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Best 46-48 inch TV 2019/2020, Editors Choice, 4K, LED

Top Recommended 46" - 48" LCD Televisions


(chosen by editors Robert Wiley, Jack Burden and Phil Conner)

See our Best 46-48 inch LCD and LED TV editor's choice top recommended HDTVs for price, value and quality compiled from all the choices on the market for the year and selected by our expert reviewers.

TCL 49S305    
Editor's Choice: Best Price 

This is one of the best value models you will find in the market and it has the excellent Roku TV platform. For $299 it's a great deal.

Read Review

Sony XBR49X800D
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

The XBR49X800D is an excellent TV in this size range. There are not many quality offerings in this size anymore. The picture is noticeably cleaner and clearer with up-scaled and converted HD programming. This is due to the new 4K Processor X1 engine incorporated into the X800D series.Read review

LG 49UH6500
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

This is another quality option in the 49” size with 4K and a 120Hz panel. It sells for $100 less than the Sony above.Read review

TCL 48FS3750
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

At $329 this TCL will likely not impress with picture quality but the Roku Smart TV function is fantastic.Read review

Vizio D48-D0
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

Another great value option from Vizio, it has clean image edges and great color.Read review

Sony XBR49X830C 4K UHD TV
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

The 49X830C is much improved over the X850B from last year. The picture is noticeably cleaner and clearer with up-scaled and converted HD programming. This is due to the new 4K Processor X1 engine incorporated into the X830C series. Read review

Samsung UN48JU6700 4K UHD
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

The UN48JU6700 4K LED TV from Samsung is one of lower end 4K offerings for Samsung but still has ample features like Smart TV offerings, UHD Picture Dimming, a quad core processor, and a contrast enhancer. It also has a curved screen for a cool look all for $1100. Read review

Vizio e48-C2 LED 1080p
Editor's Choice: Best Budget Model

This inexpensive Vizio model sells for around $509, has solid picture quality and most of the necessary Smart TV Apps. Has 3 HDMI inputs. Read review

Vizio M49-C1 4K UHD LED
Editor's Choice: Best Value

We recently gave this model a 94/100 score in Value. Vizio has a very complete offering in the M-series 4K series. You get value and 4K UHD resolution in one package for $769. We were impressed by the upscaling quality in recent testing. Read review

LG 49LF6300 LED 1080p

Another $999 offering, this LG has lots of nice features like the excellent Magic Remote and an IPS panel for better side angle viewing. Read review

Recommended 46"-48" LCD and LED TV Models for 2014

Samsung UN46EH5000      Editor's Choice: Price
40" Edge Lit LED-LCD TV

rice/Value is the main focus of this model and at $460 for a 46” 1080p LED TV that is quite an offer. We were surprised Samsung elected to include 1080p resolution with this model as most discount basic 32” LED models that compete are only 720p. However, the basic 60hz processing speed does apply even though Samsung applies their CMR (clear motion rate) technology to enhance processing speed (using LED edge it manipulation) to CMR 120.

Vizio E480i-B2      Editor's Choice: Price
48" Smart LED TV 1080p 

The Vizio E480i-B2 is loaded with picture features that really boost the picture quality. The full-array LED backlighting achieves much better peak whites and deeper blacks than seen on previous versions of the E series.

Sony KDL-48W600B      Editor's Choice: Value
48" Smart LED TV 1080p 

Colors rendition on these new Sony TVs is exceptional and not over-saturated. The fact that the TVs calibrate easily to D6500K speaks to their color accuracy. The backlight is extremely powerful and can overpower color in the 48W600B so keep it moderated.

LG 47LB5800     
47" Smart LED TV 1080p 

The 47LB5800 goes pretty light on the picture quality features, but that is a trade-off for keeping the cost down. The LB5800 is really aimed at shoppers looking to score a deal for a decent sized LED backlit TV. Since it is a backlit TV we see good levels of brightness and contrast. Light flow through is another strong point.

Samsung UN46H7150      Editor's Choice: Quality
46" Smart LED TV 1080p 

The picture quality on the UN48H7150 is as good as it gets for a flat panel 1080p LED TV from Samsung this year. The H8000 is 1080p, but with a curved screen. The picture qualities are very similar (we've reviewed them side by side) and the key to this is the clear coat screen and similar contrast levels.

