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LG LCD/LED TV, 4K UHD TV, OLED TV Models and Reviews 2015

By , Robert Wiley, and Phil Conner

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LG EG9600 4K OLED Series  

These EG9600 is the curved 4K OLED for 2015. The curve is mainly an aesthetic touch that doesn't impede upon picture quality. You also get the WebOS 2.0 smart TV features and the excellent Magic Remote.
LG 77EG9700, LG 65EG9600, LG 55EG9600

LG EF9500 4K OLED Series  

These EF9500 isn't the top tier 4K OLED for 2015, but the picture quality doesn't suffer one bit. Color reproduction and contrast are just amazing. You also get the WebOS 2.0 smart TV features and the Magic Remote.
LG 65EF9800, LG 65EF9500, LG 55EF9500

LG UF7700 4K UHD Series  

These UF7700 series is one of the better priced 4K LED TVs in the market this year. The series tosses some of the fancier features like the speakers and cinema screen design, but keeps many of the picture quality features for an outstanding image. A great large format value seires.
LG 70UF7700, LG 65UF7700, LG 60UF7700

LG UF7600 4K UHD Series  

These UF7600 series is one of the better priced 4K LED TVs in the market this year. Think of them as copies of the 7700 series above it, but in smaller sizes. The series tosses some of the fancier features like the speakers and cinema screen design, but keeps many of the picture quality features for an outstanding image.
LG 55UF7600, LG 49UF7600, LG 43UF7600

LG UF6700 4K UHD Series  

These UF6700 series is one of the lowest priced 4K LED options that LG has to offer this year. This series is similar to the 7600 above it, but with a lower TruMotion refresh rate. Many of the picture quality features are still present for a solid 4K image.
LG 55UF6700, LG 49UF6700

LG LF6300 1080p LED TV  

These LF6300 series is top tier 1080p TV for 2015. It has great picture quality from the IPS panel and a very compelling feature set that includes the fun Magic Remote and has the Web OS 2.0 system for Smart TV.
LG 65LF6300, LG 60LF6300, LG 55LF6300, LG 49LF6300, LG 43LF6300, LG 40LF6300

LG LF6100 1080p LED TV  

The LG LF6100 series loses many features to keep the cost down. What you get it decent picture quality and a bare bones Smart TV experience. As a step down from the LF6300 series, these do not have the IPS panel or the fully featured WebOS smart TV package.
LG 60LF6100, LG 55LF6100, LG 50LF6100

LG UB9800 Series  

These UB9800 series top tier 4K LED TVs offer the incredible combination of the best picture quality features, smart TV features, and built-in sound quality. 4K upscaling for 1080p content, HDMI 2.0, and the HEVC video codec ensure you get the most out of this 4K screen.
LG 84UB9800, LG 79UB9800, LG 65UB9800

LG UB9500 Series  

These UB9500 series is LG's middle of the road 4K LED aiming to be an affordable option while keeping many of the top tier features. The 4K IPS LED panel mixed HDMI 2.0 and 4K ready digital codecs make for an impressive picture that is ready and waiting for 4K content.
LG 65UB9500, LG 55UB9500

LG EC9300 Curved OLED  

The EC9300 is a curved 1080p OLED TV. It is only 1080p but the picture technology brings out better black levels and more briliant color compared to lower end 4K TVs for that reason.
LG 55EC9300

LG EA8800 Gallery OLED  

The EA8800 is a flat 1080p OLED TV. The gallery frame housing 100 watts of speaker power make it unique and eye pleasing. It certainly isn't the cheapest 55 inch TV on the market today, but prices for the best picture technology continue to drop.
LG 55EA8800

LG UB8500 Series  

These UB8500 series top tier 4K LED TVs offer the incredible combination of the best picture quality and smart TV features. Smaller screen sizes and a downgraded speaker system bring prices down to make this a value 4K option.
LG 55UB8500, LG 49UB8500

