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Samsung 52" and 50" TV

Below is a current list of Samsung TV models available in the 52" size. This list of models contains LCD, LED and 3D televisions. Some of the below models have been reviewed by our editors. Televisions are graded for picture quality, features and value then assigned an overall score. Models that are not reviewed will have commentary on the TV's features such as 3D capability, inputs, refresh rate, internet connectivity and more. For models available on the market there will be a price comparison window and specifications for the television will also be available.

2016-2017 Models

Samsung UN49KU7000
Samsung UN49KU7500FXZA
Samsung UN50KU6300

2015-2016 Models

Samsung UN50JS7000
Samsung UN50JU7100
Samsung UN50JU6500
Samsung UN50J6300
Samsung UN50J5500

2014-2015 Models

Samsung UN50H5500
Samsung UN50H6203
Samsung UN50H6350
Samsung UN50H6400
Samsung UN50H8550

2013 Models

Samsung UN50F7100
Samsung UN50F6800
Samsung UN50F6400
Samsung UN50F6300
Samsung UN50F5500
Samsung UN50F5000

Samsung LN52C750
This line of TV's offers many of the features of the high end LED backlit with a traditional CFL backlight and a lower price.

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