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Samsung UN55J6300 vs. LG 55LF6300 vs. Vizio E55­C1 HDTV 1080p LED Shootout 2015/2016


by , Jack Burden - Senior Reviewers

It's always fun to compare different levels of TVs to find out how much the more expensive and lesser expensive HDTVs differ in quality and features. The 3 models listed in this article are sure to be some of the most popular models of 2015 and early 2016 as value model 1080p LED TVs. As far as feature sets, these 3 units have similar options with the Samsung and LG having slightly richer offerings at a bit higher price. We also have performed a 15 category 4K Shootout comparison if you are in the market for a 4K UHD TV. It also consists of 3 excellent value choices.

We've compiled a list of what we think are the most important differentiating factors in testing quality of these 2015/2016 LED HDTVs and performed the following shootout based on our findings through some very thorough investigation.

Vizio E55-C1 LCD TV
A shot of the Vizio E55-C1 showing good picture depth and contrast

Picture Quality

1) Black Levels/Contrast

1st Vizio E55­C1– We were surprised to find the best black levels and contrast in the Vizio E­series. Blacks are deep and rich, which of course causes colors to pop more, thus the significant importance of contrast in picture quality.

2nd Samsung 55J6300 – Also a very strong result in contrast and blacks.

3rd LG 55LF6300 3 – Due to its use of IPS panel, the LG sacrifices some black level and contrast for better side angle viewing.

2) Color Rendition Calibration/Uniformity

1st Samsung J6300 – Wins the color category only slightly over the vizio. All three TVs calibrated easily to D6500 from the Movie settings. And all three TVs had poor uniformity from the LED backlights. The Samsung has brighter LED backlighting than the other two.

2st Vizio E55­C1 – Colors also really pop from the Vizio E­series.

3rd LG 55LF6300 – Due to its lower contrast, colors do not pop as much and are more subdued. They are very accurate though.

3) Side Angle Viewing Quality (20 degrees off center)

1st LG 55LF6300 – Due to its use of IPS panel, side angle viewing is much better with less loss of contrast and color saturation at angles. Not only is the viewing angle wider without losing saturation, the loss of saturation is less.

2nd Vizio E55­C1 – The Vizio is better than average among LED TVs, most likely owing to its full array rather than edge lit backlighting.

3rd Samsung 55J6300 – A definite weak point of the Samsung LED is a significant loss of contrast and saturation off angle.


Samsung UN55J6300 Smart LED TV
Light flow-through is a major strong point on the J6300

4) Upconverted Picture Quality from 480p and 480i Standard Definition

If you watch a lot of Netflix streaming or normal DVDs, this is still a very important category.

1st Samsung J6300 - This one performed the best in this category bringing the Tristan and Isolde DVD to life. The light throughput from the J6300 really makes the difference to create more color and contrast around and in images. This is a definite strength of the Samsung J6300.

2nd LG LF6300 - Also good solid upscaling and quality from the Triple XD picture engine.

3rd Vizio E55­C1 - The Vizio had a mediocre result when upscaling lower resolution signals. The picture quality with signals such as DVD, streaming video, and non­HD cable signals is not as crisp of defined as the other two.


5) Sound Quality

1st LG LF6300 - Clearly has the best sound quality of the three. Sound is richer, deeper with more bass and great clarity. Has better voice definition.

2nd Samsung J6300 - Better than it used to be. Does a good job at higher volumes, but voice and background noice separation are lacking.

3rd Vizio E55­C1 - The Vizio can really crank out the volume, but quality is lacking as distortion rises with volume.

3D Viewing Quality

None of the 3 TVs have 3D compatibility.

6) Best Wifi/ Internet Browsing

1st LG LF6300 ­ The LG LB7200 easily trumped in this area with the voice control assisting to quickly and accurately bring up almost anything we could think to say. A good test, "LCD TV Buying Guide" gave the voice command control no problems. I tried it twice just to make sure and it nailed it both times with the Bing browser pulling up the search results for our site perfectly. The Wifi connection was fine.

2nd Samsung J6300 – Slight delay initially on the Wifi. Does have a full web browser, but slower to utilize with standard remote.

3rd Vizio E­Series – Does not have a web browser. The Wifi connection is a bit weak initially at 40 feet.

7) Best Remote Control/ Menu System

1st LG LF6300 – The voice control and especially the point and click operation of the Magic Remote easily create a win for the LF6300. After a little getting used to, the Magic remotes point and click functionality is a speedy pleasure.

2nd Samsung J6300 – A versatile standard remote with clearly marked keys and easy operation.

3rd Vizio E­series – A standard remote with small keys, but easy menu and Smart TV system.

8) Appearance and Design Quality

The LG LF6300 has a heavy metal feeling charcoal black bezel, which looks and feels more expensive than the other two. All three have thin frames of about a half inch but Samsung's is better looking than Vizio's rounded off corners.

1st – LG 55LF6300

2nd – Samsung 55J6300

3rd – Vizio E­Series

9) Smart TV Options, Features, and Functionality

LG Smart TV
WebOS 2.0 makes it very easy to choose your apps without leaving what you are currently watching

1st LG 55LF6300 – The WebOS 2.0 by LG is fast, simple and pleasantly laid out and. It's also easy to customize your Smart TV page with your favorite Apps.

2nd Samsung UN55J6300 – Still really good and has one option the others do not in HBO Go.

3rd Vizio E55­C1 – The Vizio E­series is just trying to get the bases covered with the basic most popular Apps, which it does successfully.

10) Gaming Performance

1st Vizio E55­C1 ­ Surprising result from the Vizio which had easily the lowest input lag at 30ms in Game mode.

2nd Samsung UN55J6300 – The Game mode makes a huge difference in the input lag on the J6300. We measured input lag at 41ms for a good result.

3rd LG LF6300 ­ The LG registered to highest input lag at 65ms in Game mode.

Gaming on the Panasonic TC-P55ST60
Gran Turismo 5 displayed well on the Vizio E­series

11) Best Value

Our favorite category, Value requires lots of subjectivity and insights into all the various categories and how price enters into the equation. See the full review by clicking on the link for each model:

1st LG 55LF6300 – We've seen this TV as low as $799. It's the best deal at that price given the viewing angles, Magic Remote and excellent WebOS 2.0. Also, the aesthetic design appeal will be welcomed.

2nd Vizio E55­C1 – At $639 it's definitely got a compelling price for a 55" TV with adequate Smart TV options.

3rd Samsung UN55J6300 – Love the bright LED lights for a daytime room environment, as well as the good solid black levels. At $899 it's a bit behind when plugging the price in. Still a very good value choice.

1st Place LG 55LF6300 – 26 Points – See Full Review
2nd Place Samsung UN55J6300 – 22 Points – See Full Review
3rd Place Vizio E55-C1 – 17 Points – See Full Review


• 1st in each category = 3 points

• 2nd in each category = 2 points

• 3rd in each category = 1 point or zero if the feature is not available


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