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Below is a listing of the current Coby LED & LCD TV models. The higher the green dot rating beside each series, the more features and higher the price of that series. Each individual model is listed below the name of the series and that model number link will take you directly to the individual TV product page where you will find information such as a commentary by our editors on the features, pricing by online authorized dealers, and if that particular model has been reviewed by our review staff it will have ratings on picture quality, features, and value.

Coby LCD Models

Coby 26 Series  

The LED back lit 26 is a step up from Coby's CCFL back lit LCD TVs. They feature 1080p panels and come in a variety of sizes. All models are meant to be able to double as a PC monitor and inlcude the requiered connections.
Coby LEDTV4026, Coby LEDTV3226, Coby LEDTV2426, Coby LEDTV2326, Coby LEDTV1926

Coby 25 Series  

Coby offers the 25 series as a line of budget priced 720p televisions available in a variety of sizes. The 720p panel is CCFL backlit and all the 25 series contain a VGA input so the units can double as a PC monitor.
Coby TFTV3225, Coby TFTV2625, Coby TFTV2325, Coby TFTV2225, Coby TFT1925, Coby TFTV1525,

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