LG LB7200 Series  

These 7200 series mid-tier LED TVs offer the right combination of picture quality features and smart TV connectivity. Local Dimming is one of the best picture quality features, while the Magic Remote is the star of the Smart TV platform.
LG 65LB7200, LG 55LB7200

LG LB7100 Series  

These LB7100 series mid-tier LED TVs is very similar to the LB7200 series above it, but large screen formats are offered. These have the IPS panel (Not on the 70-inch), passive 3D, WebOS platform, and Magic Remote included.
LG 70LB7100, LG 65LB7100, LG 60LB7100

LG LB6500 Bundle  

The LB6500 is the same TV as the LB6300, but it comes with a few extras. A flat wall mount, 2 HDMI cables, and a screen cleaning kit are in the box. Also, the excellent IPS panel and the WebOS powered smart TV remain for a great value.
LG 47LB6500

LG LB6300 Series  

These LB6300 series are very similar to the LB7200 series with a few minor cutbacks. Local Dimming and the super slick cinema screen design are gone. The excellent IPS panel (not on the 50-inch) and the WebOS powered smart TV remain for a great value.
LG 65LB6300, LG 60LB6300, LG 55LB6300, LG 50LB6300, LG 47LB6300, LG 42LB6300,

LG LB6100 Series  

These LB6100 series are a step down from the LB6300. What you get is a standard backlit LED TV with a slimmed down version of LG's Smart TV of the past. The IPS LED panel and WebOS smart TV features have been left out to bring the price down a good bit.
LG 60LB6100, LG 55LB6100, LG 50LB6100, LG 47LB6100

LG LB5900 Series  

These LB5900 series is a step up from the LB5800 series. The refresh rate is 120Hz, and the screen size offerings are biggerThese are attractive value TVs for anyone shopping on a budget.
LG 60LB5900, LG 55LB5900, LG 50LB5900, LG 47LB5900

LG LB5800 Series  

These LB5800 series is a step down offering from the LB6100. The refresh rate is dropped down to 60Hz due to the smaller screen sizes. These are attractive value TVs with limited Smart TV features built-in.
LG 47LB5800, LG 42LB5800, LG 39LB5800, LG 32LB5800

2013/2014 LG LCD and LED Televisions

LG 55EA9800 Curved OLED TV  

The EA9800 uses the WRGB system, where white OLEDs are used with red, green, and blue sub-pixels to produce the image. Samsung's RGB display format uses three independently colored OLEDs to reproduce the image.
LG 55EA9800

LG LA9700 Series  

The LA9700 series is LG's primere 4K LED TV series for 2013/14. The most interesting feature here is the slide out sound bar that is only visible when the TV is powered on. That is included out of the box and the price reflects that. Nano Full LED technology provides micro dimming for an even better picture.
LG 65LA9700, LG 55LA9700

LG LA9650 Series  

The LA9650 is the second round of 4K LED TVs from LG this year. The feature set has been slightly stripped to bring the price down a few notches. The slide out sound bar and the full array LED backlighting have been taken out. The 4K screen is bright and produces super crips pictures.
LG 65LA9650, LG 55LA9650

LG LA8600 Series  

The LA8600 series is LG's top of the line TV if you aren't counting the OLED or 4K UHD TVs for 2013/14. This series features local dimming LEDs and a retractable built-in camera for video conferencing. It looses the Google TV connectivity of the GA7900 but the entire LG Smart TV suite and the enhanced Magic Remote with voice recognition are included.
LG 60LA8600, LG 55LA8600

LG GA7900 Series  

New for 2013, this top-tier line of LED telvisions from LG features Google TV, Cinema 3D, and the Cinema Screen design. The Cinema Screen brings the aethetically pleasing design of a borderless picture. Also included is the second generation of the magic remote with a QWERTY keyboard and enhanced Google search features.
LG 55GA7900, LG 47GA7900

LG LA7400 Series  

The 7400 series from LG is a slight step up from the 6900 series below it. They share many of the same features except the 240Hz refresh rate. If fast action is on your TV most of the time you may want to look here. It comes equipped with all the standard Smart TV features as well as built-in Wifi and an included Magic Remote.
LG 60LA7400, LG 55LA7400, LG 47LA7400

