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Vizio 70" and 80" LCD LED TV

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Below is a current list of Vizio TV models available in the 70" and 80" sizes. This list of models contains Vizio LCD, LED and 3D televisions, many of the model lised have been reviewed by our editors and scored in the categories of picture quality, available features and value. If the television has not had a full review you will find editor commentary about the avilable features on the TV. Specifications for the TVs and comparison shopping are also available.

2016-2017 Vizio Models

Vizio D70-D3

2014-2015 Vizio Models

Vizio P702ui-B3
Vizio M702i
Vizio M801i

2013 70"+ Models

Vizio M801d

The 240Hz refresh rate is a great addition to the overall picture quality on the 801d. It works to smooth out fast motion and take care of that pesky motion blur. There are many situations where this extra push in image processing won't be needed, luckily it can be disabled.

Vizio M701d

Picture quality enthusiasts will be overjoyed with the included local dimming on the M701d. This feature aims to control brightness and contrast in specific areas of the TV. These separate areas of the screen are also called zones. 16 zones make up the local dimming effect on these LED TVs.

Vizio E701i

The Razor LED backlighting system is the highight of the picture quality on the E701I-A3. A refresh rate of 120Hz and a 6ms response time ensure smooth and stable images. This TV has a dynamic contrast ratio of 200,000:1 and 16.7 million colors to make for great picture reproduction.

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