Value Considerations about Price and Features for 32" TVs and 32" LCD Television

by Phil Conner

Does one really need the latest and greatest features for a 32" TV? The answer to whether or not you need Internet TV capability or 120Hz rate or LED backlighting lies probably in how much you will watch this TV and whether it is the primary TV in your home. If it is the primary TV, then you may want to consider these features. If the 32" television is a second or third TV for a kids area or workout room or has another use, then these extra features will not get you much in the way of value for price and performance.

Consider LED backlighting. It certainly is brighter but and can deliver far superior contrast ratios, but on a 32" inch TV the viewable size is wel... 32 inches diagonally. Thus, it's really not going to make a tremendous difference. I would put this difference in viewing quality between a well made 32" LED TV and the same quality 32" LCD flourescent backlight TV at around 15%. Not a tremendous amount for what may be a $200 spike in the price. That would equate to around 40% increase in price for a 15% gain in quality. This is just one consideration but it's the type of scenario I would think about.

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