LG LA6900 Series  

The 6900 series is one step down from the 7400 series. That really just means the TVs implement a 120Hz panel instead of an upgraded 240Hz panel. It is a mid-teir model that has all of the Smart TV features as well as an updated Magic Remote in the box.
LG 55LA6900, LG 50LA6900, LG 47LA6900

LG GA6400 Series  

New for 2013, this mid-tier line of LED telvisions from LG features Google TV and Cinema 3D. A second generation of the magic remote with a QWERTY keyboard and enhanced search functions thanks to Google are added as well. Screen sizes range from 42 to 60 inches.
LG 60GA6400, LG 55GA6400, LG 50GA6400, LG 47GA6400, LG 42GA6400

LG LA6200 Series  

This versatile entry into LG's 2013/2014 lineup is the lowest series you'll find equipped with 3D capabilites. It is probably the most middle of the road you can get, so expect to find these value models with attractive prices. Features like the 2.1 speaker system are missing and the Magic Remote is an optional accessory.
LG 60LA6200, LG 55LA6200, LG 50LA6200, LG 47LA6200, LG 42LA6200

LG LN6100 Series  

This is the top model in LG's 2013/2014 lineup without 3D capabilities or the Cinema Screen design. The Magic Remote is also an optional accessory. That means this 60 inch model is going to be a great value model in a very competitive size class.
LG 60LN6100

LG LN5700 Series  

The LN5700 series is a step down from the LA6200 series of LED TVs from LG. It drops the 3D capabilities and makes the Magic Remote and voice recognition optional. It can be added if one decided to purchase the remote. It's a nice option to have to expand the usability of the TV. The dual core processor and upgraded GPU were not dropped, so this series turns out to be a pretty good value.
LG 55LN5700, LG 50LN5700, LG 47LN5700, LG 42LN5700, LG 39LN5700, LG 32LN5700

LG LN5400 Series  

The LN5400 series is going to be the go-to TV for those not interested in 3D or Smart TV functions. The Magic Remote is not even an accessory here. This one is all about the picture. Its got a 1080p display and a 120Hz refresh rate for fast action and sports. Sizes range from 42 inches all the way up to 60 inches.
LG 60LN5400, LG 55LN5400, LG 50LN5400, LG 47LN5400, LG 42LN5400

LG LN5300 Series  

Value is the name of the game where the LN5300 series is concerned. This is the best 1080p 60Hz TV of the LG 2013/2014 lineup. Most of the bells and whistles like Smart TV, the Magic Remote, and 3D have been stripped to keep the cost low. The top quality picture on these models is really the selling point.
LG 42LN5300, LG 39LN5300, LG 32LN5300

LG LN4500 (4510) Series  

These budget direct lit LED TVs are the bottom of the line for the 2013/14 lineup. They provide a 720p (1080p on the 22"), only 1 HDMI, and a few options for connecting external media. The sizes are less than 30 inches and are ideal for smaller room situations.
LG 29LN4510, LG 26LN4500, LG 24LN4510, LG 22LN4500

2014 LG LCD and LED Televisions


The EC9800 is the top tier TV in LG's 2014 lineup. This UHD OLED brings some of the best picture quality around to the table. Consider the added value of LG's excellent smart TV platform and this is a well rounded package. It certainly isn't going to win any value awards though.
LG 77EC9800


The EC9700 is very similar to the top tier 9800 series, but just in a smaller package. The smaller package is in place to keep the price down to almost 'reasonable' levels. Prices may remain high, but for UHD resolutions and a curved OLED screen LG seems to be on the right track.
LG 65EC9700, LG 55EC9700

2012 LG LCD & LED Televisions

LG EM9600 Series  

First of all, there is no back light in the EM9600. OLEDs produce their own light. That means black levels are top notch in this TV. The EM9600's picture is not affected by viewing angle or ambient brightness either. Contrast and color deterioration are basically non-existent due to the RGBW display LG uses in this set.
LG 55EM9600

