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Top 10 Discount and Budget TV (LCD or LED TVs) for 2019/2020

Our 10 Top Recommended Budget and Discount LCD and LED TVs

by Jack Burden

Even though there are many more discounted LCD TVs on the market today, there is no reason to have to give up quality to get a great deal. Many top tier manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic, Samsung, Sharp and others have discounted entry level LCD TV models which still have the same or near premium picture quality.

Below are our Top 10 Discount LCD TVs that we recommend currently in different sizes:

Discount LCD TVSome features on LCD TVs are not overly important and are good places to save money, while other features are. Picture quality is one feature not to compromise on. And within the picture quality category there are several features which should be taken very seriously even when purchasing a discount variety of LCD TV. A few of these are the black levels, the viewing angle, dark shadow detailing and color rendition, among others.

Deep Black Levels are critical for creating colors that pop and appear vibrant and realistic.

Viewing Angle is very important because viewers are not always seated directly in front of the television. With many discount second tier manufactured LCD TVs - off angle viewing is compromised and this causes a decrease in contrast which makes the picture appear hazy, reduces black levels, and generally degrades the picture image.

Have you ever watched programming on an LCD with poor Dark Shadow Detail? When this happens, the dark gray or dark colored image material often turns to black. This decreases all those levels of gray that are supposed to appear in the picture to create detail in shades of color.

Color rendition is so obviously important due to the fact that correct color information reproduces images as the show director intended. Have you ever seen a picture with oversaturated color information? In this case, color in images appears psychedelic and unnatural. What we want with color reproduction is natural realistic flesh tones, blues, greens and reds.

Aside from Picture Quality aspects there are some other considerations that are very important such as audio quality, menu functionality, aesthetic appeal (appearance), and input capability. All of these considerations can be extremely important. Have you watched TV and been able to hear music and background volume fine, but cannot clearly understand the dialog of the program? This is a problem with the LCD TVs audio output capabilities.

Below are our Top 10 Discount LCD TVs that we recommend currently in different sizes:

Discount LCD TVAfter taking a look at these important quality considerations and deciding on the LCD TV of choice, think about where to purchase the TV. You will want to make sure that the dealer has a return policy that allows you to return the TV if need be within 30 days. There are many unauthorized dealers with poor return policies and high restocking charges. But just as the same as the affordable models from top tier branded LCD TVs, there are many good solid authorized dealers that also sell LCD TVs at a discounted price.

We screen the resellers on our web site and limit them to only those that are reputable and authorized – and have good return policies. An authorized dealer will have the best return policies and give you the best service since they are under manufacturer guidelines to do so. If you click on the LCD TV that you want to purchase either from our manufacturer product pages or from our where to buy list you will find authorized dealers with great prices.

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