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Best 49, 50 inch TV 2019/2020, Editors Choice, 4K, LED

(chosen by editors Robert Wiley, Jack Burden and Phil Conner)

50" is a very popular TV size and these are the models that we feel comfortable in recommending for 2018 also based on availability. In our review testing lab we look for consistency in a brand and model series in many categories such as Picture Quality attributes from all resolutions and in a dark or light room environment. We look for good features, gaming performance, and aesthetic appearance with a solid working platform from the menu interface and remote control.

Sony XBR49X900F
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

Sony is not waiting on HDR content to attempt to show you an HDR quality picture. The X900F is equipped with enough processing firepower to enhance color and light in such a way as to somewhat mimic content that was originally produced in HDR. That's the goal with the included new technologies - full array backlight and X1 processor anyway.

TCL 49S405
Editor's Choice: Best Price

It's not going to compete with the Sony X800e in picture quality, but on a price/features basis it cant be beaten. It includes 4K resolution and HDR compatibility.

Samsung UN49NU8000
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

If you want a super high end look for a tight space, you can have that and most of Samsung's best picture technologies included in this TV. This is possibly the highest quality TV available in the 49 to 50 inch size range.

Editor's Choice: Best Value

Colors do to render more depth and slightly better saturation in these new 4K HDR models. The UK6300 has an expanded color gamut meeting HDR standards. LG contends this is due to their new Color Prime technology-which uses phosphor (colored) based LED lighting. Out of the box colors are over saturated but after calibrating the picture settings or using the cinema (user) setting with contrast at around 80% you get natural, crisp colors.

TCL 55S517
Editor's Choice: Best Value

Upscaling to 4K is performed by the Creative Pro upscaling engine and does a nice job with most content even standard def. It's not the most crisp picture of all the 4K TVs out there, but it does a reasonably good job especially for the price. Lastly, though there is HDR compatibility and the TV has a fairly wide color gamut, HDR playback is not its strong suit, but it's good to have it.

Best of 2017

Sony XBR-49X800e
Editor's Choice: Best Value

No comparison in quality. If you want the absolute best in the 40-43 inch size range, this is it. It's priced that way as well but has Sony's exemplary 4K HDR X1 picture engine for smoother images, with great color.

Samsung UN49MU7500
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

If you want a super high end look for a tight space, you can have that and most of Samsung's best picture technologies included in this curved screen TV.

LG 49UJ7700
Editor's Choice: Best Value

This model competes well with the Sony XBR X800e

Best of 2016

LG 49UH6500
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

This is a solid little model with 4K resolution and an IPS panel for good side angle viewing. The Magic remote works great.

Samsung UN49KU7000
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

Another great value model, the 7000 series from Samsung routinely brings the value and this model is no exception with a great price for a 4K LED with HDR. Low input lag for gaming is a standout feature.

Vizio D50U-D1
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

Color and light flow through are surprisingly good on this inexpensive Vizio D series model. The Smart TV function works well, and the unit has extremely low gaming input lag.

TCL 50UP130
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

Though it does not score as high as the Vizio above it overall, the Roku Smart TV function on this inexpensive TCL model is top of the line. Picture quality cannot quite keep up though.

Samsung UN50JU6500 4K UHD
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

For $940 you get the full 4K UHD upscaling benefits. Samsung's light flow through from the ultra clear panel is also great.

Vizio M50-C1 4K UHD LED
Editor's Choice: Best Value

We recently gave this model a 94/100 score in Value. Vizio has a very complete offering in the M-series 4K series. You get value and 4K UHD resolution in one package for $799. We were impressed by the upscaling quality in recent testing. Read review

Sharp LC-50LB371u 1080p Smart Roku TV
Editor's Choice: Best Price

This is a Best Buy only Roku Smart TV from Sharp for only $499. The interface and options are exceptional and the picture quality solid. Read review

LG 49LF6300 LED 1080p

Another $799 offering, this LG has lots of nice features like the excellent Magic Remote and an IPS panel for better side angle viewing. Read review

Vizio e50-C1 LED 1080p
Editor's Choice: Best Budget Model

This inexpensive Vizio model sells for around $540, has solid picture quality and most of the necessity Smart TV Apps. Has 3 HDMI inputs. Read review