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Mobile TV Hits the Market; Mobile DTV (and DVD) TV will change the way we Travel

Winter 2010
by: SD Davis

Mobile TVs or DTVs will be entering the marketplace in ever increasing numbers in the future thanks to the implementation of digital television across the country. After delays of several years, the digital TV airwaves are here (finalized in 2009), abolishing analog to a place in history. Reports are that there are still some areas where the analog to digital transition has not been changed over, but for the most part broadcast TV is now digital.

With this change comes an opportunity for better viewing and signal reception especially in and around cities. Mobile TVs should thrive. Finally, you can view a small mobile TV while at the game, or access broadcast TV stations more clearly all over the country while traveling in the RV.

Many are already tuning in via smartphones over 3G networks to Internet TV programming. But Mobile TVs will offer a much larger screen size and better viewing experience. As well, most Internet TV programming is spotty in quality on larger screen sizes and bandwidth reception.

These new devices will look and operate similar to portable DVD players that we have seen for 10 years, but they will contain a tuning device to enable DTV local reception. For most, it's surprising how much programming is now available and how clear the signals are.

For example the new LG DP570MH Mobile Digital TV has a 7" widescreen screen size. It has a chargeable battery that can last for up to 2.5 hours when viewing TV or 4.5 hours for DVD.

Obviously, many of us have purchased portable DVD players to occupy our kids in the backseat during long road trips. But now it becomes a more compelling device with digital TV reception.

Digital Broadcast TV is underrated by most, you might want to take a look. See full specifications on the LG DP570MH Mobile Digital TV here.

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