Pros and Cons to 32" and 26" LED or CCFL Flourescent Backlit LCD Televisions

by Phil Conner

Obviously, pricing is one of the major considerations here. LED backlighting is still just a bit too expensive in my opinion. It's difficult to justify that 40 to 100% increase in price for the same size TV.

So a major advantage to 32" CCFL Flourescent backlit 720p TVs is their price. They can actually be pretty good from a picture standpoint as well.

Disadvantages to these low priced TVs are their often poor viewing angles with contrast degrading from the sides. They also do not have the peak black and white levels found especially in the clear coat led screen technology panels. Another disadvantage to them is that they are not packaged as attractively with much deeper depth and plastic stands.

Advantages to the LED backlit variety of 32" TVs is flip side of the above factors. They can have better peak brightness which works our well in brightly lit rooms. They also have 1080p resolution and better packaging aesthetic appearance. They can also be razor thin at only .8" in depth.

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