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Samsung JU7100 vs. JS7000
Comparing 12 Differences

Applies to Samsung UN55JU7100, UN60JU7100, UN50JU7100, UN55JS7100, UN60JS7000, and UN50JS7000

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Following are the differences in these two 2015/2016 Value 4K TV models from Samsung. We were surprised by how different these two TVs were when testing.

Both TVs are 4K UHD resolution, have 10W X 2 speakers, both have the same 4K upscaling which is very good, both get the standard Smart Hub feature, both have a bright picture from the LED backlighting, Both have 4 HDMI, 3USB inputs which are future proof.


JU7100 – UHD
JS7000 – The JS7000 gets Samsung's expanded color gamut and nano­crystal layer. This designates it an SUHD (“super” ultra high definition). The S stands for super in Samsung's eyes.

Samsung UN60JS7000 60 INCH 4K SUHD LED TV
A good shot of the color on the JS7000.

JU7100 – Gets Samsung's standard LCD panel. Great blacks and contrast but poor side viewing angles.
JS7000 – Gets an IPS panel. Good side angle viewing color saturation but poor night time viewing black levels.

Hz Refresh Rate
JU7100 – 120Hz panel with Motion Rate 240
JS7000 – 60Hz panel with Motion Rate 120

It's always nice to have a higher refresh rate, but motion blur is very difficult to see on either TV. Also, in Game mode both produced an excellent input lag result of 26ms to 29ms making either a good choice for gaming.

Remote Control
JU7100 – Get's the new touchpad Smart remote with point and click operation that speeds browsing
JS7000 –­ Get's the standard remote

Connection – One Connect Mini
JU7100 – Has the One Connect Mini box which all the inputs go into. Then one 7ft. Cable connects to the TV.
JS7000 – Has standard inputs on the TV

JU7100 – Has a charcoal metal chamfered 45 degree angle half inch bezel frame. Very sharp.
JS7000 –­ Has a charcoal metal flat half inch bezel frame.

Color Gamut
JU7100 – Has a standard color gamut
JS7000 – Has a wider color gamut (think more Crayolas in the box) due to nano­crystal layer

Samsung JU7100 Side Angle Viewing Quality
An example of how much side angles can impact the JU7100's color saturation and contrast at 20 degrees off center.

Side Angle Viewing Quality
JU7100 –­ Has poor side angle viewing contrast
JS7000­ –­ Has very good side angle color saturation and contrast

Black Levels/Contrast
JU7100­ –­ Excellent
JS7000­ –­ Average

Better Day Time TV (picture only)


Better Night Time TV (picture only)



JU7100­ Roughly $200 less than the JS7000

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