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15" LCD TV

Our Top recommended 15 Inch LCD Televisions for 2012


(chosen by editors Robert Wiley, Jack Burden and Phil Conner)

Below is a listing of 15" LCD and LED TVs that we feel comfortable in recommending for 2012. Our Quality award goes to the TV in this size category which has the top end Picture Quality as well as the best feature set. Price and value are not necessarily considered. Our Price award goes to the TV with solid performance on Picture Quality but not necessarily a robust feature set. And our Value Award goes to the TV which has the best combination of picture quality, features set and price.

2012 Best 15" LCD TVs

Coby LEDTV1526      Editor's Choice: Value
LED 15" TV 720p

This unit from Coby can be used as a TV or computer monitor. It has a 15-pin VGA input as well as an HDMI input. All this for $79, wow what a price. It's not 1008p but in this size do you need it?

Coby TF-DVD1595      Editor's Choice: Value
15" 720p DVD Combo

At $149 a price you cant go wrong. With Coby's TF-DVD1595 15 In. 720p LCD HDTV with DVD Player crystal-clear HD picture meets complete digital entertainment. This TV incorporates the best features for television and movie viewing in a single system, with dual tuners for great reception of standard and digital television broadcasts, integrated slot-loading, HD-upconversion DVD player. Sound quality is not great. Consider some speaker hookups.

2011 Best 15" LCD TVs

Coby TFTV1525     

Coby offers the 25 series as a line of budget priced 720p televisions available in a variety of sizes. The 720p panel is CCFL backlit and all the 25 series contain a VGA input so the units can double as a PC monitor.

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