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LG 32" TV

Below is a current list of LG TV models available in the 32" size. This list of models contains LCD, LED and 3D televisions, some models contain a full review by one or more of our editors that grades the TV on picture quality, features and value. Models that don't have a full review will have commentary about the features such as hertz rate, internet connectivity, energy saving features, connections and more. Specifications and pricing are also available.

Generally, the following LG model number series start with the most premium products and go down to the least expensive - the lower the model number the less features and price.

2016-2017 Models

LG 32LH550B

2014-2015 Models

LG 32LB5800

2013 42" Models

LG 32LN5700
LG 32LN5300

2012 LG Models

LG 32" 32LM6200
The 32LM6200 differs from the LM6700 series in one respect, it doesn't have the new, ultra-thin bezel design. It is a 1080p, 120Hz LED edge lit LCD panel with Cinema 3D passive 3D and all the Smart TV features of the step up model. If the features interest you but you would like to sacrifice some aesthetics for a lower price then the 32LM6200 will definitely be of interest to you

LG 32" 32CS560
The value oriented 32” LG 32CS560 is set to be a popular seller in the 32” TV category for 2012/early 2013. LG has mostly moved to LED back lighting in their LCD televisions but there are still a few lines of CCFL (fluorescent) back lit LCD models like the CS560 series. The 32" 32CS560 has a 1080p, 60Hz LCD panel with flurescent back lighting but few other features.

LG 32" 32CS460
LG's LCD televisions have had good picture quality for the last few years and it gets better with the 2012 models. The CS560 has good contrast and black levels and color quality is realistic and rich. You probably wouldn't expect a picture this good in a value priced model.

2011 LG Models

LG 32" 32LK530
LG's 32" 32LK530 is a TV that comes with a lot of features found in upper end models but it has flourescent back lighting to bring it in at a lower price point. We like to see manufacturers still offering affordable models with plenty of features.

LG 32" 32LK520
The 32" 32LK520 is only a step down from the LK530 is internet connectivity is a must have. It contains all the same features as the LK530 but cuts the ethernet cable to save you a bit of cash. If Internet TV is not for you then the LK520 might just be your next TV.

LG 32" 32LK450
Sometimes all you want is a good picture, the 32" 32LK450 gies you a 1080p, 60Hz LCD panel with CCFL back lighting and strips out things that some people would consider extraneous. This makes the LK450 come in at a price that won't break the bank while still giving you a high quality HDTV picture.

LG 32" 32LK330
The 32" 32LK330 is a value oriented 720p resolution (HD but not full 1080p HD) 60Hz small LCD TV that should deliver dependable picture performance at a value oriented price.

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