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Panasonic TV Parts, Repair, Service and Warranty Information

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Panasonic Main TV Service Site
Panasonic Service Phone: 1-800-973-4390

Panasonic Plasma and LCD TV Warranty Information

The general warranty covers 12 months on LCD TVs and some larger ones can be covered from 18-24 months from the date of purchase for parts and labor.

Panasonic offers a concierge service as part of their support services for their plasma TVs and LCD TV’s. Their helpline is 1-800-973-4390. I called the helpline and was told I could ask any question and get help. They offer in home service as long as you are deemed close to a service center. However, they did not give a specific distance that would be deemed too far. They will handle any warranty issues from there. It was easy to get in touch with someone quickly. The website does allow you to search for available services centers, but you still need to call them to get authorization. I found them to be very helpful and courteous.

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