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Sharp Aquos LED TV, 4K UHD TV Models and Reviews 2019

By , Robert Wiley, and Phil Conner

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Sharp LCD

Sharp N9000 Series  

Both Sharp N9000U models have the expensive addition of full array local dimming. The full array option is more complete, giving the viewer better contrast in more refined areas of the screen.
Sharp LC-70N9100U Sharp LC-65N9000U

Sharp N8000 Series  

The big difference between the Sharp N8000U and the N8100U is that the N8100U has Full array local dimming while the N8000U has multi zone dimming. The full array option is more complete, giving the viewer better contrast in more refined areas of the screen.
Sharp LC-75N8000U Sharp LC-70N8100

Sharp N7100 Series  

The Sharp N7100 series is a value oriented 4K oriented TV., but it still packs some surprising features. It has a built in streaming Apps selection including the usual suspects that you use most like Netflix, Amazon on Demand, and You Tube. Built in Dual Band Wifi. An Apps store and web browser. And a media player/receiver. It also has the Sharp “Aquomotion” designation.
Sharp LC-70N7100U Sharp LC-70N7100U

Sharp N7000 Series  

The N7000 series is a high value focused model with 4K resolution and a good upscaling engine. You get 4K resolution, HDR enabled and the quality Sharp panel.
Sharp LC-65N7000U Sharp LC-60N7000U Sharp LC-55N7000U Sharp LC-50N7000U
Sharp LC-43N7000U

Sharp N5000 Series  

The N5000 series has decent picture quality with a good front and center viewing black levels and color saturation. With HD signals the picture is much more robust as the upscaling video boards are not as high end in this TV as some of the higher priced models.
Sharp LC-65N5200U Sharp LC-60N5100U Sharp LC-55N5300U Sharp LC-50N5000U
Sharp LC-43N5000U

Sharp N4000 Series  

The highlight of the N4000 Series is Roku TV. It's the best Smart TV package available with great Apps choices and even cable TV upgrades.
Sharp LC-55N4000U Sharp LC-50N4000U Sharp LC-43N4000U Sharp LC-32N4000U

Sharp N3000 Series  

The LED backlighting in this little Sharp N3000 TV are impressive and black levels are well saturated. For the price we were highly pleased.
Sharp LC-50N3100U Sharp LC-40N3000U Sharp LC-32N3000U

2015 Sharp LCD and LED Televisions

Sharp UE30 4K Series  

The UE30 series is a small step up from the value UB30 4K series. Ultra Thin design, Revelation upscaler, a Quad-core processor, and Aquo Dimming are some of the star featrues seen on these TVs.
Sharp LC-80UE30U, Sharp LC-70UE30U, Sharp LC-60UE30U

Sharp UB30 4K Series  

The UB30 series is Sharp's most affordable 4K TV for 2015/early 2016 features a few upgrades worth looking into. Compared to the UE30 series, these lack a backlit local dimming and the Android TV platform. Picture performance is strong for a budget oriented TV.
Sharp LC-65UB30U, Sharp LC-55UB30U, Sharp LC-50UB30U, Sharp LC-43UB30U

Sharp LB371 LED TV  

The LB371 series is a value 1080p LED TV that Sharp has made available from Best Buy only. The two sizes show off great picture quality for the price. The also offer Roku functionality to connect you to all the online content you can find.
Sharp LC-50LB371U, Sharp LC-43LB371U

Sharp LE653 & 654 LED TV  

The LB653 series presents a strong value in the 1080p LED TV realm. Saturated blacks and decent color rendition make for great picture quailty while the light internet features bring plenty of content to the screen. The 65 inch 654 model offers a 120Hz native refresh rate.
Sharp LC-65LE654U, Sharp LC-55LE653U, Sharp LC-48LE653U, Sharp LC-43LE653U, Sharp LC-40LE653U, Sharp LC-32LE653

Sharp Aquos UD1 4K Series  

This 4K entry from Sharp comes in a 70 inch size. It has recieved a THX 4K certification so you know 4K content will look amazing. It's got all of the other bells and whistels of the top tier Sharps for the year with a DuoBass speaker system.
Sharp LC-70UD1U

Sharp Aquos UQ17 Series  

The UQ17 series is the top of the line for Sharp's non-4K LED TVs in 2014. You get all sorts of picture quality upgrades, and the ability to accept a 4K signal on a 1080p screen. The super thin profile and bezels really make this an attractive option.
Sharp LC-80UQ17U, Sharp LC-70UQ17U, Sharp LC-60UQ17U

Sharp Aquos SQ15 Series  

The SQ15 series fills the mid-level LED TV space for Sharp in 2014. Here we see some of the premium picture quality features left off in order to keep the value strong. The SQ15 series does feature the Quattron+ picture technology for displaying 4K content on a 1080p display.
Sharp LC-70SQ15U, Sharp LC-60SQ15U

