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Below is a listing of the current JVC LCD TV models. Each individual model is listed below the name of the series and that model number link will take you directly to the individual TV product page where you will find information such as a commentary by our editors on the features, pricing by online authorized dealers, and a full review if that model was reviewed by our editors.


2014 JVC LED & LCD TV Models

JVC Emerald Series  

Emerald is the name JVC is using for their value line of 2014 LED televisions. These aren't fully loaded, but 3 HDMI ports, 15 watt speakers, and a bright picture are really all you need in a budget TV. A Roku Streaming Stick is even included to sweeten the deal.

Previous JVC LED & LCD TV Models

JVC BlackCrystal Series  

BlackCrystal is the name JVC is using for their flagship line of LED back lit LCD televisions. With "CrystalMotion" 120Hz processing and many of the features the BC3000 series has lots of bells and whistles yet still comes in at a value price.
JVC JLC47BC3000, JVC JLC42BC3000, JVC JLC37BC3000, JVC JLC32BC3000,

JVC BlackCrystal E-LED Series  

BlackCrystal is the name JVC is using for their flagship line of LED back lit LCD televisions, the BlackCrystal E-LED line has the same features as the normal BlackCrystal televisions but uses LED edge lighting for a slimmer depth..
JVC JLE47BC3001, JVC JLE42BC3001, JVC JLE37BC3001, JVC JLE32BC3001,

JVC P300 Series

The P300 series from JVC's most standout feature is a built in iPod dock. The P300 series will upconvert video on your iPod to 1080p and display full screen on the available 32", 42" and 46" panels. They also feature a 20,000:1 contrast ratio and 3 HDMI inputs.
JVC LT-32P300, JVC LT-42P300, JVC LT-46P300

JVC J300 Series

The J300 series from JVC are a series of 1080p LCD TVs with 20,000:1 contrast ratio, 3 HDMI inputs, and an 8ms response time. Wrap the panel in an attractive gloss black bezel and you have the 2009 J300 series.
JVC LT-32J300, JVC LT-42J300, JVC LT-46J300

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