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Best 2018/2019 70-75" TVs Editor's Choice for Quality, Value, and Budget

Our Top Recommended 70 to 75 inch LED Televisions


(chosen by editors Robert Wiley, Jack Burden and Phil Conner)

Below are our top recommendations for the super large 70 to 75 inch category of TVs for the year. We've sourced these from our own review experience and believe in the quality and value offered. Our editors perform thorough testing of all types of TVs throughout the year to come up with our Top Recommended lists which have received noted acclaim and attention from multiple media organizations.

Sony XBR-75X850E
Editor's Choice: Best Price

At $2700 the Sony X850E gives you lots of great features including some of the best processing in the business to upgrade those standard def and 1080 signals to 4K resolution. Has HDR wide color gamut as well.Read Review

Samsung UN75MU8000
Editor's Choice: Best Value

This Samsung model gets you almost all of Samsungs best picture quality features. The MU8000 has a wide color gamut for HDR, 4K resolution and some excellent new chip sets for processing. We highly recommend the MU8000 over the 6-series Samsungs in this large sized TV.Read Review

Editor's Choice: Best Quality

If you want the absolute best picture quality at any price, the LG OLED TVs are the way to go. Black levels, color, and contrast will blow you away.Read Review

Best of 2016

Samsung UN75KS9000
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

The “S” in the model number stands for Super UHD. It's a high end Samsung with a very wide color spectrum to take advantage of future HDR content. Excellent black levels for an LED 4K TV. Color is super vibrant. Retails for around $5800.Read Review

LG 75UH8500
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

The UH8500 series from LG has an attractive price and loads of features including 3D compatibility, HDR compatibility, and a great 4K upscaling engine. Priced at only $3200.Read Review

Sony XBR-75X850D
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

This is the replacement for one of the top quality models from last year from Sony. You will want the native 120Hz panel in a TV this large. It has a great processing engine and keeps the price reasonable. It competes very well with the best value Samsung and LG models.Read Review

Vizio D70U-D3
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

Color and light flow through are surprisingly good on this inexpensive Vizio D series model. The Smart TV function works well, and the unit has extremely low gaming input lag. It comes in 60 or 65 inch sizes. It's only $1300. Read Review

Samsung UN78JU7500 4K UHD
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

This massive 78” curved 4K from Samsung has a great picture and 4K upscaling owing to such enhancements as the ultra clear pro panel which allows excellent ligtht flow through and little glare from in-room lighting. It's also great for gaming. Around $5000. Read Review

Sharp LC-70UE30U 4K UHD TV
Editor's Choice: Best Value

Sharp is known for their larger screen products. There are several upgraded picture quality features including a glass front panel rather than the typical plexi-glass that helps add deeper color, and picture depth. $2199. Read Review

Vizio M70-C3 4K UHD
Best Value Runner Up

The new M-series Vizio does an exceptional job of upconverting 1080p content. Edges are clear and detail greatly enhanced by the resolution as it should be. Read Review

Vizio E70-C3
Editor's Choice: Best Budget Model

Although we much prefer the higher 4K resolution in this large size this 1080p Vizio has the essentials covered for a price of $1299. Read Review

Top 70"+ LED and LCD TV Recommendations 2014

Sony KDL-70W850B     
70" LED TV

The KDL-70W850B is Sony's attempt to satisfy those who are looking for large format screens with plenty of top tier picture quality features. It's the 2nd best 2014 Sony LED TVs get without stepping into 4K or OLED territory.

Sharp LC-70EQ10U     
70" LED TV

The Sharp LC-70EQ10U LED TV is a small step down from the SQ15 series, but offers quite a strong value. The Quattron+ for 4K playback and active 3D features have been left out, leaving behind a quality Full HD display with Smart TV features for many hundreds of dollars less.

Samsung UN75H7150     
70" LED TV

The UN75H7150 75 inch LED TV is a top contender for 2014 when it comes to picture quality and the feature set. You get the super fast 240Hz panel for fast motion images and panning smoothing. This model replaces the F7100 series last year and contains a feature rich set without going overboard.

