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LED vs. LCD Continued


Size, Price and Value Considerations

LED backlit LCD televisions are currently available in sizes ranging from 32 inches to 70 inches. Traditional LCD televisions are available in sizes as small as 15 inches and as large as 65 inches. This past year we noted some awesome improvements in LCD and LED TVs. A top quality LCD TV still represents a better value in same size, same feature comparison. This is partly due to the higher cost of the LED lighting system, but also because manufacturers want to fetch a higher price from the latest and greatest technology. We'll call it the "new technology premium." Therefore, LCD TVs Fluorescent CFL lighting is more cost efficient as an older technology with more production.

LED backlit LCDs are more flexible and can be manipulated more per manufacturers needs. They can be edge lit or partially or fully backlit. Edge backlit LED LCD TVs will cost less than the fully backlit variety. Another backlit technology called "local dimming" allows the manufacturer to produce more contrast and localized on-screen color information. It also adds to the cost and price of the TV. These options are not available to traditional CFL LCD TVs.

ADVANTAGE: LCD TVs with comparing same quality, size, features due to lower cost CFL fluorescent back lighting.


The local dimming LED TVs we've come across have used quite a bit more power than a traditional LCD TV in the same screen size. This type of LED television approaches plasma displays in power usage. The edge lit LED televisions use less power than an LCD of the same size.

ADVANTAGE: 1st: Edge lit LED, 2nd LCD TV (flourescent), 3rd: Local dimming LED.

LED vs. LCD Scorecard





Picture Quality Considerations

Contrast/Black Level


Color Accuracy

Viewing Angle


Functional Consideration

Computer Use


Fast Moving Video




Other Considerations

Production Size and Cost


Power Consumption





For the explanations behind this scorecard please see the first page of our LED vs LCD article.

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