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LG 22" TV

Below is a current list of LG TV models available in the 22" size. This list of models contains LCD, LED and 3D televisions, some models contain a full review by one or more of our editors that grades the TV on picture quality, features and value. Models that don't have a full review will have commentary about the features such as hertz rate, internet connectivity, energy saving features, connections and more. Specifications and pricing are also available.

Generally, the following LG model number series start with the most premium products and go down to the least expensive - the lower the model number the less features and price.

2011 LG Models

LG 22" 22LK330
LG's 22" 22LK330 is a value oriented HDTV. It is 720p resolution so it isn't "Full HD" but at 22" you almost certainly will not notice. Most content is still 720p anyway. However, if you plan on using this TV as a computer montior you might find 720p too low resolution when sitting close.

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