LG 70LB7100     
70" LED TV

The 70LB7100 is a mid-tier LED TV with plenty to offer in terms of picture quality in a big screen package. Local dimming, called Micro Pixel Control, helps to boost the overall contrast in images. It is part of the Triple XD picture processing engine and is called TruBlack Control.

Top 70"+ LED and LCD TV Recommendations 2013

Sony KDL-70R550A     
70" LED TV

This model is possibly a replacement for the EX640 series from last year though with many changes. It's the 3rd tier quality and feature-wise in Sony's 2013 and early 2014 lineup. For starters, this is the first year Sony has produced passive 3D TVs.

Vizio E701i-A3      Editor's Choice: Price
70" LED TV

The E701I-A3, is one of the larger LED TVs Vizio has released this year. Why should you be interested? Most TVs released at this size include 3D features. This one doesn't. The E701I-A3 left 3D behind but didn't skip on picture quality or online connectivity. The 1080p 120Hz LED backlit picture is going to impress when it comes to movies and sports alike.

Samsung UN75F6400      Editor's Choice: Value
75" LED TV

The native 120Hz panel on the UN75F6400 is necessary for reducing motion blur for fast action, especially on a set this large. You are much more likely to notice slight imperfections in the picture on a 75 inch screen. The 120Hz upgrade is going to smooth fast action and side to side panning to create images with greater clarity.

Sharp LC-70LE757U      Editor's Choice: Value
70" LED TV

The LC-70LE757UU has a black brushed aluminum metal bezel framing. It's classy and I like the feel of the solid metal. The frame is even thinner this year and Sharp has named it the Ultra Slim Aluminum design. The matte finish leaves no annoying reflection from in-room light.

Vizio M701d      Editor's Choice: Value
70" LED TV

The M701d is the second largest LED TV in the M series for 2013/2014. It's got all of the features of the 80 inch version, but in a smaller package for a massive $2,000 less. That makes its quite the value when you consider the amount of screen for the price.

Samsung UN75F8000      Editor's Choice: Quality
75" LED TV

The 75 inch UN75F8000 represents the largest size in the top tier model from Samsung's 2013-2014 LED TV line. Aside from its impressive size you can expect loads of features like improved Smart Interaction through new voice recognition software and a quad-core processor to help speed Smart TV functions.

Vizio M801d     
80" 3D Smart LED TV

Vizio has entered the large screen market with the M801d LED TV for the 2013/2014 lineup. 80 inches is as big as it gets for the M series, and it's an impressive TV. As usual Vizio aims to push the boundries of technology and value. This one is loaded with picture quality features, Theater 3D, a smart TV platform, and an updated appearance.

Top 70"+ LED and LCD TV Recommendations 2012

Sharp LC-70LE847U (also 845U)

At just shy of $3000 you can get one of Sharp's top models in the 70 inch size. This model has a higher Hz rate (240) and processing speed than the lower Sharp 70 inch models below. This will more of a difference to you on a screen this large. The price is still reasonable for a “near the top” technology model. Side Viewing angle is a deficiency.

Sharp LC-70LE640U

You can save $750 or so from the above model on the 70LE640U which sells for around $2250. It's got a few negative characteristics and the picture is a bit flat, but it will fill your room with a super bright LED backlit TV. Great for HD sports viewing.

Samsung UN75ES9000 LED TV

At almost $9000 the UN75ES9000 75 inch LED TV is not going to light up the value spectrum. But it will light up your room with a fantastic picture. It's a top of the line LED TV with some outstanding picture performance characteristics. I was very impressed by the side angle viewing quality this year as opposed to previous years and even with an extremely vivid image displayed on the screen I could not detect any screen backlight uniformity issues with this TV. Samsung makes this happen by separating the picture into hundreds of parts and pieces and changing the amount of backlighting from the LEDs.

Sharp LC70LE745U 120Hz

This model falls in between the two Sharp models listed above, another solid 70” value offering at around $2400. It has a higher Hz rate processing speed than the LE640U and a nicer metal frame. The peak whites on this TV are a plus especially for brightly lit rooms.

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