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Best LCD TV - LCD TV Buying Guide Reviews Top HDTVs of 2019

Top rated recommendations in different size categories for our Best of LCD TV list for 2017.

By (with Robert Wiley and Phil Conner)

The following list is based on quality, value, price and feature categories for LCD TVs. We test a large number of LCD TVs every year and specialize in understanding the recurring strengths and weaknesses of LCD TV manufacturers. Though we have not tested each and every model, we feel comfortable in recommending these models based on our experience and the quality/price analysis. Our Best of LCD TV list is compromised of our editors choice recommendations from each size category of LCD Televisions.

Scroll down to find the size category you are searching for and then click on the check price button for prices and specifications. This Best LCD TV lists from 32" to 65" in size.

2015 Models

Samsung UN50JU6500 50" 4K LCD TV     

The JU6500 4K LED TV from Samsung is one of the best priced 4K offerings from Samsung but still has some good features like Smart TV offerings, UHD Picture Dimming, a quad core processor, HEVC 4K streaming decoding, and a contrast enhancer. Though the 6500 has 4K UHD resolution, it rivals 1080p TVs of the same size from a year or two ago in price, one of its best features. Also available in 48", 55", and 60" sizes.

Samsung UN55J6300 1080p LED backlit LCD TV 55"     

The J6300 is the top of the line 1080p LED TV in the 2015 lineup at this point. Brilliant LED­edge lighting, Samsung Smart Hub, Micro Dimming Pro, and an attractive thin bezel appearance make this a solid choice for those not seeking a 4K TV yet. It's very reasonably priced with very good picture quality. Also available in 65", 50", and 60" sizes.

Vizio M60­C3 60" 4K LED LCD TV     

The Vizio M60­C3 is a value oriented 60 inch 4K LED TV that we were eagerly awaiting. The M­series has 32 active zones of full array backlighting compared to the 64 on the P­series 4K Vizio. With excellent pricing, full array backlighting, and very good upscaling, this Vizio presents a great value. Kick in the Smart TV options and you have a full package. Also available in 70", 55", 50", and 43" sizes.

LG 55LF6300 1080p LED­LCD TV 55"     

The LF6300 scored surprisingly well in our recent HDTV shootout of 2015 models with a first place overall score and 26 points. Available in lots of sizes at great prices including the 60".

Sony XBR­49X830C 4K LED­LCD TV     

The Sony X850C and X830C are excellent 4K TVs from Sony at great value. Colors are realistic with lots of range. Also available in 43".

2014 Models

Samsung UN46H7150      Editor's Choice: Quality
46 inch LCD TV

See our Review The picture quality on the UN48H7150 is as good as it gets for a flat panel 1080p LED TV from Samsung this year. The H8000 is 1080p, but with a curved screen. The picture qualities are very similar (we've reviewed them side by side) and the key to this is the clear coat screen and similar contrast levels.

LG 55LB7200     
55 inch LCD TV

See our Review LG's Passive 3D is growing on me even more. I think it's about as good if not equivalent to active 3D now. The numbers work better for active (1080p to each eye) but when I view the 3D content I cant really tell the difference and the glasses are cheap, comfortable, and light.

Sony KDL-50W800B      Editor's Choice: Value
50 inch LCD TV

See our Review The X-Reality PRO processing engine and the 120Hz native refresh rate are the star features here. You get top quality images associated with the Sony brand as well as great refresh rates for live sports programming, gaming, and fast action.

Sharp LC-60UQ17U      Editor's Choice: Price
60 inch LCD TV

See our Review A bright and colorful picture is the highlight of the picture of the Sharp UQ17 series of LED TVs. The new Quattron+ color technology adds more subpixels to the display for a higher level of detail. Built-in upscaling works to provide a higher level of sharpness that a traditional 1080p screen can achieve.

2013 Models

Sony KDL-50R550A      Editor's Choice: Value
50 inch LCD TV

See our Review Sony went with larger size screens with its 2013 offerings as that trend has been hot with consumers. This is the first year Sony has produced passive 3D TVs, which with the KDL60R550A includes 4 pairs of 3D glasses.

Panasonic TC-L50ET60     
50 inch LCD TV

See our Review Side angle viewing in Panasonic's TC-L50ET60 had some great results. We would say the viewing angles are similar to the top tier Samsung F8000 in this arena. In fact Panasonic claims it to have a 178 degree viewing angle. That may be a stretch, but they are getting marching in that direction. Contrast and color are great at the front and center point, but slowly degrade as you move.

