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32" TVs with LED Backlighting, 1080p Televisions Best Prices and Deals

Selected by Jack Burden

Below are listed some of the best available 32" TVs with LED backlighting. Sometimes LED backlighting causes these smaller 32" Televisions to be out of moderate price ranges and you end up paying a lot per viewing inch. But the following models represent a pretty good value in this price category. There is no other feature, not even 1080p resolution that causes higher prices in these smaller TVs than LED backlighting. That said, almost all of the 32" televisions with led backlighting also have 1080p high definition resolution rather than 720p.

Vizio Razor E320VP

The E series are Vizio's entry level line of Razor LED edge lit LCD televisions. They come in a wide variety of sizes and trim levels. Although they lack some of the features of the higher end models, like internet connectivity and higher refresh rates, they have the same thin, modern design as the other Razor LED TVs.

Samsung UN32D6000 32" LED Television

We have also performed a thorough review of this TV. Though it's a bit pricey above $600, it's one of the only 32" televisions you will find with a clear coat screen. This ads depth and 3-dimensionality to the picture as well as better black levels, contrast and other attributes – though it does still suffer like the other LCD televisions from viewing angles that degrade in contrast. See our full review for the benefits.


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