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Samsung TV CES Show 2013

LED TVs and Plasma TVs from Samsung

by and Jack Burden, editors/reviewers

Samsung's CES booth was dominated in the front by Huge 4K UHD TVs. These were encased in large black frames. One or two were 110 inches. The picture quality on these varied a lot depending on whether it was showing 4K content or up-converting 1080p content (which was still impressive). There were several side booths set up to show how Samsung is obtaining better picture quality engineering techniques on their 4K UHD TVs. The size was quite impressive but from side viewing angles I though I detected some pretty severe contrast degradation on these TVs.

Samsung's 110-inch 4K UHD TV
Samsung's giant 110 inch 4K UHD TV shows impressive detail in this shot. Also notice the floating frame design

There was also a nice sized dedicated OLED TV section with self emitting RGB technology. The black levels produced are astounding. There was one display where viewers could test a joint-view active 3D OLED TV display where side to side viewers can see very different content on the screen at the same time. The call this “multi-view 3D” capability. It sends active 3D 1080p to each eye and it worked well. I dont know how useful such a feature is, but it worked well nonetheless.

Samsung OLED TV
This shot demonstrates the contrast range OLEDs are capable of. Samsung's OLED TV is particularly striking

Samsung announced that they are hoping for end 1st Half of 2013 to ship their OLED and UHD 4K TVs.

Samsung had a very nice plasma TV display for its PN60F8500 top of the line plasma TV for 2013 which showed some remarkable improvement in both black levels at 4 times prior levels and also peak white and brighness levels – now equaling their best LED TVs in contrast ratio. PN64F8500, PN51F8500.

Samsung F5500 Plasma TV
The F5500 plasma is the middle of the road offering for 2013/2014. For a mid tier plasma, the black levels and contrast are exceptional

Samsung's LED TV offerings were an extension of 2012's excellent offerings in terms of both styling and quality much like LG. Their top end UN55F8000 and UN60F7500 flagship LED models have a retractable camera and a remote control with voice interaction which works well for certain types of functions.

Samsung F7500 LED TV
This shot from the F7500 LED TV displays fantastic color rendition. Clarity and sharpness are strong suites demonstrated in this picture as well

Highlighted 2013/14 Samsung Models

Samsung F8500 Series Plasma TV
Samsung PN64F8500, Samsung PN60F8500, Samsung PN51F8500

Samsung F8000 Series LED TV
Samsung UN75F8000, Samsung UN65F8000, Samsung UN60F8000, Samsung UN55F8000

Samsung F7500 Series LED TV
Samsung UN60F7500, Samsung UN55F7500, Samsung UN46F7500

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