
TCL 55US5800, TCL 65US5800

TCL UP130 4K Roku TV  
TCL ventures into 4K UHD territory with this new Roku Smart TV offering for 2016/2017
TCL 43UP130, TCL 50UP130, TCL 55UP130

TCL FS3750 Roku TV  
TCL is back with their powerful Roku TV offerings. This is an inexpensive 1080p version with loads of streaming options. It's about the Smart TV experience more than picture quality..and price.
TCL 55FS3750, TCL 48FS3750, TCL 28S3750

2015 TCL LED & LCD TV Models

TCL FS3850 Roku TV  
TCL 55FS3850, TCL 50FS3850, TCL 40FS3850, TCL 32FS3850

TCL FS3800 Roku TV  
TCL 55FS3800, TCL 50FS3800, TCL 40FS3800, TCL 32FS3800

TCL FS3700 1080p Roku TV  
TCL 55FS3700, TCL 48FS3700, TCL 32FS3700

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