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Toshiba Net TV and Enhanced Net TV Internet Apps

by Nancy de Jonge, Contributor

Taking a different perspective in how it approaches Internet TV, Toshiba has created two levels of its internet TV offerings, available on select Toshiba LED and 3D TVs. Streamlined internet channels are available on its platform, along with Yahoo!'s internet channels available through Yahoo! Connected TV platform.

Toshiba Net TV offers users access to many free applications, including Flickr, facebook, Picasa, Pandora and Twitter. A far greater channel line up is available with Toshiba Enhanced Net TV programming, including Netflix, You Tube, Pandora and also access to the Yahoo! Connected TV platform which provides streamlined apps like NBC, USA Today, eBay, CBS, Blockbuster and Yahoo! News, Weather and Finance.

We played with the UI (user interface) for both of these services at CES and can attest that they are intuitive for the user and sync directly with their internet accounts. Set up to add apps or access your facebook account, for example, are self-explanatory and can be quickly updated. Toshiba is a little behind its peers in the number of channels available to users, but they do have the most highly used channels and its partnership with Yahoo! for its internet tv platform should quickly bring them to a level playing field.

We anticipate that down the road, Toshiba may consider offering upgrades from its Net TV offering to its Toshiba Enhanced Net TV, expanding channel access to more Toshiba HDTV set users, but for now, there are 10 Toshiba HDTVs with Internet TV:

Toshiba Enhanced Net TV is available on both the 3D Toshiba models, including the 46WX800U 3D TV and 55WX800U 3D LED TV. Toshiba Enhanced Net TV is also available on the 55VX700U LED TV and 46VX700U LED TV.

Users looking for Toshiba Net TV, it is available on the 40UL605 LED TV, 40UX600U LED TV, 46UX600U LED TV and 55UL605 LED TV.

Two tweaks to Toshiba's internet TV offerings are the Toshiba 55UX600 LED TV series, which comes with Toshiba Net TV and YouTube, and the Toshiba 46UL605 LED TV series, which comes with Net TV and Netflix.

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