Recommended 46" LCD and LED TV Models for 2013

LG 47LA6900      Editor's Choice: Value
47" LED HDTV 1080p 

This 47 inch entry into the 6900 series is the replacement for the 47LM6700 from last year. If you were wondering, the incredible value has carried over. This TV is fully loaded with the Cinema Screen Design, 120Hz panel, upgraded Smart TV features, and great sound.

Samsung UN46F7100     
46" LED HDTV 1080p 

The UN46F7100 has Smart Hub like the other mid and top level LEDs and plasmas of the 2013/2014 Samsung lineup. The difference for this year is a newly redesigned interface aimed at providing a more intuitive user experience. Voice recognition has also been improved upon making it a great feature for the UN46F7100.


Sony KDL-47W802A      Editor's Choice: Quality
47" LED HDTV 1080p 

This second tier model has a great processing engine called the X-reality Pro which is a step up from the X-Reality engine from last years KDL-47HX750. Sony's color performance on this TV is very accurate and realistic with good saturation levels. This is the first foray into passive 3D for Sony as well.

Samsung UN46F6300      Editor's Choice: Value
46" LED HDTV 1080p 

The UN46F6300 ditches the micro dimming of the F6400, but the picture quality is still strong. Black performance on the F6300 is a strong point. You'll see dark and inky blacks that show some improvement previous models, but it's important to keep the backlight at the right setting. Whether this TV is for gaming or watching sports, the 120Hz panel on the F6300 is going to deliver a smooth picture.

Vizio E470i-A0      Editor's Choice: Price
46" LED HDTV 1080p 

The E470i gets rid of the slim Razor design, but keeps everything else like the 120Hz panel and all the Vizio Internet Apps. It also comes at an incredible value at right around $600. Similar TVs from the big name manufacturers are going to run closer to $900.

Recommended 46" LCD and LED TV Models for 2012

Sony KDL-46EX640      Editor's Choice: Price
46" LED HDTV 1080p 

With much the same feature set as the Panasonic listed above (Smart TV but no 3D) this sony has a semi-matte screen finish which hurts side angle viewing somewhat. However, it has great color rendition and very sound processing along with great appearance in a new framing design.

Panasonic TC-L47E50      Editor's Choice: Price
46" LED HDTV 1080p 

This LED edge Lit backlighting LCD sells for just $847 and has excellent side angle viewing for an LED-LCD HDTV. Off center viewing is a problem for most of the TVs on this list except the two LGs listed above. While the TCL47E50 is not 3D compatible, it does have Internet Smart TV capability as added features.

Samsung LN46E550      Editor's Choice: Price
46" LED HDTV 1080p 

While this is a simple throwback LCD CCFL TV we have liked Samsung's LCD TVs for several years. They are not improving but maintaining what was already a very good offering. This 46" entry is only $647 or so from authorized dealers and will perform admirably.

Samsung UN46ES7500      Editor's Choice: Quality
46" LED 3D HDTV 1080p 

Though it will cost almost $2000 the UN46ES7500 is chock full of features. If Smart Interaction (voice command, motion gesture control) is a play toy you will enjoy and you want the latest and greatest that a TV has to offer even in 46" then the 46ES7500 is for you - stunning appearance included. Active 3D full 1080p.

LG 47LM7600     
47" Cinema 3D 1080p LED HDTV

Priced around $1500 you get tons of features with this frame-less TV. You literally can hardly tell there is a frame when sitting front and center except for the bottom of the screen. The picture quality is superb with great light flow. There are few great Apps included in the Smart TV selection and many not worth opening, but it's very easy to use the built in web browser via the built in Wifi. The Magic remote is included. Passive 3D with 6 pairs of glasses included. See the full review.

LG 47LM6700      Editor's Choice: Value
47" Cinema 3D 1080p LED HDTV 

Just a slight feature set different than the LM7600 the 47LM6700 has pretty much the same feature set except that the Hz rate is 120 rather than the 240hz rate of the LM7600. It is an excellent performer once you get accustomed to using the Magic remote. Side viewing angles are very good for an LED TV. Finally, it will save you a couple hundred dollars.

