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Vizio 60" and 65" LCD TV

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Below is a current list of Vizio TV models available in the 60" 65" sizes. This list of models contains Vizio LCD, LED and 3D televisions, many of the model lised have been reviewed by our editors and scored in the categories of picture quality, available features and value. If the television has not had a full review you will find editor commentary about the avilable features on the TV. Specifications for the TVs and comparison shopping are also available.

2016-2017 Vizio Models

Vizio D58U-D3

2014-2015 Vizio Models

Vizio P602ui-B3
Vizio P652ui-B2
Vizio E600i-B3
Vizio M602i
Vizio M652i

2013 60" and 65" Vizio Models

Vizio M651d

The Vizio M651d does a good job of balancing value with some hard hitting features that make it hard not to give this one a second look. It sells for $500 dollars less than the massive 70 inch M series TV above it, bringing it to the less than $2000 range. It features passive 3D, local dimming, and the V.I.A. smart TV platform.

Vizio E650i-A2

The LED backlighting provides decent picture quality on the E650i. The picture is plenty bright so peak whites are not a problem on this set. Colors are another strong point. The backlight helps to achieve vibrant colors that pop off the screen.

Vizio E601i-A3

The Vizio E601I-A3 is loaded with picture features to create a top quality image regardless of the content or room the TV is placed in. The Razor LED backlighting system is the driving force behind picture quality on this set. A refresh rate of 120Hz and a 6ms response time ensure smooth and stable images.

Vizio M601d

The Vizio M601d is the 60 inch entry into the M series lineup for 2013/14. It's a feature heavy set aimed at budget shoppers that want the most out of their dollar. You get passive 3d, a 240Hz panel, local dimming, smart TV, and a sleek design.

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