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Best 32 inch TV 2019/2020, Editors Choice, 4K LED

32" LCD and LED TV Top Recommendations for 2019/2020

(chosen by editors Jack Burden and Phil Conner)

Below is a thorough listing of available 32" LCD and LED TVs model for the year based on reviews by our editors and recommended based on price, quality, and value.

TCL 32S305
Editors Choice Best Value

The 32S305 is probably the best deal in the market at $169. Buy 3 instead. Black levels and contrast are surprisingly good and the Roku OS is always a treat.Read Review

Best of 2016

Vizio D32-D1
Editors Choice Best Value

Another great value option from Vizio, it has clean image edges and great color and 1080p resolution. It has nice Smart TV options included for only $229.Read Review

LG 32LH550b
Editors Choice Best Value

Another good option is this solid little LG model. It's better for darker rooms.Read Review

Sharp LC32LE653U 1080p
Editor's Choice: Best Value

This nice little Sharp model sports 1080p resolution and a $277 price tag. We like Sharp's reliability.

Vizio E40C1 1080p LED
Editor's Choice: Best Budget Model

We like the Calibrated mode picture setting for either bright room or dark room on these cool little Vizios. Makes life simpler. Read Review

Samsung UN32J6300 1080p
Editor's Choice: Best Quality

This is one of the highest end 32” TVs in the market for this year. It's 1080p and has a quad core processor for Samsung's Smart TV function as well a more expensive/nicer panel. Read Review

Samsung UN32J4000 720p
Editor's Choice: Best Budget Model

This simpler and much less expensive Samsung is also reliable and worth a mention if you are a Samsung fan. At only $217 it's a good deal. Read Review

Best 32" LCD TVs for 2014

Samsung UN32EH5000      Editor's Choice: Price
32" Edge Lit LED-LCD TV

rice/Value is the main focus of this model and at $249 for a 32” 1080p LED TV that is quite an offer. We were surprised Samsung elected to include 1080p resolution with this model as most discount basic 32” LED models that compete are only 720p. However, the basic 60hz processing speed does apply even though Samsung applies their CMR (clear motion rate) technology to enhance processing speed (using LED edge it manipulation) to CMR 120.

Samsung UN32H6350      Editor's Choice: Value
32" Edge Lit LED-LCD TV

The bump to a quad core processor for speedy Smart Hub functionality is the most important while thinner bezels around the screen add to the aesthetic value. The only differences between this one and the the H6400 series above it are the lack of 3D playback, microdimming, a lower Clear Motion Rate, and the Smart Touch remote.

Vizio E320i-B2    Editor's Choice: Price
32" Smart LED TV $278

Black levels are somewhat flexible with the Black Detail advanced picture setting. It adds some much needed contrast and three dimensionality and colors pop a little more, so I made a rare exception and used the Black Detail on the high setting. The built-in wifi allows for instant access and plenty of speed for HD content streaming.

LG 32LB5800    
32" Smart LED TV

The 39LB5800 goes pretty light on the picture quality features, but that is a trade-off for keeping the cost down. The LB5800 is really aimed at shoppers looking to score a deal for a decent sized LED backlit TV. Since it is a backlit TV we see good levels of brightness and contrast.

Samsung UN32H5500     
40" Edge Lit LED-LCD TV

The rehashed Smart Hub platform on the Samsung 2014 lineup is included on the UN40H5500. What's new? Mainly the interface. It has received an upgrade reminiscent of the tiled interface found on tablets and smartphones use. Navigation is the main focus. It is an intuitive upgrade that really makes the whole experience a better one.

Best 32" LCD TVs for 2013

Toshiba 32L2300U    Editor's Choice: Price
32" LED TV $309

The 32L2300 drops all internet functionality of the L4300 but keeps the same stylish design. The price sees a significant drop as well. LED backlighting used in this model does a lot to improve the overall picture quality. It is most obvious in the peak whites and brightness. This is a great choice for those not looking for a TV fully loaded with features.

Samsung UN32F4000
32 inch LED TV

The F4000 is a direct replacement of the EH4000 from last year. The profile is about half of what it was last year. That's probably the first thing to be noticed. It's a budget model, so 720p and 60Hz are about as flashy as it gets. The price is hard to beat.

Samsung UN32F5500    Editor's Choice: Value
32" LED TV $399

The F5500 bears a close resemblance to the ES5300 series from last year. Many of the picture quality features have been dropped in favor of the Samsung's smart TV platform. That's what really makes this a value model. The Smart Hub ends up being the star feature of the 32F5500 with the interface was the main focus of the upgrade. It will remind many of the tiled interface found on tablets and smartphones.

Sony KDL-32W650A     Editor's Choice: Quality
32" LED TV $649

This is a special 32-inch LED from Sony. The W650A only comes in the 32" size and it is fully featured. You get the Sony Entertainment Network, passive 3D playback, full HD resolution, and much more. There aren't many other TVs out there like it, so there won't be much competition for the fully loaded class of smaller TVs.

LG 32LN5300    Editor's Choice: Price
32" LED TV

The 32LN5300 has LED backlighting for increased brightness and performance and also has 1080p resolution. All the top tier features like faster refresh rates, smart TV, and 3D have been stripped in order to make this a value offering. The picture from this TV tops any off-brand 32 inch model in the market.

Vizio M321i    
32" Smart LED TV

The 120Hz processing does a good job at smoothing fast action and motion blur. There is some programming where this feature will produce unwanted effects, but a quick disabling of the feature will solve that problem. The faster processing panel is also great for games that involve a lot of camera movement.