Sharp Aquos EQ10 Series  

The EQ10 series falls on the lower end of the Sharp lineup for 2014. Quattron+ picture technology has been dropped down to just Quattron, meaning no 4K signals are accepted. The redesigned smart TV features and a fast 240hz refresh rate are the big draws here.
Sharp LC-70EQ10U, Sharp LC-60EQ10U

Sharp Aquos LE650 Series  

The LE650 series scales things back even further than the 657 series. These lack the 240Hz panels and 3D playback to drive the price down even further. Built in wifi and the Smart TV features are still present making this an excellent value set.
Sharp LC-80LE650U, Sharp LC-70LE650U, Sharp LC-60LE650U, Sharp LC-50LE650U

2013 Sharp LCD and LED Televisions

Sharp Aquos LE857 Series  

This top of the line series from Sharp comes in 3 huge sizes. It's got all the best features out there until you start looking at 4K and OLED TVs. The LE857 series also has an updated appearance making it a nice addition to any home theater.
Sharp LC-80LE857U, Sharp LC-70LE857U, Sharp LC-60LE857U

Sharp Aquos LE844 Series  

Sharp continues to push very large LED back lit LCD televisions. One area where they differ from other manufacturers is that they are offering models with mid-tier features in massive sizes like this 80" LED television. It has the Quattron 4 color panel, Smart TV online features and active 3D technology.
Sharp LC-80LE844U

Sharp Aquos LE757 Series  

The LE757 series is the second from the top in Sharps's 2013/2014 lineup. It has features like the Quattron screen, a 240Hz panel, an attractive slim aluminum design, 3D playback, and a dual core processor for speeding up smart TV functions.
Sharp LC-80LE757U, Sharp LC-70LE757U, Sharp LC-60LE757U

Sharp Aquos LE750 Series  

The LE750 series presents a slight variation on the 757 series for a reduced cost. All of the features like the Quattron screen, a 240Hz panel, an attractive slim aluminum design, and a dual core processor are present. Active 3D playback is the only thing missing. There is no 80 inch size like the LE757 series has, but the feature set is good.
Sharp LC-70LE750U, Sharp LC-60LE750U

Sharp Aquos LE657 Series  

The LE657 series scales things back a bit for the 3rd tier. This one is a value centric set, so a lot of the advanced features have been left out. Namely the 240Hz refresh rate panel and the Quattron screen are missing. Active 3D playback and Smart TV options are still included on this value set.
Sharp LC-90LE657U, Sharp LC-70LE657U, Sharp LC-60LE657U

Sharp Aquos LE550 Series  

The LE550U series is a pretty big step down from the 650U seires above it. Active 3D playback and Smart TV features have been completely done away with for these full HD resolution value LED TVs.
Sharp LC-70LE550U, Sharp LC-60LE550U, Sharp LC-40LE550U

Sharp Aquos LE450U Series  

This year, the 450U series takes over the budget duties in Sharp's LED TV lineup. The 32 inch size is the only one available at this time. It's a 60Hz 720p TV that can be had for less than $300. There is a lot of competition in this section of the TV market, see if this Sharp entry will fit the need.
Sharp LC-32LE450U

2012 Sharp LCD & LED Televisions

Sharp Aquos LE945 Series  

The 945 series Sharp LED televisions are the flagship models from Sharp in 2012, they have the Quattron quad pixel technology that adds yellow to the normal red, green and blue pixels. This exponentially increases the amount of colors the 945 can display, resulting in a more realistic picture. The 945 also has full Smart TV connectivity and active 3D.
Sharp LC-70LE945U, Sharp LC-60LE945U

Sharp Aquos LE847U Series  

The LE847U series actually the same in features as the LE844U except in two different sizes and without the full array LED backlighting. It falls just below the top of the line LE945U series in features with Quattron 4 pixel technology. These two large TVs have edge-lit LED backlighting rather than full array local dimming. The Smart Central TV Internet options are available.
Sharp LC-70LE847U, Sharp LC-60LE847U

Sharp Aquos LE745U Series  

This series is the mid range tier for Sharp in 2012. It falls under the LE847U series in the Sharp line up and omits the Quattron and 240Hz specifications of that series while maintaining a value oriented price tag in very large sized edge lit LED backlit LCD TVs.
Sharp LC-90LE745U, Sharp LC-70LE745U, Sharp LC-60LE745U

Sharp Aquos LE640U Series  

The Sharp LE640U series contains many good features for 2012 but with a more modest plastic framing bezel that looks like its brushed metal even though it's not. It has a unique bottom and top beveling and the edge lit LED backlighting allows for a super thin depth for these large TVs. These are not Quattron 4 color pixel TVs.
Sharp LC-70LE640U, Sharp LC-60LE640U

Sharp Aquos LE540U Series  

Sharp does not produce many moderate to small sized LED backlit LCD Televisions but this series contains two models. The feature set limits the pixel colors to RGB 3 - or Red, Green, Blue without the Quattron. This series does however contain the 120Hz upgrade which we have found workable in that past as it upgrades the TVs processing speed while not adding any adverse effects. Overall, this is a value oriented series equivalent to the LE640U series in feature set but in smaller sizes.
Sharp LC-46LE540U, Sharp LC-42LE540U

