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Kitchen TV

Our Top Recommended LCD TVs for your Kitchen

Below is our recommended list of LCD TVs for use in your kitchen. Many of the following TVs include a built in DVD player and a flip down screen for space saving purposes. If you like to watch TV while you prepare meals or just don't want to miss that Touchdown while dinner is on, this list is for you.

Coby TFTV1525     
15" LCD TV

Coby offers the 25 series as a line of budget priced 720p televisions available in a variety of sizes. The 720p panel is CCFL backlit and all the 25 series contain a VGA input so the units can double as a PC monitor.

Westinghouse LD2655VX     
26" LED TV

The LD-2655VX is focused on energy efficiency, the ad campaigns for the television promote that it uses less energy than a 100 Watt light bulb. The 42" is LED edge-lit and features a 1080p, 120Hz panel. The 26" size is great for those looking for a little larger kitchen TV.

Audiovox VE927     
9-Inch LCD Drop-Down TV with Built-In DVD Player and Clock

Along with the flip down screen and built in DVD player this TV adds more convinence features for your kitchen. If you'd rather listen to music than watch TV while you cook you can use either the built in AM/FM radio or the DVD players ability to play CDs, CDR/Ws and MP3s. This model also includes a built in HD TV tuner, a clock radio and a wireless remote

Audiovox VE727     
7-Inch LCD Drop-Down TV with Built-In DVD Player and Clock

All the features of the above 9 inch version but with a 7 inch screen for those of you who'd like a smaller screen.

Toshiba 15LV506     
15" LCD TV and DVD Combo 720p resolution

The Toshiba 15LV506 is a versatile all in one TV which allows DVD, computer input and obviously TV programming from cable or satellite. We also like the design styling of this product. Aside from their obvious aesthetic value, LCD TVs are much more practical in the home than CRT (tube-style) televisions. They take up a smaller footprint, and thus use up less floor space in the room. Also, LCD TVs are lighter and easier to move around when cleaning or redecorating. The 15LV506 is little more than three inches deep and weighs just over 13 pounds. Best of all, LCD screens use less power than CRTs and plasma screens. The unit has a 1024 x 768 pixel resolution, which puts it in the higher end of standard definition sets. Its traditional 4:3 aspect ratio makes it ideal for watching most DVD content. A built-in comb filter reduces digital artifacts produced by signal noise, making for more detailed images. The set has a built-in digital television tuner, so out of the box it can receive digital broadcast ATSC signals and QAM signals used by most digital cable providers. It also has a built-in 181-channel NTSC tuner, so it can also accept traditional analog signals.

For using this TV in your kitchen you may appreciate this Flip Down Under Cabinet Mount

Toshiba 15LV505     
15" LCD TV and DVD Combo 720p resolution

This is the same as the 15LV506 above but where the 506 has a white bezel, the 505 is black.

For using this TV in your kitchen you may appreciate this Flip Down Under Cabinet Mount

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