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Sony Bravia 48"-50" TV

Below is a current list of Sony Bravia models available in the 48"-50" size. This list of models contains Bravia LCD, LED and 3D televisions. Many of the models listed have been reviewed by our editors and scored in the categories of picture quality, available features and value. If the television has not had a full review, you will find editor commentary about the avilable features on the TV. Specifications for the TVs and comparison shopping are also available.

2016-2017 Sony Models

Sony XBR-49X800D

2015-2016 Sony Models

Sony XBR-49X830C
Sony KDL-50W800C
Sony KDL-48R510C

2014-2015 Sony Models

Sony XBR-49X850B
Sony KDL-50W800B
Sony KDL-48W600B

2013 Sony Models

Sony KDL-47W802A

2012 Sony Models

Sony 46" KDL46HX850
This is one of Sony's top end TVs for 2012 and has the unique OptiContrast panel which is Sony's way of telling you that contrast is very high – that is deep, saturated blacks and very bright white and lights.

Sony 46" KDL46HX750
This model is not really replacement for the top end HX929 series but a continuation of the same type of characteristics and features that Sony is putting into their top end LED backlit LCD offerings.

Sony 46" KDL46EX640
Colors do pop more on this model than on last years which is an improvement but we would still like to see more saturation. That's why this is a great value model.

Sony 46" KDL46BX450
The 46" KDL46BX450 replaces the KDL46BX420 from last year, it is a fluorescent back lit, 1080p, 60Hz LCD panel.

2011 Sony Models

Sony 46" KDL46HX820
The 46 inch Sony KDL46HX820 is just one step down from the very best Sony had to offer in 2011 - the HX929. The model will be available until late 2012 and has full array local dimming which is very unusual for this size of TV. It has LED backlighting the LCD TV flat screen panel. The X-Reality Pro Engine is Sony's name for their latest and greatest video processing engine for this TV and will improve 3D viewing and reduced glare by a more louvered screen panel. It's a very high end TV for this size range.

Sony 46" KDL46NX720
The KDL46NX720 has many of the best features Sony has to offer for 2012 even though this is a 2011 introduction model. It has many of the new Sony Bravia Internet App available functions including HuluPlus and Amazon Video on Demand. The 46" diagonal viewing panel includes Sony's introduction of the Corning Gorilla Glass which is light, thin and strong and enables those super thin depths like the 1.2" on this one. The motion flow 240Hz feature is also included in this LCD TV.

Sony KDL46EX720
The new EX720 series is a replacement for the EX710 series with a new 1080p, LED edge lit panel and expanded internet features, it is available in 4 sizes from 55" down to 32". See the full review and video review of the EX720 Series

Sony KDL46EX620
2011's replacement for the EX600 series is the EX620, we liked all the EX series TVs we reviewed last year and the EX620 continues on the quality EX line. See the full review and video review of the EX620 Series

Sony KDL46EX520
The most affordable line of EX series televisions announced at CES 2011 is the entry-level EX520, containing many features of the higher line EX series the EX520 offers Sony quality at lower prices.

Sony KDL46BX420
The BX lines represent Sony's tradionally backlit LCD TVs, the 1080p BX420 is the highest end line of these and are available in 3 sizes all at affordable prices.

2010 Sony Models

Sony Bravia XBR-46LX900
Sony's 3D capable Bravia XBR line for 2010 is the LX900 series of LED edge lit LCD TVs. The 1080p panel features Sony's MotionFlow 240Hz to reduce motion lag and image doubling in 3D as well as the Bravia Engine 3 video processor reduces noise.

Sony Bravia XBR-46HX900
The XBR-HX900 series from Sony is another 3D ready LED backlit LCD on display at CES, however the HX900 features local dimming LED backlighting that allows for better control of the backlight to give better contrst in dark scenes and full brightness in bright scenes.

Sony Bravia KDL-46EX700
The EX700 series contains the Bravia Engine 3, Bravia Sync technology, LED edge lighting, USB ports for photo, music, and video playback.

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