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Sharp Aquos 32" TV

Below is a current list of Sharp Aquos TV models available in the 32" size. This list of models contains LCD, LED and 3D televisions, many models are reviewed or have editor commentary on the features. Specifications and pricing are also available.

2016-2017 Sharp Models

Sharp LC-32N3000U
Sharp LC-32N4000U

2012-2013 Sharp Aquos Models

Sharp 32" LC-32LE440U
This is the only line that will be produced in smaller sizes and has many of Sharp's features such as Aquos Advantage live support help from Sharp.

2011 Sharp Aquos Models

Sharp 32" LC-32D59U
The 32" LC-32D59U is a 720p LCD television without the features of the high end televisions but still offers good picture quality and looks at an affordable price point. At this small size 720p is not really a downgrade from 1080p unless the unit is being used as a computer monitor.

Sharp 32" LC-32D68UN
Apart from the numerous LED backlit LCD offerings from Sharp at CES they also announced some new traditional CFL backlit LCDs like the 32" LC-32D68UN. These 1080p LCDs features Sharp's Fine Motion 120Hz processing and dedication to energy efficient design.

Sharp 32" LC-32LS510UT
Sharp showed some small screen LED TVs at CES 2010. While most manufacturers stick to screen 40" and larger for LED backlighting Sharp is taking the new rage in backlights down to 19" TVs. The 410/510 series is 1080p in the 32" and 22" sizes and 720p in the 19".


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