Samsung UN46EH6000      Editor's Choice: Value
1080p Edge Lit LED-LCD Television 

If you want an excellent High Definition performer without all the extra features like 3D and Internet TV, then the UN46EH6000 might be your go-to. For less than $1000 you get a superb HD picture quality and some pretty decent up-conversion from standard definition signals as well. The clear coat screen technology that the UN46EH6000 contains is one of our favorites for 2012.

Toshiba 46L5200U      Editor's Choice: Price
46" Edge Lit LED-LCD TV 

At under $800 this LED edge lit 46" model contains some great features such as the new Aero design that is a very nice 2012 innovation from Toshiba. We've tested lots of these LED TVs from Toshiba and can attest to the many picture quality attributes that the Dynalight Backlight Control feaures and 120Hz refresh rate.

Panasonic TC-L47DT50     
55" 1080p 3D LED TV

Panasonic is deep in LED-LCD edge lit TVs for 2012 and the 47DT50 exemplifies their best efforts. It has the super looks with quarter inch frame of silver and very thin depth. Wide viewing angles are a strong point of this TV and it features a full web browser that is new for the 2012. The DT50 comes equipped with the full Viera Cast Internet TV suite which is hosted "in-the-cloud." See the full review.

LG 47CS570      Editor's Choice: Price
47" 1080p LCD HDTV 

This 47" LCD TV has the triple XD engine from LG that will provide excellent processing power and good strong picture quality. But the main feature of this TV is its price of less than $800 for those that do not want to pay more for 3D, Internet, and LED backlighting. It has some upgraded appearance and 120Hz processing for fast motion scenes included.

Top Recommended 46" LCD Televisions for 2011

Samsung LN46D630      Editor's Choice: Value
46" LCD TV 

Alongside it's LED TV series, Samsung continues to offer traditionally backlit LCD televisions. The D630 series replaces 2010's C630 series. We liked the C650 series a lot when we reviewed it and found it to be a great value with a great picture. The 630 line was the same as the 650 without internet connectivity features. This year the 630includes WiFi and the new Allshare feature but is still doesn't go online.

Samsung UN46D8000 Editor's Choice: Quality
46" LED Television

Samsung's D8000 series is their top end model for 2011 and early 2012. It has loads of features with and the most advanced Ultra clear Screen panel, 3D and edge lit LED backlighting. It comes in 3 different sizes, 65 inch, 55 inch and 46 inch. The QWERTY Remote and full web browser are nice extras.

Samsung UN46D6000     
46" LCD TV 1080p

In last years C6500 we noticed inconsistency across gray scales especially in blue tones. Those mistakes are corrected in the D6000. Color rendition in the D6000 is accurate, realistic and vibrant - all three traits we look for in color quality. In scenes from the Blu Ray version of Troy we noted greens and blues as spot on with the odd turquoise and gold uniform colors of the Spartans. Blacks appear inky and saturated from front and center. Dark Shadow detail is also above average. Color uniformity looked good to us except at side angles. See the full review and video review of the UN46D6000

Sony KDL-46EX720     
46" LED Television

"I'm a big fan of the appearance of this TV. It has a piano black satin finish rather than high gloss which looks refined and expensive. The framing bezel is only an inch thick and the bottom of the panel remains minimalistic and does not have the gray strip from last year. The EX720 is only 1.68" deep and that includes a small flange that sticks out from the back bottom. 95% of the TV is only 1" in depth." - Robert Wiley, see the full review of the Sony KDL-46EX720

LG 46LK520      Editor's Choice: Price
46" LCD TV 

LG may have little competition in the large LCD TV category. Not many of the other manufacturers seem interested in competing for this value oriented space.

Everyone is on the the latest and greatest 3D TVs and LED TVs, but dont underestimate some of these excellent little LCD TVs for delivering the best value (along with plasma) in the marketplace. From past reviews and viewing at CES we know that this TV has a strong picture performance

Sharp LC-46LE830U     
46" LED Television

The LE830 is the replacement for the popular LE820 series from Sharp's 2010 lineup. The TV contains all the best edge lit picture quality features that Sharp has except the panel is 120Hz instead of 240Hz. It is designed for those that want the best picture and a great looking set, but do not care about 3D TV inclusion.