Sharp LC-60LE757U      Editor's Choice: Price
60 inch LCD TV

See our Review The LC-60LE757UU has a black brushed aluminum metal bezel framing. It's classy and I like the feel of the solid metal. The frame is even thinner this year and Sharp has named it the Ultra Slim Aluminum design. The matte finish leaves no annoying reflection from in-room light.

2012 Models

Samsung UN55ES6580      Editor's Choice: Value
55 inch LCD TV

See our Review Though the ES6500 will undoubtedly be the more popular unit. The ES6580 offers more value by way of 4 free pairs of 3D glasses and a Skype camera. This is a feature laden value model, that does not have the best picture available but delivers a solid one. It also eschews a lot of fancy features that ultimately delivery little value.

LG 55LM7600      Editor's Choice: Quality
55 inch LCD TV

See our Review It's not too inexpensive at $1899 but this TV has tons of features and a great picture from a clear coat screen with almost no bezel frame. Although the 55LM7600 does not have the premium LED backlighting package with local dimming, 3D content still looks good and color seems just as good on this set as the higher end models form LG for 2012. The Magic Remote works better for browsing than anything on the market.

Sharp LC-60LE847U      Editor's Choice: Value
60 inch LCD TV

See our Review For $2000 you get this massive 60" TV which is pretty loaded as well with 240Hz, 3D, and Smart TV features. Picture is good too except for side angles.

LG 47LM6200      Editor's Choice: Price
47 inch LCD TV

See our Review This one wont kill your wallet but still gets you almost all the best features and a good picture. The LG47LM6200 47” screen does not have the sleek new Cinema Screen design that the higher end LG LEDs for 2012 have. Instead it hs a 1.2” wide bezel frame and around a 2.2” depth of the panel- which is still slim enough to call thin and marvel at while hanging on the wall.

Toshiba 55L6200U     
55 inch LCD TV

See our Review This Toshiba model has lots for offer such as the new Aero design and a neat remote app for iPads or other mobile devices. The 55L6200U includes built in Wifi and a web browser for easy access to the Internet. Navigation is better as well due to a full QWERTY keyboard remote control with a typing pad.

Samsung UN60ES8000      Editor's Choice: Quality
60 inch LCD TV

See our Review This is the Mac-daddy for Samsung for 2012. It's loaded with features - many of which are just cool for novelty's sake. But the TV is great overall. The LED lighting in this top end LED-LCD is edge lit as opposed to the higher end but much more difficult full-array local dimming.

Samsung UN55ES7500      Editor's Choice: Quality
55 inch LED TV

The 55ES7500 is loaded with new features as well as keeping many of the best from last year including Smart TV, active 3D and best in class clear coat LCD front panel for added depth, detail, black levels, and excellent peak whites. Altogether enabling some of the best contrast on the market. At $2200 it's a TV you will constantly be amazed by the picture quality. The Smart Interaction features can be a bit trying and frustrating, but they are not necessary for operation.

LG 32CS460      Editor's Choice: Price
55 inch LED TV

This 32" 720p resolution traditional CCFL LCD TV has nice lines for a clean appearance. It's not as clunky looking as many of the inexpensive 32 inch TVs on the market. It comes in at a great price, just $279 from most authorized resellers. Picture quality suffers from the usual problems LCD TVs have like side angle viewing and lower contrast from the matte screen finish, but this one stands out because of its good price to value and quality ratio.

2011 Best LCD TV

Samsung LN32D450      Editor's Choice: Quality
32 inch LCD TV

See our Review The 2011 D450 line of LCDs from Samsung replaces the C450 line. These are a line of small, 720p, 60Hz, CCFL backlit LCDs. We found the picture quality of the C450 series to be rather good for a line of budget TVs and think the LN32D450 would make an excellent TV for the bedroom, kitchen, office or student dorm room. The D450 can also double as a computer monitor but the 720p resolution will feel a little low in the larger models.

Samsung LN40D630      Editor's Choice: Value
40 " LCD Television

Alongside it's LED TV series, Samsung continues to offer traditionally backlit LCD televisions. The D630 series replaces 2010's C630 series. We liked the C650 series a lot when we reviewed it and found it to be a great value with a great picture. The 630 line was the same as the 650 without internet connectivity features. This year the 630 includes WiFi and the new Allshare feature but it still doesn't go online.

