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Vizio Parts, Repair & Service Information


Vizio Main TV Service Site
Vizio Service Phone: 877.698.4946

Vizio TV Warranty Information

You can contact Vizio support at 1-877-698-4946. They offer a “limited” one year parts and labor warranty as long as the product was purchased new from an authorized Vizio reseller. The repair and replacement of your TV will be at the sole discretion of Vizio. Any shipping cost will be at the customer’s expense. According to their warranty information, they offer in home service for TVs 30 inches and above for problems that can be repaired on site. “The determination for performing on-site repair is dependent upon the manufacturing defect and is at Vizio’s sole option and discretion.” Repairs may be made with new or recertified (i.e. used) parts. The Vizio TVs are serviced through a third party, unless they must be shipped back to the Vizio service center in Irvine, CA. From our past experience and reports, most manufacturer defects with TVs must be serviced in a service center and cannot be repaired on site. Thus, the customer will be responsible for safe transit of the TV to Vizio’s service center in California ad back. Advice? Don’t throw the box away.

To receive service you will need to call the number and speak to technical support. They will determine how the product should be serviced. Some issues you may need to take pictures of the problem to be emailed to engineers. For sets 30 inches and larger they do offer in home service. However, if the technician deems the problem not to be repairable onsite, you will have to ship the unit to be repaired. This is at the sole discretion of the technician.

Vizio does offer a TV extended warranty at varying cost, depending on the size and it can be extended up to five years from the purchase date. However, this may be better purchased through a 3rd party extended warranty company at a deep discount.

When calling, you may have to wait, but the representatives are courteous, although they do sound as if they are reading prompts or a script at times. The total amount of time for service is approximately three weeks.

Following is some more information from Vizio’s web site when considering their warranty policy:

“VIZIO reserves the right to assess all warranty claims and to determine if defects or damages are covered by this limited warranty. In case of a claim that is not covered by this warranty, you will be contacted to determine whether VIZIO should repair the damage for a fee or whether the product should be returned to you as received by the service technician or service center.”

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