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Hitachi UT37X902

37" Ultrathin Hitachi LCD TV

Only Hitachi delivers the remarkably slim UltraThin 1.5" flat screen LCD. Unlike conventional HDTVs with an average 4" thickness, Hitachi UltraThin 1.5" has a sleek, lightweight 1.5 inch panel design. The Director's Series Flat Panel HDTV is part of Hitachi's ultimate UltraThin HDTV Monitor Series, featuring a stylish 360 degree high-gloss finish with a dramatic Black Sapphire Crystal Frame.

An innovative fanless, computer-inspired ventilation system allows the display panel to attain this remarkable thinness, while the PictureMaster™ HD VI Processor ensures that the innovative slim design doesn't sacrifice Hitachi high performance.

The advanced Director's Series display panel features Full HD1080P resolution (1920 x 1080P), the highest resolution picture in HDTV, and the picture is enhanced by 120Hz Panel Speed with Motion Interpolation, a video processing technology that upgrades all television broadcast signals to 120 frames per second for the clearest, sharpest LCD picture ever.

Reel120™ Film de-Judder, a Hitachi exclusive film processing technology, creates new frames to perfectly match the motion of movies, reducing blur and judder in film-converted-to-video.

The Director's Series UltraThin HDTV monitor delivers rich dramatic design and a flawless picture to every room and comes backed with an extended in-home warranty of two years, an exclusive Director’s Series benefit.

Key Features

Full HD1080p
2.07 million pixel array for the highest resolution standard available, also providing perfect compatibility with Blu-ray high definition.
PictureMaster™ HD VI
Proprietary digital video processor optimizes picture performance of all incoming source material.
UltraWide 178 Degree Viewing Angle IPS LCD
Innovative LCD technologies deliver a wide viewing angle, excellent response time, and low power consumption.
Anti-Reflective Screen
Effectively absorbs ambient room light. This dramatic performance boost results in richer blacks, vibrant color and increased detail in shadows and highlights.
120Hz with Motion Interpolation
Video processing technology that upgrades all television broadcast signals to 120 frames per second for the clearest, sharpest LCD picture ever.
EEFL High Efficiency Back Light
Unique backlighting technology from Hitachi delivers a vibrant, bright picture with better color reproduction, 20% better efficiency, and a longer life than conventional LCD, and is completely lead-free.
Crystal Frame (Black Sapphire)
A Titanium Metallic coating is applied to the back of the translucent frame creating the appearance of a "Black Sapphire". The light and high-strength polycarbonate frame is shaped by Computer Aided Design for sleek beauty and durability.
Discrete IR Codes
Keeps home theater components in sync when utilizing a universal remote control.
Multiple Language On Screen Display
Information can be displayed on your screen in seven different languages.
Automatic 3:2 Film Enhancement
Film is composed of 24 individual frames per second, while TV's display 60 frames per second. This inconsistency of frame rates necessitates film to be converted to video using a technique called 3:2 pulldown. Hitachi’s PictureMaster HD-IV processor uses 3:2 pulldown correction and film enhancement to reconstruct the original film frame to achieve the highest resolution possible. The resulting high definition frame is perfectly matched to the resolution of the display.
Dot by Dot Aspect Mode
Allows you to see every pixel of high definition programming the way the director created it, without scaling or changing the pixels.
Custom Color Temperature
Director’s Series models feature white balance control in the on-screen menu system, so detail and contrast in the low and high brightness areas can be adjusted to accurately reproduce images on the television.

3D Digital Color Management


16 Bit/ 281 Trillion Color Capacity
16 bit processing increases the number of steps to over 65,000 per color for the smoothest and most film-like image possible, with a capability of over 281 trillion colors.

2-Year In-home Warranty
Doubled warranty, an exclusive Director’s Series benefit.

Picture Performance
• Full HD1080p 120Hz High-Definition Display
• Ultra-wide 178˚ Viewing Angle IPS

Liquid Crystal Display

• Anti-Reflective Screen
• EEFL High Efficiency Back Light
• PictureMaster™ HD VI
- 120Hz with Motion Interpolation
- Reel120™ Film De-Judder
- Automatic 2:3 Film Processing
- 3D Digital Color Management
- Dynamic Contrast
- Dynamic Histogram Processing
- MPEG Noise Reduction
• Game Friendly
• 3 Color Temperatures
• Custom Color Temperatures
• 30, 36 Bit Deep Color


• Ultrathin 1.5” (1.38” min.)
• Black Sapphire Crystal Frame
• Chrome Trim
• Anthracite Table Stand
(removable non-swivel)

Convenience Features

• Seven Language On Screen Display
• Illuminated Learning & Macro Remote
• 8 Aspect Modes
• Dot by Dot Aspect Mode
• Memory by Input
• Picture Modes with Memory
(Dynamic, Natural, Cinema)
• Discrete IR codes


• Resolution: 1920 x 1080p
• Monitor Weight: 32.1 lbs.
• Wall Bracket Mounting Points:
400mm x 200mm (VESA)


(1) HDMI (V.1.3 with CEC, Deep
(1) Analog RGB D-Sub15
(1) Audio Input for RGB
(1) RS232C (MiniDin 8 pin)
(1) AV Input (Composite, Shared
with RGB on pin #2, adapter not

Optional Accessories

• Silver Floor Stand (AS-LSZ0082)
• Black Floor Stand (AS-LSZ0081)
• Audio Video Center with ATSC/

NTSC/QAM Tuning (AVC08U)

Audio Performance Features

• Neodymium Quad Driver with

Sealed Enclosure

• Perfect Volume / Mute
• Surround Sound Simulated
• Bass Boost
• Clear Voice
• 12 Watts Audio Power (6W + 6W)
3.5 mm Stereo

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