Samsung UN46D8000 Editor's Choice: Quality
46" LED Television

For 2011 Samsung ups the ante in TVs again, their UN series LED TVs were immensely popular in 2011 and each one we reviewed was impressive in picture quality, appearance, feature set and overall quality. Replacing last year's C8000 series are the D8000 series and they are slimmer, lighter, better looking and loaded with even more features. It doesn't look like Samsung will be losing the TV crown in 2011.

Samsung UN46D6000     
46" LCD TV 1080p

In last years C6500 we noticed inconsistency across gray scales especially in blue tones. Those mistakes are corrected in the D6000. Color rendition in the D6000 is accurate, realistic and vibrant - all three traits we look for in color quality. In scenes from the Blu Ray version of Troy we noted greens and blues as spot on with the odd turquoise and gold uniform colors of the Spartans. Blacks appear inky and saturated from front and center. Dark Shadow detail is also above average. Color uniformity looked good to us except at side angles. See the full review and video review of the UN46D6000

Sony KDL46EX720     
46" LED Television

"I'm a big fan of the appearance of this TV. It has a piano black satin finish rather than high gloss which looks refined and expensive. The framing bezel is only an inch thick and the bottom of the panel remains minimalistic and does not have the gray strip from last year. The EX720 is only 1.68" deep and that includes a small flange that sticks out from the back bottom. 95% of the TV is only 1" in depth." - Robert Wiley, see the full review of the Sony KDL-46EX720

Samsung UN55D7000      Editor's Choice: Quality
55" LED TV

The UN55D7000 uses a 1080p, 240Hz LCD panel with LED edge lighting, the edge lighting is capable of local dimming for increased contrast in dark scenes and better contrast than LED or LCD televisions with constant back lighting.

These Samsung LED panels can get very bright and they produce rich, saturated color. Sometimes the colors can appear oversaturuated but many viewers like that look and broadcast and cable networks comply by oversaturating their content. Color leap off the screen but if you desire more realistic color you can use the wide variety of picture controls to tone down the appearace to one more suitable for your viewing.

Sharp LC-52LE830U     

The LE830 is the replacement for the popular LE820 series from Sharp's 2010 lineup. The TV contains all the best edge lit picture quality features that Sharp has except the panel is 120Hz instead of 240Hz. It is designed for those that want the best picture and a great looking set, but do not care about 3D TV inclusion.

Samsung UN55D6300     
55" LED Television

The UN55D6300 is another in the extensive 6 series lineup of LED edge-lit LCD televisions. The picture quality is a strong highlight, especially for an edge-lit model and for the first time we weren't diving for the remote to shut off the 120Hz feature. It is decidedly better on the 2011 Samsung LEDs and this is the first year we don't recommend turning it off for all viewing. When viewing some sources it is noticeable but for the most part it's a huge improvement.

Another 2011 improvement in Samsung's line-up is the Smart TV feature, the whole system works better and it is faster and more user friendly. The menus are easier to navigate and the Samsung App store shows improvement in the same area. See the full review and video review of the D6300

Sharp LC60LE830UN     
60" LED TV

Sharp's new X-gen LED panel with Quattron Quad pixel technology is impressing me more and more. Once you review as many TVs as we do, you get used to the most subtle differences in a TVs picture performance. What I am beginning to realize is that Quattron panels offer something more than your average LED TV. Not only are yellow and gold colors more acutely interesting, all of the colors pop more – but not with typical contrast enhancement. Maintaining a natural richness while improving color dynamics is a difficult task, and I am more and more a believer in this technology which I initially thought was a gimmick to be quite honest. The LC-60LE830 enjoys all the benefits of Sharp's best panels while foregoing some of the more expensive features.

Samsung UN65D8000      Editor's Choice: Quality
65" LED TV

Samsung's 8000 series LED TVs for 2010 feature 3D capability in a slim, contemporary design thanks to the LED edge lighting. Samsung's proprietary 3D system allows compatibility with multiple 3D formats to provide access to 3D content from many sources.

For 2010 Samsung continues to push the art of television design with new bezels and brushed metal frames along with new Touch of Color choices like "mystic earth". Also feature chrome and other inspired features Samsung aims to make the television a center piece in any room.

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