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Samsung 60" TV

Below is a current list of Samsung TV models available in the 60" size. This list of models contains LCD, LED and 3D televisions. Some of the below models have been reviewed by our editors. Televisions are graded for picture quality, features and value then assigned an overall score. Models that are not reviewed will have commentary on the TV's features such as 3D capability, inputs, refresh rate, internet connectivity and more. For models available on the market there will be a price comparison window and specifications for the television will also be available.

2016-2017 Samsung Models

Samsung UN60KU6300

2015-2016 Samsung Models

Samsung UN60JS7000
Samsung UN60JU7100
Samsung UN60JU6500
Samsung UN60J6300

2014-2015 Samsung Models

Samsung UN60H6203
Samsung UN60H6350
Samsung UN60H6400
Samsung UN60H7150

2013 Samsung Models

Samsung UN60F8000
Samsung UN60F7500
Samsung UN60F7100
Samsung UN60F6400
Samsung UN60F6300

2012 Sasmsung Models

Samsung 60" UN60ES8000
This is Samsung's top of the line for 2012, the 60 inch UN60ES8000. Lots of new features abound and include a cool new remote which includes a QWERTY keyboard and (so far) Google's new TV search function.

Samsung 60" UN60ES7500
This edge lit LED's picture is characterized by the clear coat screen which allows for much better transparency than many of the other manufacturers LED models that have a hazier, more opaque anti-glare screen.

Samsung 60" UN60ES7100
Samsung has added the massive 60" size to some of their better LED models for this year. This is the 3rd tier offering from Samsung for 2012 in their edge lit LED LCD category arsenal.

Samsung 60" UN60ES6500
This middle of the the road model from Samsung enetered the market in the Spring of 2012 and replaces the UND6300 series from last year.

Samsung 60" UN60ES6100
At $1899 the 60" 60ES6100 brings the goods in features and picture with 3D. It's a value oriented model for those that want a lot for their money.

Samsung 60" UN60ES6100
At $1899 the 60" 60ES6100 brings the goods in features and picture with 3D. It's a value oriented model for those that want a lot for their money.

Samsung 60" UN60EH6000
The incunbent clear coat screen technology that the UN60EH6000 contains is one of our favorites for 2012.

2011 Samsung Models

Samsung 60" UN60D7000
This is Samsung's first year to produce a 60" LCD TV and they do so here with the LED backlit D7000. This model is second in line this year behind only the D8000 series in features and specifications - containing almost all the premium features of that model. It does not have the built in web browser that is inlcuded in the D8000 and that's one of the only differences. Without that though the QWERTY remote control is much less useful. The D7000 is only a slight step step from the D8000 with a different look and most of the same features as the 8000 at less of a price. It does lack the web browser that's built into the 8000 but still has access to the App Store and many streaming content providers.

Samsung 60" UN60D6400
The D6400 represents the entry level in Samsung 3D LED LCD TVs, don't let the entry level tag throw you, this TV is packed with many top of the line features such as Smart TV internet capability and built in WiFi. Additionally this 60" LCD TV has picture quality characteristics that are the same for standard definition picture quality except that there is a bit more judder with the 240Hz Automotion feature turned off. Not turning it off yields an unnatural looking picture though so we strongly recommend turning it off for anything but HD quality source material. The second drawback is common to most LED-LCDs is a degrading of contrast at side viewing angles.

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