LG LM9600 Series  

New for 2012 this high-tier line of LED telvisions from LG feature full array local dimming lighting the 1080p, 480Hz panel. Passive Cinema 3D returns for 2012 as does the Magic Wand remote and Smart TV features. The new look of LG's 2012 LED televisions will impress with the ultra-slim 5mm bezel.
LG 84LM9600, LG 60LM9600, LG 55LM9600, LG 47LM9600

LG LM8600 Series  

This 2012 Cinema 3D model also features the new 5mm bezel for a single pane of glass look that remains one of our favorites. The 1080p, 240Hz panel is LED edge lit and the online Smart TV features can be controlled with the cool, motion sensitive Magic Wand remote.
LG 55LM8600, LG 47LM8600

LG LM7600 Series  

Another new line of LED televisions for 2012, LG's LM7600 series is impressive looking right from the get go. The bezel measures only 5mm so the entire front of the TV appears to be one beautiful sheet of glass. The 120Hz, 1080p LCD panel is edge lit with LEDs for a slim depth to match the slim bezel.
LG 55LM7600, LG 47LM7600

LG LM6700 Series  

The LM6700 is another set of 120Hz, 1080p LED telvisions from LG for 2012. It features LG's online functionality that they refer to as Smart TV and it includes the fun Magic Wand remote control. Gamers will certainly appreciate Dual View which uses the Cinema 3D to let both players use the full screen when gaming together on the same TV.
LG 55LM6700, LG 47LM6700

LG LMG860 Series  

The G in the model number of the new for 2012 LMG860 series means that it includes Google TV along with the Smart TV functionality found in other LG LED Televisions. The LMG860 has an LED edge lit 1080p, 240Hz LCD panel and includes a new version of the Magic Remote that has a full QWERTY keyboard.
LG 55LMG860, LG 47LMG860

LG G2 Series  

The G2 series also comes equipped with Google TV in addition to the online Smart TV feature. A new Magic Wand remote with a full keyboard eases typing when using the Chrome browser or the extensive search functionality. The G2 is a 1080p, 120Hz LCD panel with LED edge lighting.
LG 55G2, LG 47G2

LG LM6200 Series  

LG's LM6200 series is a mid tier line of 3D, LED back lit LCD televisions available in 6 sizes ranging from 32" all the way up to 65". The LM6200 features LG's passive Cinema 3D technology, the motion sensitive Magic Wand remote and access to more than a thousand apps via the Smart TV. The LM6200 does not have the ultra thin bezel that the upper tier models do.
LG 65LM6200, LG 55LM6200, LG 47LM6200, LG 42LM6200, LG 32LM6200

LG LM5800 Series  

The LM5800 series is a line of LED back lit LCD TVs for those who want 3D but do not want to pay for Smart TV features. The LM5800 is a 1080p, 120Hz LCD panel with Cinema 3D passive 3D. It is available in 3 sizes, 42" - 55". There are no online features and it does not include the Magic Wand remote but the lack of those features puts the LM5800 at a lower price point.
LG 55LM5800, LG 47LM5800, LG 42LM5800

LG LS5700 Series  

If you are interested in online connectivity but do not want to pay for 3D then the LS5700 series from LG should interest you. It is the same 1080p, 120Hz panel as the 5800 series but it trades the passive Cinema 3D for the online connectivity features of Smart TV and the motion sensitive Magic Wand remote. It comes in sizes from 42"-55".
LG 55LS5700, LG 47LS5700, LG 42LS5700

LG LS4600 Series  

If you are interested in bright LED backlighting at a value-oriented price point but do not give a care about online connectivity Internet options or 3D then the LS4600 series from LG should interest you. It comes in sizes from 47"-55".
LG 55LS4600, LG 47LS4600