Samsung UN32F6300
32 inch LED TV

The F6300 is one small step down from the F6400. The differences are micro dimming and 3D playback. It holds a 120Hz refresh rate over the head of the F5500 in the lineup below it. The F6300 is designed for the sweet spot between too many features and not enough. It's a great choice for gaming and sports.

Vizio E320-A1    Editor's Choice: Price
32" LED TV

The LED backlighting is the reason for a decent picture quality on the E320. You may not be getting a full 1080p HD picture, but it is hard to see the benefit of a full HD picture on a 32 inch screen. If you want this to be a computer monitor, that's where you will see a loss in performance due to the 720p resolution.

Vizio E320i-A0    
32" Smart LED TV

he Vizio E320i-A0 comes with wifi right in the TV so you don't have to worry about finding a long enough Ethernet cable. It connects to the Vizio Internet Apps (V.I.A.) quickly and easily once you scan for an active wifi network. Vizio's smart TV platform gets you to all of the apps that you'll find on a lot of the other smart TV platforms.

Best 32" LCD TVs for 2012

Panasonic TC-L32C5     
32 inch LCD TV

This very inexpensive model from Panasonic is a basic no frills 32" LCD TV with 720p resolution. It is striving for that competitive price point offering. It should provide a good solid price for performance. - see the full review of the Panasonic TC-L32C5

Panasonic TC-L32X5     
32 inch LED-LCD TV

This unusual little 32" model has an updated appearance from the 32C5 and provides an LED IPS Panel which gives you LED backlighting which especially handy in brighter rooms. The Price point is still attractive. - see the full review of the Panasonic TC-L32X5 LED-LCD TV

LG 32CS460     
32 inch LCD TV

This may seem like your basic 32" LCD traditional backlit 32" TV but it has a nice clean design and the Triple XD Video Engine for better up-conversion and processing. The design is also nice and clean. - see the full review of the LG 32CS460 LCD TV

LG 32CS560      Editor's Choice: Value
32 inch LCD TV

This step up from the CS460 still gives a great price point and nice design but it also provides full HD 1080p resolution which will serve you better when viewing high resolution programming. The price should be competitive for a 1080p panel with the new Triple XD video engine. - see the full review of the LG 32CS560 LCD TV

Samsung UN32EH5000      Editor's Choice: Quality
32 inch LED TV

This LED backlit LCD TV is a good value step up for those looking for brighter LED backlighting. It also has the Smart TV Internet TV options to allow all of the online access you get with top models from Samsung. The difference between it and the slightly higher line 32EH5300 is that the Hz rate remains at 60Hz. - see the full review of the Samsung UN32EH5000 LED TV

Sony KDL-32BX330     
32 inch LCD TV

Sony does not produce many lower end 32" TVs but this should be a good well priced 720p, traditional CCFL type LCD TV for 2012. You get a no frills TV with Sony's ability to produce very functional products with exceptional quality. - see the full review of the Sony KDL-32BX330 LCD TV

Toshiba 32C120U      Editor's Choice: Price
32 inch LCD TV

This model replaces Toshiba's 32C110 which is a popular 2011 model. It has a few upgrade features such as the Audessey speakers for better sound quality and an Auto Brightness Control which helps with on-screen lighting depending on your room light conditions. - see the full review of the Toshiba 32C120U LCD TV

Samsung UN32EH5300     
32 inch LED TV

If you want to go premium in the 32" size frame this will be one of the top feature models for 2012. It has all of Samsung's Smart TV and Smart Hub features for 2012 and also upgrades the Hz rate to 120Hz for smoother processing of fast action scenes. - see the full review of the Samsung UN32EH5300 LED TV

Best 32" LCD TVs for 2011

Samsung LN32D450      Editor's Choice: Value
32 inch LCD TV

See our Review The 2011 D450 line of LCDs from Samsung replaces the C450 line. These are a line of small, 720p, 60Hz, CCFL backlit LCDs. We found the picture quality of the C450 series to be rather good for a line of budget TVs and think the LN32D450 would make an excellent TV for the bedroom, kitchen, office or student dorm room. The D450 can also double as a computer monitor but the 720p resolution will feel a little low in the larger models.

Sony KDL32EX720     
32 inch LCD TV

"I'm a big fan of the appearance of this TV. It has a piano black satin finish rather than high gloss which looks refined and expensive. The framing bezel is only an inch thick and the bottom of the panel remains minimalistic and does not have the gray strip from last year. The EX720 is only 1.68" deep and that includes a small flange that sticks out from the back bottom. 95% of the TV is only 1" in depth." - Robert Wiley, see the full review of the Sony KDL-46EX720

Panasonic TC-L32C3      Editor's Choice: Price
32 inch LCD TV

In the C3 Panasonic is using the same panel they are using on their LED backlit TVs but with CCFL and in a 720p version. They call the technology their IPS Alpha Panel. Panasonic says, "The IPS Alpha technology delivers a wide viewing angle with almost no picture degradation at off angle viewing, a higher moving picture resolution during fast action scenes, and a clear, bright image. Due to the structure and high transmittance of the panel, an IPS Panel consumes less energy and produces a brighter, clearer picture."

Toshiba 32C110U     
32 inch LCD TV

The C110 series from Toshiba are a line of affordable 720p televisions available in a range of smaller sizes. A PC input allows the C110 series to double as a PC monitor and Toshiba's Photo Frame feature turns the C100 series into a digital picture frame displayig your photos in a customizable slide show.

Gaming mode bypasses the picture processing to lessen the input delay often associated with HDTVs. This feature is a must for console gamers or gamers using the C110 series as a PC monitor.

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