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55" and 52" LCD/LED and 4K TV

Top Recommended 52" and larger LCD and LED Televisions for 2015


(chosen by editors Robert Wiley, Jack Burden and Phil Conner)

55" is a very popular size in LCD and LED TVs and these are the models that we feel comfortable in recommending for 2015. If the particular television wasn't reviewed by us this year we make a determination based on previous models in that series and on the overall performance of the brand. In our review testing lab we look for consistency in a brand and model series in many categories such as Picture Quality from both standard definition and HD resolution. We look for good features and aesthetic appearance with a solid working platform from the menu and remote control.

2014 Recommendations

Samsung UN55HU8550 Editor's Choice: Quality
55" LED TV

The UN55HU8550 4K LED TV from Samsung is their top of the line TV that has the standard flat design. The HU9000 above it gets the curved design and a few more picture quality features. An important thing to note is the flat design keeps the price down. You still get some of the best picture quality from an LED TV, and it's 4K.

Samsung UN55H6400
55" LED TV

The UN55H6400 offers a few extra features over the H6350 below it. The small step gets you some pretty hefty feature upgrades. 3D functionality and the new touch remote for 2014. The touch remote adds voice control, which we found to work pretty well last year.

LG 55LB6300
55" LED TV

The 55LB6300 has plenty of picture quality features, though many were dropped that are on the LB7200 above this one. Still, the LB6300 is a solid buy for value TV shoppers. The IPS panel is one of the most important picture quality features due to all the benefits it brings. We've seen these in Panasonic LED TVs before, and the improvements are excellent. Side viewing anlges are improved as well as light flowthough.

Samsung UN55H6350 Editor's Choice: Value
55" LED TV

The Samsung UN55H6350 replaces the F6300 series from last year. There aren't too many upgrades from last year. Some of the most important include the quad core processor for speedy Smart Hub functionality and thinner bezels around the screen. The only differences between this one and the the H6400 series above it are the lack of 3D playback and the Smart Touch remote.

Vizio E550i-B2 Editor's Choice: Price
55" LED TV

Vizio's 55-inch entry into the basic lineup of LED TVs has seen some attractive upgrades for 2014. The price is one of those attractive features as well. The E550i-B2 features full-array LED backlighting instead of the edge-lit variety we have seen in the past. The 55 inch size has 12 zones of Active dimming for enhanced contrast.

2013 Recommendations

Samsung UN55F8000 Editor's Choice: Quality
55" LED TV

New for 2013, the UN55F8000 LED TV focuses on many of the same aspects as the 8000 series from last year. The Smart TV functionality recieved a major overhaul with voice and getsture controls greatly benefiting. The LED backlighting is very powerful, so contrast is very strong. Standard definition programming also looks great on this LED TV.

LG 55LA7400
55" LED TV

The 55LA7400 is a direct replacement of last year's 55LM7600. Picture quality on the LA7400 is very strong with great dark shadow detail which is not overshadowed by good black performance. Passive 3D performance is some of the strongest out there. For those mainly interested in 3D playback, this is a great choice.

Panasonic TC-L55DT60
55" LED TV

Panasonic's 2nd tier LED TV shares the same attractive design of the top tier plasma. The IPS LED panel is one of the best features. It really improves side viewing angles, brightness, and response time. The Touch Pad remote is included, but not the built-in camera. The DT60 features the full Viera Connect smart TV platform for tons of streaming content and apps.

Samsung UN55F7100 Editor's Choice: Value
55" LED TV

The F7100 is a few steps down from the top tier F8000. This one has found the right balance between features and value. It is the replacement for the ES7100 from last year. The picture quality on the UN55F7100 is almost as excellent as the F8000 series (we've reviewed them side by side) and the key to this is that it has the same panel with clear coat screen and similar contrast.

Vizio M551d      Editor's Choice: Value

The 55 inch Vizio M551d LED edge-lit TV is a fantastic value for the size class. It's got everything a top of the line TV from other manufactures have. Passive 3D, 240Hz processing, local dimming, an updated appearance, and tons of smart TV functionality.

LG 55LA6200 Editor's Choice: Value
55" LED TV

The 55LA6200 replaces the LM6200 series from last year and has a pretty similar feature set. The Magic Remote is an optional accessory and the Cinema Screen design is missing. Otherwise, the full LG Smart TV platform, great passive 3D, and the solid picture quality are present.

Vizio E551i
55" LED TV

The Razor LED design give it a super slim appearance with a metal frame and stand to boot. Vizio has also slimmed the bezel around the picture so you get more picture for the actual physical size of the TV. This design brings Vizio's TVs an updated appearace that will shine in every living room.

Sony XBR-55X900A

This is one of the smaller UHD LED TVs to come out this year. There is a strong sound system implemented here as well. These two things work very well together to create an immersive experience. It's fully feature packed with 3D, Sony Entertainment Network, and lots of connectivity options. It's pretty expensive, but Sony really put a lot into this one to make it worth it.

2012 Recommendations

Samsung UN55ES8000      Editor's Choice: Quality
55" LED TV

Though it is edge lit and not full array (LED) local dimming like some of the other top LED TVs out there for 2012, we know this TV is a top performer from our thorough review of its predecessor (the 55D8000) and from the new features such as Micro Dimming (a local dimming design from edge lit LED) and the new Smart Interaction feature which promises to be fun if nothing else. The 2D and 3D picture quality and design components leave nothing to be desired either.

