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LG 26" TV

Below is a current list of LG TV models available in the 26" size. This list of models contains LCD, LED and 3D televisions, some models contain a full review by one or more of our editors that grades the TV on picture quality, features and value. Models that don't have a full review will have commentary about the features such as hertz rate, internet connectivity, energy saving features, connections and more. Specifications and pricing are also available.

Generally, the following LG model number series start with the most premium products and go down to the least expensive - the lower the model number the less features and price.

2011 LG Models

LG 26" 26LK330
The 26" 26LK330 is a 720p flouescent back lit LCD television made sepcifically to come in at a low price point. At this size 720p resolution will not be a noticeable downgrade from 1080p unless you plan on using this TV as a computer monitor in which case we recommend 1080p for monitors larger than 19".

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Vizio 32" 1080p TV
Now $239
with Smart TV!
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Sony 55" 4K TV
with 120Hz Refresh
Now $1200!
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TCL 48" TV
with 1080 resolution and Roku TV Now $329! from Amazon
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Samsung 49" TV
4K with Smart TVNow $879! from Amazon
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LG 60" TV
4K, Quantum Dot, Web OS3.0
Now $1297!
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