Sharp Aquos LE440U Series  

This small size LED backlit LCD TV from Sharp is actually the same in features as the larger screen size LE540U Series with no Quattron 4th color associated with it. It will yield a very good picture quality for a small LED-LCD TV.
Sharp LC-32LE440U

2011 / Early 2012 Sharp LCD and LED Televisions

Sharp Aquos LE835 Series  

The LC-40LE835 will offer a value-oriented approach to 3D TV viewing while foregoing the highest end features such as full array true backlit local dimming. The LED panel is instead edge lit and does not worry with local dimming technology preferring instead to release its 3D content in 540 lines of resolution per eye.
Sharp LC-60LE835U, Sharp LC-52LE835U, Sharp LC-46LE835U, Sharp LC-40LE835U

Sharp Aquos LE830 Series  

The LE830 is the replacement for the popular LE820 series from Sharp's 2010 lineup. The TV contains all the best edge lit picture quality features that Sharp has except the panel is 120Hz instead of 240Hz.
Sharp LC-60LE830U, Sharp LC-52LE830U, Sharp LC-46LE830U, Sharp LC-40LE830U

Sharp Aquos LE735 Series  

Only available in the massive 70" size the LE735 is a 3D LED backlit LCD TV with Sharp's Quattron technology and internet connectivity.
Sharp LC-70LE735U

Sharp Aquos D69, D59 Series  

Sharp is the inventor of LCD TV panel technology and also the new Quattron Quad pixel technology. The D69 and D59 series forego the latter in this value oriented 42" LCD TV with traditional CFL backlighting. It does contain USB port inputs to enable photos and music, but no video.
Sharp LC-42D69U, Sharp LC-32D59U

2010 Sharp LCD & LED Televisions

Sharp Aquos LE925 Series  

The LE925 contains all the features of the flagship 920 but adds 3D capability and 2 pairs of included 3D glasses to the new four primary color technology of the LE925's XGen panel.
Sharp Aquos LC-60LE925UN, Sharp Aquos LC-52LE925UN

Sharp Aquos LE920 Series  

The flagship Aquos LE920 series features Sharp's groundbreaking Four Primary Color technology. Normally the primary colors on a TV screen are red, green and blue. This new Aquos LED TV adds yellow as a primary color enhancing the picture with more than a trillion available colors.
Sharp Aquos LC-68LE920UN, Sharp Aquos LC-60LE920UN, Sharp Aquos LC-52LE920UN

Sharp Aquos LE820/LE810 Series  

The LE820/810 series uses enhanced Fine Motion 120Hz frame rate conversion as opposed to the Aquo Motion 240Hz of the top tier LE920 series. The 120Hz and 4ms response time of the LE820/810 will still handle motion blur and at a price less than the flagship LE920. These Aquos televisions are equipped with the new X-Gen 1080p panel with LED edge lighting and shares the 1.6" depth of other new Aquos models.
Sharp Aquos LC-60LE820UN, Sharp Aquos LC-60LE810UN, Sharp Aquos LC-52LE820UN, Sharp Aquos LC-52LE810UN, Sharp Aquos LC-46LE820UN, Sharp Aquos LC-46LE810UN, Sharp Aquos LC-40LE820UN, Sharp Aquos LC-40LE810UN

Sharp Aquos LE700UN Series  

With the introduction of the LE700UN series, Sharp combines its AQUOS LCD panel technology with a newly developed, proprietary Full Array LED backlight system to create picture quality that is second to none. The LE700UN seires illustrates Sharp's LCD technology leadership while also demonstrating its LED engineering advantages. Sharp's Ultra Brilliant LED system illuminates the TV to extremely high brightness and contrast levels and enables significant environmental benefits such as longer life expectancy.
Sharp Aquos LC-52LE700UN, Sharp Aquos LC-46LE700UN, Sharp Aquos LC-40LE700UN, Sharp Aquos LC-32LE700UN

Sharp Aquos E88 Series  

Sharp debuted the E88 series 60" LCD TV at CES 2010. This TV offers Sharp's X-Gen panel and Fine Motion 240Hz processing in the popular 60" size.
Sharp Aquos LC-60E88UN

Sharp Aquos LE620 Series  

The LE620 series is a line up from sharp that puts larger, LED backlit Aquos LCDs into more affordable prices. The LE620 are 1080p full HD panels with LED Edge lighting and 120Hz refresh rates.
Sharp Aquos LC-55LE620UT, Sharp Aquos LC-46LE620UT, Sharp Aquos LC-42LE620UT

Sharp Aquos LE935 Series  

The LC-70LE935 LED TV represents the flag ship top of the line for Sharp's 2011 line up. It is a 1080p 3D LED backlit LCD TV with Sharp's Quattron technology and internet connectivity.
Sharp LC-70LE935U, Sharp LC-60LE935U

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