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What is Sharp Aquos Quattron, Quadpixel, and Quadcolor LED TV Technology?


Sharp has introduced the first 4 filter LCD pixel design which adds the new primary color Y(yellow) to the usual RGB (red, green, blue). Sharp claims that this addition will yield superior yellow, gold, and brass color renditions by expanding the pixel color gamut to include the yellow pixel. The term Quattron is used to name the Sharp series of TVs containing this feature. Quadpixel refers to an encapsulation and naming of the technology. Quadcolor is obviously a description of the quadpixel TV filter technology containing 4 colors (RGBY) the addtion of yellow rather than the standard 3 colors (RGB) red, green, blue that all other TVs use.

Traditional RBG color systems use a 24 bit per pixel model where each of the three primary colors contains up to 256 various shades resulting in about 16 million available colors, adding the 4th color supposedly catapults the number of available colors to more than a trillion.

Sharp Quattron

Sharp further claims that the new Quattron technology provides smoother color transitions and can provide every color. Apparently, we've been duped all these years in not knowing that there was an extra color to the color spectrum. Sharp has discovered yellow and added it to their color system, thus saving manking from universal embarrasment. OK, all kidding aside, we'll be happy to review the new Quattron, Quadpixel, Quadcolor, technology. In fact, I think we will review 4 Sharp TVs - just to give it a fair shot.

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