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Best TV CES 2011

Which TV was best in show overall? Other Editors Choice Awards

by Robert Wiley, Editor

You may not like what I am about to write here. You cannot have the best TV from CES 2011. Americans always want what they cannot have and I'm serious, this TV may not be purchased at any price. Why? because aside from being displayed at CES 2011, it is not available now nor will it be at any time in the near future.

Sony 24.5" OLED TV

Editors Choice for Best TV Overall CES 2011:

The mystery TV with the best overall picture quality and amazing glasses-free 3D picture is none other than the (drumroll please) no model number available 24.5" Sony OLED TV. The thought that immediately entered my mind when I viewed this TV was, “if 3D TV could look like this, I'm crazy about it." The TV showed no two dimensional overlap even though there were no glasses needed. Colors and definition are amazingly crisp and clear. Blacks seem to have infinite depth.

LG also showed some OLED TVs, one in 31" and several 15" with varying 3D images and while impressive, did not match the Sony. The 15" OLED from LG has limted availability while the 31" is a prototype.

Aside from Best Overall TV Picture at CES, here are our Editors Choice awards for Best 3D Display, and Best LCD LED TV Display:

Panasonic 3D TV CES 2011.

Editors Choice Award for Best 3D Display CES 2011

Panasonic also had an impressive selection of 3D content for display and generally it looked much better than most of the competition. There were categories displays set up with stationary active shutter glasses for sports, gaming, and entertainment and we reviewed them all.

LG LED TV CES 2011; Top of the line LG 72LZ9700 Stunning.

Editors Choice Best LED TV display CES 2011

Wow what an impressive wall of LED TVs and Plasmas LG had at CES 2011. Some of the aesthetic designs were just incredible. The top of the line LG72LZ9700 full array LED TV has Full Array true LED backlit (not Edge lit) local dimming with 480 zones which allows for much more minute control over light entering the LCD panel. LG terms the technology NANO technology in the local dimming backlighting. LG also had a prototype 84" LED TV displaying 3D content – not very well I didnt think.

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