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Best 37, 39 inch TV 2018/2019, Editors Choice, 4K LED

(chosen by editors Robert Wiley, Jack Burden and Phil Conner)

Below is our recommended list of LCD and LED TVs in the 37" size for 2018/2019. Many of these TVs have been reviewed either this year or the determination made from last years review of the previous model. Our Quality award goes to the TV in this size category which has the top end Picture Quality as well as the best feature set. Price and value are not necessarily considered. Our Price award goes to the TV with solid performance on Picture Quality but not necessarily a robust feature set. And our Value Award goes to the TV which has the best combination of picture quality, features set and price.

Vizio D40-D1 4K UHD
Editors Choice Best Value

Another great value option from Vizio, it has clean image edges and great color and 1080p resolution. It has nice Smart TV options included for only $370.Read Full Review

Vizio D39-D0
Editors Choice Best Value

Has 1080p resolution and a really good picture for a smaller TV for $270.Read Full Review

Samsung UN40JU6500 4K UHD
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

You really have to step up to 40” to get a good quality 4K TV and this Samsung delivers exceptional value and quality for this size TV. It has superb upscaling capability and a good Smart TV suite even though it is is 60Hz. Read Full Review

Vizio E40­C2 1080p LED
Editor's Choice: Best Budget Model

For $348 how can you go wrong with this solid LED offering. The screen is not the best quality but the E40 does include basic Smart TV Apps. Read review

37" and 39" 2014 Models

LG 39LN5700      Editor's Choice: Quality
39" 1080p LCD HDTV

The LG 39LN5700 fills the small space between the 32 and 42 size classes. It will satisfy shoppers who are a little price conscious but want something bigger than a 32 inch TV in their living room. The LN5700 is a value model that satisfies hits most of the right notes when it comes to features.

Vizio E370-A0      Editor's Choice: Price
37" 720p LCD HDTV

The E370-A0 is a larger version of the basic 32 inch budget LED TV. Its got a 720p resolution with 60hz refresh rate. The design is nice with a thin bezel with a depth of more than 3 inches. It's not super thin, but for the price this TV is perfect for an extra room.

Toshiba 39L4300U      Editor's Choice: Value

After viewing the Toshiba 39L4300U I was refreshed to see a mid tier TV perform at this level. The backlighting creates a bright picture and the 1080p screen does an excellent job showing it. Toshiba's new Cloud TV feature really opens up a lot of potential for the TV as well.

Toshiba 39L2300U      Editor's Choice: Price

The 39L2300U is targeted at the TV shopper looking for a value set. It lacks just about all of the features of every mid and top level TV so you know it will do the trick in that department. It's different from the L4300 above in one big way. The Cloud TV platform is gone.

LG 39LN5300     
39" LED TV

This is the second to top of the line 39” TV from LG for 2013 through 2014 and with so many lower end off-brands on the market today in the 32 inch size we need options like this for quality and features. The picture quality on this model is going to top any off brand value competitor out there.

Vizio E390-A1     
39" LED TV

The LED backlighting provides decent picture quality on the E390. The picture is plenty bright so peak whites are not a problem on this set. Colors are another strong point. The backlight helps to achieve vibrant colors that pop off the screen.


Panasonic TC-L39EM60      Editor's Choice: Quality

The TC-L39EM60 uses the same 240 backlight blinking feature as the E60 series. This feature helps to reduce motion blur and judder associated with fast action scenes. When activated it is doubling the native 120Hz refresh rate of the panel.

LG 37CS560 Review     
37" 1080p LCD HDTV

At $450 the LG 37CS560 is a pretty solid deal for a 37" TV. It has traditional CCFL fluorescent backlighting, however we have long been fans of LG's LCD TVs all they way back to the thorough testing we did on the LH55 series a couple years ago. One of the highlights for this TV is the Triple XD engine that is new for 2012. This model will run through early 2013. Oh, forgot to mention - it has full 1080p resolution. No 3D or Smart TV.

2012 Models

Panasonic TC-L37E5 LED TV Review     
37" 1080p LED HDTV

The TC-L37E5 has about everything but 3D compatibility and it is still reasonable at around $499. It has super wide horizontal viewing angles and great brightness from the LED backlighting. The screen is clear coat, which gives good color and depth for and LED/LCD.

Vizio E371VL Review     
37" LCD TV

This solid little 1080p LCD from Vizio sells for around $399 and has good HD picture quality performance with good color rendition. No 3D or Smart TV.

LG 37LK450      Editor's Choice: Value
37" LCD Television

Everyone is on the the latest and greatest 3D TVs and LED TVs, but dont underestimate some of these excellent little LCD TVs for delivering the best value (along with plasma) in the marketplace. From past reviews and viewing at CES we know that this TV has a strong picture performance at a value oriented price. This is a value oriented 60Hz, 1080p full high definition LCD TV that does not have the upgraded 120Hz feature. That features has never been our favorite.

Panasonic TC-L37U3     
37" LCD TV

In the U3 Panasonic is using the same panel they are using on their LED backlit TVs but with CCFL. They call the technology their IPS Alpha Panel. Panasonic says, "The IPS Alpha technology delivers a wide viewing angle with almost no picture degradation at off angle viewing, a higher moving picture resolution during fast action scenes, and a clear, bright image. Due to the structure and high transmittance of the panel, an IPS Panel consumes less energy and produces a brighter, clearer picture."

JVC JLC37BC3000     
37" LED TV

The BlackCrystal series televisions have LED back lighting and 120Hz processing that JVC is calling CrystalMotion. It also features a color boosting technology named CrystalColor that will probably appeal to viewer who like a more saturated look. It has an auto diming mode for energy savings and a game mode that bypasses the picture processing to virtually eliminate input lag when playing games.

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Samsung LN37D550      Editor's Choice: Quality
37" LCD Television

Alongside it's high end LED TVs and Plasmas, Samsung continues to offer series of affordable, quality CCFL backlit LCD televisions. They may not have all the bells and whistles you'd expect in a flagship television but they offer good picture quality and nice aesthetics at competitive prices. Rather than looking at a subpar TV from a second tier manufacturer that packed with features you probably won't use, we'd suggest looking at Samsung's different LCD TV lines.

Vizio E370VT      Editor's Choice: Price
37" LCD TV

The E series are Vizio's entry level line of Razor LED edge lit LCD televisions. They come in a wide variety of sizes and trim levels. Although they lack some of the features of the higher end models, like internet connectivity and higher refresh rates, they have the same thin, modern design as the other Razor LED TVs.

TCL 43" Roku TV
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Sony 65" 4K LED
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LG 55" 2017/2018 OLED TV
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TCL 55" 4K LED
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