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LG 47" and 50" TV

Below is a current list of LG TV models available in the 47" and 50" sizes. This list of models contains LCD, LED and 3D televisions, some models contain a full review by one or more of our editors that grades the TV on picture quality, features and value. Models that don't have a full review will have commentary about the features such as hertz rate, internet connectivity, energy saving features, connections and more. Specifications and pricing are also available.

Generally, the following LG model number series start with the most premium products and go down to the least expensive - the lower the model number the less features and price.

2016-2017 LG Models

LG 49UH6500

2014-2015 Models

LG 49UB8500
LG 47LB6500
LG 50LB6300
LG 47LB6300
LG 50LB6100
LG 47LB6100
LG 50LB5900
LG 47LB5900
LG 47LB5800

2013 47" Models

LG 47GA7900
LG 47LA7400
LG 47LA6900
LG 47GA6400
LG 47LA6200
LG 47LN5700
LG 47LN5400

2013 50" Models

LG 50LA6900
LG 50GA6400
LG 50LA6200
LG 50LN5700
LG 50LN5400

2012 LG Models

LG 47" 47LM9600
The 47LM9600 has very impressive picture quality with saturated blacks and eye popping whites and brightness. This is due in part to the Nano full array local dimming but also the internal video board de-interlacing and processing. The TV is of course 1080P and we note that the beautiful screen panel with its low luster showed excellent color reproduction.

LG 47" 47LM8600
One of the highlighted features of this TV is the LED local dimming feature. However, this is not true backlit local dimming but in fact edge lit LED manipulated local dimming. The feature may be turned off and on so it's easy to test the effectiveness of the feature. We actually ended up turning it off most of the time due to some loss of dark shadow detail when using it. The picture characteristics of the 47LM8600 are excellent though with superb clarity, deep blacks and contrast, good color rendition.

LG 47" 47LM7600
Although the 47LM7600 does not have the premium LED backlighting package with local dimming, 3D content still looks good and color seems just as good on this set as the higher end models form LG for 2012. The 3D picture looks less deep than some of the active shutter 3D TVs on the market for sure. Edges are not as crisp on this TV nor is contrast as pronounced as some. But the excellent color rendition makes up for a lot. There is something to LG's claim that people prefer the colors on it compared to Sony and Samsung.

LG 47" 47LM6700
The LED edge lit 47LM6700 impressed us with both its color and black level performance. Colors were bold but still realistic even on the standard setting prior to professional calibration- albeit with a blue push. The picture handled warm interior and exterior scenes and dark scenes showed impressive contrast and detail. It did not have the oversaturated, other-wordly look of some LED televisions and we found just about everything we saw on it to be enjoyable to look at.

LG 47" 47LMG860
The G in LG new LMG860 series stands for Google, more specifically it indicates that alongside the Smart TV feature found in other LG televisions the new LMG models also add the functionality of Google TV and it's search, web browsing and other features.

LG 47" 47G2
The LED edge lit 47G2 impressed us with both it's color and black level performance. Colors were bold but still realistic even on the standard setting prior to professional calibration. The picture handled warm interior and exterior scenes and dark scenes showed impressive contrast and detail. It did not have the oversaturated, other-wordly look of some LED televisions and we found just about everything we saw on it to be enjoyable to look at.

LG 47" 47LM6200
The Trumotion 120Hz features does its job, it reduces motion blur in action scenes and judder in scenes with slow panning, however, it can introduce a problem that we call the "soap opera effect" where it makes movie sets look cheap and can make film look like video. We recommend turning this feature down to a very low setting or off for movies. With sports programming the Trumotion can clear up blurring in fast scenes so it is worth leaving on.

LG 47" 47LM5800
The LM5800 series is similar to the LM6200 series above it. It is available in fewer sizes and it does not include the Magic Wand remote control or Smart TV online functionality. It is LED edge lit and includes LG's passive Cinema 3D. This is the lowest line of LG's LED back lit LCD televisions that does have 3D compatibility.

LG 47" 47LS5700
The 47LS5700 is the top tier, non 3D LED television from LG. It is a 1080p, 120Hz LCD panel with LED edge lighting. It has the full Smart TV online suite and the Magic Wand remote control.

LG 47" 47LS4600
The picture quality on this LED from LG is in the middle of the pack for 2012/early 2013 if you count all the off-brand TVs on the market. LG has endowed the 47LS4600 with some good features for such a value oriented TV such as the 120Hz panel.

LG 47" 47CS570
Though they have moved out of offering large sizes with top tier features in fluorescent backlit LCD televisions, LG is still making some true LCD HDTVs like the 47CS570. This CCFL back lit LCD television has a 1080p, 60Hz LCD panel but it is not 3D nor does it have Smart TV onlie features.

2011 LG Models

LG 47" 47LW6500
LG's 47" 47LW6500 is an LED edge lit passive 3D television. The passive 3D isn't as high resolution as active 3D is but the glasses are far, far les expensive and many viewers find that passive 3D causes them less eyestrain.

LG 47" 47LV5500
We enjoyed the 47" 47LV5500 when we reviewed it this year. It isn't 3D but the picture quality was good, it had a robust Internet TV offering and the new motion sensitive "Magic Wand" remote was lots of fun to use. If you are looking for most of the features found in the top tier models but don't want or need 3D capability then take a look at the LV5500.

LG 47" 47LV3700
The 47" 47LV3700 is a very slight step down from the LV5500 series of televisions. Sometimes bypassing a few bells & whistles can save you a lot of money so be sure to compare the two when making a purchase decision.

LG 47" 47LK530
LG's 47" 47LK530 offers most of the features of the higher tier LED back lit models but the LK530 uses CCFL to back light it's LCD panel. It is a 1080p, 120Hz panel and it offers the full Smart TV online feature. We have found in many reviews that CCFL back lighting can have better overall uniformity since the light is coming from the back and not the edges of the television.

LG 47" 47LK520
The 47" 47LK520 is basically the same TV as the LK530 abaove but it lacks the Smart TV Internet feature. If you are uninterested in using your television to stream media or do you social networking you can save a bit by stepping down to this model.

2010 LG Models

LG 47" 47LE9500
LG's flagship Infinia 47" 47LE9500 is all picture with a barely there 8.5 mm bezel surrounding the LED backlit panel that features LG's TruLED local dimming technology. The LE9500 series is also the first 3D ready line of televisions from LG and is THX certified as well.

LG 47" 47LE8500
The 47" 47LE8500 from LG doesn't have the ultra thin 8.5mm bezel of the LE9500 or the 480Hz processing but it does have all the other features such as local dimming TruLED technology and wireless HD capability.

LG 47" 47LE7500
For 2010 LG brings us the local dimming LED backlit 47" 47LE7500. LG's TruLED local dimming technology will improve contrast and color performance when compared to traditionally backlit LCDs or edge lit LED televisions.

LG 47" 47LE5500
The new for 2010 47" 47LE5500 from LG brings local dimming LED backlighting to smaller sized TVs. The TruLED technology will enhance the performance of the 1080p LCD panel and LG's Picture Wizard will walk you through setting it up for optimum performance.

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