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Olevia LCD TV Service Information

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Olevia Main TV Service Site
Olevia Service Phone: 1.866.9OLEVIA (1.866.965.3842)

Olevia TV Warranty Information

The service department can be reached at 1-866-965-3842. The warranty only covers the original purchase and is on year parts and labor. In order to qualify for warranty service, you do have to register within 30 days of the purchase. Some models have in home service (which may not be available in all areas). The 2T (except 226T) series offers in home service for all models 32 inches and larger, while the 7 series offers in home service for 42 inches and above. All other TV’s will have to be shipped at the customer’s expense.

When the in home service is performed, the company will ship the part to you and arrange for a technician to come to you. I was told usually they will replace the unit. With an Advantage Replacement, you can have TV loaned to you during the service period, and it does require a credit card hold. The whole process usually takes about three weeks. However, the closer to California you are, the less time it will take.

Olevia does offer a TV extended warranty for 1 or 3 years. The size of the screen will determine the cost. If it is purchased in the first six months of ownership, the cost will be cheaper since after six months the cost increases by 20%.

The call can be confusing because you will have to choose from a wide array of menu choices. But once you get through them, you will have to hold for a few minutes. But, the customer service was helpful and knowledgeable. He drew from personal experience, and I feel he was not answering my questions via a script. When you place a service call, tech support will try to trouble shoot the problem before creating a service request.

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