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Philips TV Parts, Repair, Service and Warranty Information

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Philips Main TV Service Site
Philips Service Phone: 1-888-744-5477

Philips LCD TV Warranty Information

To reach Philips warranty services call 1-888-744-5477. These TV’s only have a 90 day warranty for the original purchaser or whoever received it as a gift from the original purchaser. If it is repaired, refurbished, or exchanged, the TV is covered by another 90 day warranty. If the TV is being used in a restaurant or commercial establishment, the warranty does not valid.

Many customers have reported having problems online with getting items serviced with Philips. Most of the complaints report poor customer service and difficult representatives. Even the service companies have complained about the service from Philips. They mention that Philips is slow to send parts and also have difficulty dealing with them.

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