32" LCD Television or 32 Inch Flat Screen TV Resolution | Do I need 1080p or 720p?

by Phil Conner

Another consideration we did not discuss in the above article is whether or not you need or want 1080p resolution in a 32" screen size TV. In my opinion it's overkill and for most purposes 720p (1366 X 768) resolution should be all you need. Only if this is your primary viewing TV and it will be used a whole lot maybe 3 hours or more a day would I consider putting the extra money into a 1080p resolution and LED backlight 32" TV. The extra cost of between $200 and $300 is just hard to justify in my mind. The total viewing area of the TV does not warranty the increased resolution or backlight power.

After all 720p is still a high definition signal and with much programming you just will not be able to see the difference. So suffice it to say that we do not feel that in most instances the extra cost is worth it. I will say however that the 1080p, LED backlit models do have a much better aesthetic appearance and build quality even though I do not believe this will necessarily make them last any longer.

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