Samsung UN55ES6580     

The UN55ES6580 is a more value oriented offering from Samsung which has great picture components like the Micro Dimming technology, dual core processor, and 480Hz frame rate conversion speed while foregoing the top end features that add lots of cost such as the top end design, and smart interaction feature. Of course, you still get a very attractive TV, active 3D, and all the Smart Internet TV options.

Sony KDL-55HX750      Editor's Choice: Value

The KDL55HX750 has one small difference from the top end 55HX850 in that it has a 480Hz equivalent refresh rate compared to 960Hz in the 850. It also has less zones of local dimming � but the fact that it has full array local dimming at all is pretty miraculous as this is a difficult technology to produce and it does a great job of establishing screen uniformity and avoiding problems with off angle viewing. Picture quality is the name of the game and the looks are nice too.

Toshiba 55L6200U      Editor's Choice: Price

The will be a great value LED TV for 2012 with the new �aero� design. It is only a step down from the 7200 in that it has 120Hz refresh rate rather than 240Hz. It incluedes a QWERTY keyboard remote control. Feature-wise it is hard to beat. It has passive rather than active 3D and glasses included. The price is very good. There is also a new sound system. Side angle viewing may be an issue.

Panasonic TC-L55DT50     
55" LCD TV

This 55" LED TV from Panasonic has full 1080p active 3D to each eye and high speed scanning. The 55DT50 has edge lit rather than full array local dimming. The looks are also stunning with a .25" silver frame similar to LG and Samsungs.

LG 55LM8600     
55" LCD TV

The next model down from LG is the 55LM8600 which has almost all the top end features but the full array local dimming. It is passive 3D like all of LG's 3D LEDs but has super side viewing angles an that incredible appearance from the .2� framing bezel. I'm personally not a fan of the stand, too avant-guarde for my living room.

LG 55LM6700      Editor's Choice: Value
55" LED TV

It's easy to recommend the 55LM6700 from LG. It has many of the best less flashy features and is the lowest priced model from LG to have the super high tech looking .2� framing around the screen that is so attractive. It also has passive 3D, 120Hz processing (which is so close to 240Hz you probably would not notice the difference. It also has the new dual play passive 3D gaming enabled along with full Internet Smart TV options. You get it all for a great price since there are some higher end LG's with hyped up features.

Samsung UN55EH6000      Editor's Choice: Price

Another great budget option that will only run around $1400 � you get the full Internet suite, and good solid clear coat quality picture performance (with 120Hz) without the 3D, and other fancier features. Appearance is good � not great.

Best 52" and 55" LCD TVs for 2011

Sharp LC-52LE830U     

The LE830 is the replacement for the popular LE820 series from Sharp's 2010 lineup. The TV contains all the best edge lit picture quality features that Sharp has except the panel is 120Hz instead of 240Hz. It is designed for those that want the best picture and a great looking set, but do not care about 3D TV inclusion.

Samsung UN55D7000      Editor's Choice: Quality
55" LED TV

The UN55D7000 uses a 1080p, 240Hz LCD panel with LED edge lighting, the edge lighting is capable of local dimming for increased contrast in dark scenes and better contrast than LED or LCD televisions with constant back lighting.

Samsung's D7000 LED backlit (via edge lighting) LCD TV is clearly one of their best, with top end features and a slightly lower price point than the D8000. It's available in 60 inch, 55", and 46" sizes and has great attributes in the clear coat 3 dimensional screen with active 3D TV.

Sony KDL-55EX720     
52" LCD TV

"I'm a big fan of the appearance of this TV. It has a piano black satin finish rather than high gloss which looks refined and expensive. The framing bezel is only an inch thick and the bottom of the panel remains minimalistic and does not have the gray strip from last year. The EX720 is only 1.68" deep and that includes a small flange that sticks out from the back bottom. 95% of the TV is only 1" in depth." - Robert Wiley, see the full review of the Sony KDL-46EX720

Samsung UN55D6300      Editor's Choice: Value
55" LED Television

The UN55D6300 is another in the extensive 6 series lineup of LED edge-lit LCD televisions. The picture quality is a strong highlight, especially for an edge-lit model and for the first time we weren't diving for the remote to shut off the 120Hz feature. It is decidedly better on the 2011 Samsung LEDs and this is the first year we don't recommend turning it off for all viewing. When viewing some sources it is noticeable but for the most part it's a huge improvement.

Another 2011 improvement in Samsung's line-up is the Smart TV feature, the whole system works better and it is faster and more user friendly. The menus are easier to navigate and the Samsung App store shows improvement in the same area. See the full review and video review of the D6300

LG 55LK520      Editor's Choice: Price
55" LCD TV

Everyone is on the the latest and greatest 3D TVs and LED TVs, but dont underestimate some of these excellent little LCD TVs for delivering the best value (along with plasma) in the marketplace. From past reviews and viewing at CES we know that this TV has a strong picture performance.

We've advised users in the past to turn off the 120/240Hz feature when watching film and broadcast based video content, and our sentiments remain the same. It introduces too many unnatural artifacts. After doing so however there are some very nice picture attributes to this TV including good black levels, natural beautiful colors, and plenty of dark shadow detail.

Toshiba 55TL515     
55" LCD TV

Adoption of the Toshiba 55TL515 will be interesting as the TV has lots of compelling features but in Toshiba's passive 3D format and edge lit local dimming. Viewing angles on the TL515 are superior to that of the SL417 due no doubt to the enhanced local dimming technology employed during viewing. .

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