LG CS570 Series  

The majority of LG's 2012 models have LED back lighting but they are still producing some lines of CCFL (fluorescent) back lit LCD televisions. The CS570 series are 1080p LCD panels with fluorescent back lighting and that puts them in a budget price bracket. The CS570 comes in two sizes, 47" and 42".
LG 47CS570, LG 42CS570

LG CS560 Series  

The CS560 is another line of fluorescent back lit LCD televisions. These 1080p models don't have many bells and whistles but the 3 sizes in the CS560 line (42"-32") have good picture quality and very affordable pricing. These budget line models can be either a primary TV or a good bedroom model.
LG 42CS560, LG 37CS560, LG 32CS560

LG CS460 Series  

LG's CS460 series is available in only one size, 32 inch. This model is a 720p panel that strips out most features to be priced at a point very friendly to your wallet. 720p resolution is still HD and most cable and satellite programming is still broadcast in 720p so the resolution in a TV this size isn't an issue.
LG 32CS460

2011 / Early 2012 LG LCD and LED Televisions

LG LW9800 Series  

This is the flagship Cinema 3D model from LG. It is a 480Hz LED back lit LCD television with full array local dimming. The true back lighting has 200 dimming ones for the ultimate in smooth picture. At around a half inch in depth it looks almost as good off as it does on.
LG 55LW9800

LG LW6500 Series  

The LW6500 features LG's passive Cinema 3D technology and has the full SmartTV suite as well as the cool and fun Magic Wand remote. It is in the middle of the LG 3D LED line up.
LG 65LW6500, LG 55LW6500, LG 47LW6500

LG LV5500 Series  

The LV5500 are 1080p LED TVs that include LG's SmartTV Internet TV feature and the motion sensitive Magic Wand remote. They are 120Hz panels and LG's App Store features over 120 online applications.
LG 55LV5500, LG 47LV5500, LG 42LV5500

LG LV3700 Series  

The LV3700 are 1080p LED TVs that include LG's SmartTV Internet TV feature, they do not include the Magic Wand remote but it can be purchased separately.
LG 55LV3700, LG 47LV3700, LG 42LV3700

LG LK530 Series  

LG's new LK530 series continue their line of affordable, quality LCD televisions. There are 4 screen sizes available and these feature LG's improved internet TV service, Smart TV.
LG 55LK530, LG 47LK530, LG 42LK530, LG 32LK530

LG LK520 Series  

LG's LK520 series contains all the features of the LK530 but without the internet connectivity. These LCD TVs will come in at a lower price than the LK530 if internet options are not of interest to you.
LG 55LK520, LG 47LK520, LG 42LK520

LG LK450 Series  

Everyone is on the the latest and greatest 3D TVs and LED TVs, but dont underestimate some of these excellent little LCD TVs for delivering the best value in the marketplace.
LG 42LK450, LG 37LK450, LG 32LK450

LG LK330 Series  

This is a value oriented 720p resolution (HD but not full 1080p HD) 60Hz small LCD TV that should deliver dependable picture performance at a value oriented price.
LG 32LK330, LG 26LK330, LG 22LK330

2010 LG LCD & LED Televisions

LG LE8500 Series  

The LE8500 series from LG doesn't have the ultra thin 8.5mm bezel of the LE9500 or the 480Hz processing but it does have all the other features such as local dimming TruLED technology and wireless HD capability.
LG 55LE8500, LG 47LE8500

LG LE5500 Series  

The new for 2010 LE5500 series from LG brings local dimming LED backlighting to smaller sized TVs. The TruLED technology will enhance the performance of the 1080p LCD panel and LG's Picture Wizard will walk you through setting it up for optimum performance.
LG 55LE5500, LG 47LE5500, LG 42LE5500

LG LE5300 Series  

LG brings the slim profile, energy efficiency and better picture performance of LED edge lighting to smaller screen sizes with the LE5300 line of LED TVs. The 37 and 32 inch sizes are full HD 1080p panels that feature LG's TruMotion 120Hz.
LG 37LE5300, LG 32LE5300, LG 26LE5300, LG 22LE5300, LG 19LE5300

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