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Hitachi LCD TV


Founded in 1910, Hitachi has grown into a leading manufactuer of consumer electronics and other technology services.

Hitachi Plasma

Hitachi LED & LCD TV Models

Hitachi X902 Series

The 1.5" deep Ultra-thin X902 series provides users with most of the features of LCD's that are 4 inches deep on average in a thin, lightweight package. The UT37X902 and UT42X902 feature 1080p panels, 120hz refresh rates and Hitachi's Reel120 film processing technology. They are a little thin on iputs though with only 1 HDMI and 1 VGA input. The composite input is built into one of the pins on the VGA.
Hitachi UT37X902, Hitachi UT42X902

Hitachi UT32X802

Similar to the X902 series, the 32" UT32X802 is also 1.5 inches deep but has a 720p panel. It also removes the 120Hz refresh rate. The inputs and overall asthetic design are the same as the X902 series.
Hitachi UT32X802

Hitachi S601 Series

The S601 series from Hitachi offer an anti-reflective 1080p panel and Hitachi's proprietary PictureMaster HD video processor. The L47S601 and L42S601 also feature a motorized swivel stand as standard. A 20 watt speaker system, 3 HDMI inputs and programmable day/night light settings round out the feature set of these LCD televisions.
Hitachi L42S601, Hitachi L47S601

Hitachi V651 Series

Stepping up slightly from the S601 series the L42V651 and L47V651 also feature 1080p panels and the PictureMaster video processor. A higher quality anti-reflective screen and SD card input for photo viewing are some of the features that put the V651 over and above the S601.
Hitachi L42V651, Hitachi L47V651

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